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Lucas The Spider – I’m Starving

New friend! Bzzt! Whatcha eating, I’m starving You’re not going to eat me are you? Eww! Why would I want to eat you?! Uhh…because spiders eat flies Yuck! Well…what do you eat? This is called buttered toast…like it?! Too hard Lots of yummy things here Eww! That’s garbage… I know! Bzzzzzzz… This looks pretty good! *buzzing* Mmm-hmm! I’m stuffed! How do you eat so much food? I don’t know. I guess it’s my fast metabolism Fast metabaa…whaaaa? Gotta go!

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92 thoughts on “Lucas The Spider – I’m Starving

  1. I liked the vid but these vids are kind of confusing because they are sooooooo short pls make them a little longer

  2. Lucas the spider merch is the only merch i've seen so far from content creators that actually goes up to size 5xl clothing. MVP

  3. Frankly, I think you should have kept it scientifically accurate, but whatever. I am not going to be that one person who criticizes Lucas the Spider, especially since I love spiders so much.

  4. THE LOOK OF HORROR ON BZZT’s FACE IS HILARIOUS. Though I Guess it wouldn’t be fun if I was about to be eaten too. Huh.

  5. When people say
    “It wouldn’t hurt a fly!”
    And they don’t believe you…..
    Just say well look at this spider.!

  6. "I'm scared of moths!"
    Finds Harry the Moth
    "I'm scared of spiders!"
    Finds Lucas the Spider
    Now if only they could do this to MOSQUITOES.

  7. Lucas: I’m stuffed how do you eat so much food
    Buzz: I don’t know maybe it’s my atmos cantos cannibalism
    Lucas: your atmos cantos what?
    Buzz: gotta go buzz

  8. "Spiders eat flys"

    dramatic scary music



    Oh nevermind i was wrong………


    shoots haters

    1 like= kill all haters of lucas,dont worry i got more guns for you fans

  9. Lucas: "Whatcha eating, I'm starving!"
    Fly: "You're not going to eat me are you?"
    Lucas: "Eww, why would I want to eat you?"
    Fly: "Uhh… because Spiders eat flies…"
    Lucas: "Mmmmm…good…"

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