Madelaine Petsch’s Weirdest Pre-Fame Job Involved Selling Windows Door-To-Door

– He has brought you this, yes, yes. (Kelly laughing)
(audience cheering) – This–
– I’m just saying– – You shouldn’t have.
– I’m trying to do better – Just in case, I forget my water bottle. – [Kelly] Just in case
you forget your face. – Here’s my face. – In case you’re like–
– Fantastic. – What do I look like?
– What do I look like, again? Oh, great, there we go. Got it.
– “I look beautiful.” That’s why we did it.
– I need to take a sip, right? That’s what we’re doing, okay. – So, your name is so
unique, it’s Madelaine. – Madelaine
– Madelaine, oh really? – But my parents are hippies, and my– – Love it!
– Very hippies. We would eat from the garden. My parents are vegan, very
crazy, little cookies. But they, my dad wanted to name me Street. – Street. – Which if we could just
imagine for a second, a poor little, like six-year-old
in elementary school, like gonna go walk down the street today. Like people would make like
so many jokes about it. – Well, I named my kid River, so. (all laughing)
– Whoops. – [Kelly] So I don’t know
if that’s any better. – So my mom was like
no we have to do Lane. Like lane on a road, Madelaine Street, so it was like a compromise, you know. – I love your name though, I
think it separates you out. – I think Madeline is beautiful enough, but Madelaine, it’s gorgeous.
– Thank you so much. So is Kelly and Rob, look at that. – Well done hippies, well
done possible a lot of pot. Yeah, yeah, well done. So, you had a lot of odd jobs here in LA. I did as well, when I moved
here after high school. – You did?
– Yes. – I’m fascinated. – What were yours?
– I wanna ask you, but okay, you can ask me first. Six years ago, I would go
knock on people’s doors, and like try to sell them new windows, but I only did it for two hours. – Why wouldn’t you knock on
their windows to sell them one? – Should I break the window? – ‘Cause that seems creepy – I should have broken the
window and then be like, “Looks like you need a new window.” I would have made some money then. – That’s amazing.
– No, that was a weird job. – I was a projectionist at the
Malibu Cinema when I was 13. – Oh my God, my first
job was a movie theater. – Wait, you were 13 years old? – Yeah, it was truly
child labor violations. – Yeah, honestly, yeah. – But I put the reels
on in the wrong order. Like my job was literally
to thread the projector. – But man, you screw that up
you definitely ruin the film. – It was over, yeah, that
was the end of my career– – [Kelly] It’s like, you
know Bruce Willis dies in “The Sixth Sense”.
– As a projectionist. So I was like, you know what,
maybe I’ll just be in movies. – That’s how you decided?
– It was a better trade, I feel.
(audience applauding) So, for “Riverdale”, for
people that don’t know, it’s about the Archie comics, right? – Yeah, I mean loosely.
– Loosely. – Really it’s just the
characters of the Archie comics, and then everything else is different. Like you’re not seeing dead
teenagers in the Archie comics. – But it’s great, your show is great. – Thank you, so is yours.
– It’s really great, thank you, it’s really cool.
– Thank you, appreciate it. – Yours is very, it’s dark.
– It’s dark. – It’s very dark.
– And we get darker, by the day I think, honestly. It’s like in the clip you just
saw, I was gassing my mother. – [Kelly] Poisoning her, yeah. – Normal things you do as
a teenager, I feel like. – Yeah, slightly creepy, but all right. – Slightly creepy, I think my character is probably the creepiest of them all. – That’s kind of fun.
– But it’s so fun. – Well, the villains are
almost always more fun. – Even if there is not even much of a villain thing
happening in that scene, you still have a little
evilness in your eye, or whatever, she’s so sassy too. She’s got this bite and fire.
– I love the villains. My daughter’s favorite person
in “Little Mermaid” is Ursula, so that says a lot about her. (all laughing)
– Amazing. – So she just loves
“Poor Unfortunate Soul.” So, you started a YouTube show
too to try new things, right? Because I heard that although
you grew up around water, you’re like terrified of water. – When I was in South Africa as a kid, I was in the sea, as you do,
and a tide got really big, and it took me under, and I literally thought I was gonna die. I was like eight years old,
and y mom ran and saved me.m Apparently, this is what my dad tells me, and so ever since then,
I’ve been kind of scared of large bodies of water. Then, when I booked “Riverdale”, you don’t get scripts when you
audition for stuff typically, and I went to shoot it, we
had just gotten the script, and I saw that I was shooting in water. I’m like, “Oh I’m sure it’s
a studio, no big deal”. They put me in the middle of
a giant lake in Vancouver, in a boat with somebody who
had never rowed a boat before. It was so scary, I was totally
fine, I conquered my fear, which is why I started my new thing, called “I Try” on YouTube, because after doing something like that, and being able to conquer your fear, it’s a really great way to push myself out of my comfort zone. – I’m just saying though, lakes. I grew up around lakes,
and lakes can be tricky, ’cause you can’t what’s happening. – That’s what freaks me out about water. – Yeah, the ocean at least you can see. – You can’t see what’s below you. – Yeah, the lake, you’re like, “What dead body am I floating by?” – [Madelaine] Is there a plane in there? – Yeah, all of the sudden
there’s something called gar, that looks like a tiny alligator
just like swimming by me. – What!
– Real, real, anyway, I know. – This is why the water’s scary. Anyways.
– I stay in the boat. – Yeah, I think that’s great for me. – Not ones that sink fortunately, I don’t wanna go anywhere
near water with you. – I’ve got bad luck. – You have bad luck with water. – Got it, never take you there. – So Rob, have you ever done
anything that would get you, would you try something to get
you out of your comfort zone? Are you afraid of anything?
– I love getting out of my comfort zone, actually. – Are you even afraid of anything? You’ll kind of try anything? – I’m not afraid of much,
the one thing I’m afraid of, and I do, I love the water.
– Lucky you. – You dive, I surf, all of it. Ski, helicopter ski, all of it. The one thing I don’t
wanna do is parachute. I don’t wanna jump out of a plane. I’m scared of that for some reason. – You know why, ’cause the
plane is a perfectly fine plane. – Yes, right yes.
– Just saying. – Like if it’s going down,
well your chances are better, jumping out with a parachute. But yeah I don’t get that. My sister did that. I was like, “You crazy”. – I’ll have to try that
maybe on the YouTube channel. – You can try and I’ll watch. – You can come, Rob will come. – I’ll come jump out of a plane. – I am not, I love my life, I ain’t dying. Know that if I die, I’m
mad, I finally got here.

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