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Louis CK’s Million Dollar Online Video & What’s In A Name [JT Show Ep 10]

In this, the first episode for 2012, you’ll
discover how a Stand-Up Comedian used online video to make $1 million in 12 days, how to
name your product/service/ company and how you can star in next week’s episode. Welcome to JT Show where you will discover
the latest in online video marketing news and some sneaky marketing secrets to help
you get more views, likes, subscribes and sales. I’m JT and let’s get on with the news American Stand-Up Comedian, Louis CK, made
$1 million in 12 days with a self-released online video. Instead of getting a fee from
a large company Louis decided to produce “Louis CK – Live At The Beacon Cinema” himself
and release it for download on a website. It sold for $5 using PayPal and later on Amazon. The experimental price point of $5 was used
to see if people would still pay a nominal fee for a video that they could easily download
(or steal) for free off a file sharing website. The experiment was so successful that Louis
ended up donating most of the $1 million to charity. I think this is awesome. It proves
that people are willing to pay to watch online video. Second of all it’s really encouraging
for the small guys like us. It just shows the ease with which we can publish our own
content online without needing a big distribution company or network behind us. To read more about this and or to buy the
video yourself just click on the link in the description below. And now it’s time for
the Sneaky Marketing Secret. This week’s Sneaky Marketing Secret is about
the importance of names. Why are names so important? It’s because names are often
the first impression that people get. So what names am I talking about? I’m talking about
the name of your company, the name of your products, the name of your services, the name
of your packages… the name of everything in your business! So, what makes a good name? There are two
things that every good name must have – first it must convey your message. What is it that
you want people to know about your company/product/service? The second thing is it must be attractive.
In other words every good name must be easy to understand and easy to remember. Here are some real life examples to illustrate
my point. “Corn Flakes.” Simple and straight to the point – you know exactly what it
is your getting. “Post-It Notes” – again, a great name that describes exactly what it
does. And the last name that I’m going to leave you with today is “iPhone.” And
now it’s time for the question of the week. This Week’s Question is: “What’s a better
name for this, the JT Show?” Your answers can serious or absurd, let’s be as original
as we can! Leave your answers in the comments section below and they could be on the next
show! And if you enjoyed today’s show remember
to like it by hitting the “Like” button below or you can subscribe to my channel by
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facebook, twitter and google plus. I’m JT and here are the answers to last week’s

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9 thoughts on “Louis CK’s Million Dollar Online Video & What’s In A Name [JT Show Ep 10]

  1. @theBeatoffs Hey Guys! Louis CK rocks (just like you guys!) Hey, when are you coming to Sydney? Would love to catch you live =) Great answer btw

  2. @largeview Hey Joe, Happy New Year mate! Nice, I like it – great idea. Glad you enjoyed the video – hope you have an awesome week too buddy

  3. @JustinTeohOfficial Haha —not any time soon, I'm afraid. Drummer just moved to Okinawa and one of the guitarists just moved back to Canada…
    Guess it's time to start yet another new project.

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