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Majin Buu Vs Moro In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

If you are new to this channel and are a fan of anime and Dragonball then don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and turn on all notifications to never miss a single upload with Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 47 on the horizon the planet eater and main antagonist of the Galactic Patrol prisoner arc Morale is seemingly getting more powerful as each chapter progresses while our heroes Goku and Vegeta seem to be staggering behind and with majin buu having to be one of the primary focuses of This manga arc the question that lingers within the Dragonball community is what exactly is mah jungle going to do it or more or less what is majin buu capable of in doing and not only being the Deciding factor in which results in moral having to be apprehended and/or defeated in this arc But it more or less also begs the question what exactly can majin buu do against moral a character? Which has not only been shown to completely and uttered dismembered Goku and Vegeta But also going as far as to tell them that they never stood a chance against them to begin with I do believe that when looking at this narrative objectively Majin lose main purpose in this arc is to allow the Galactic Patrol to free the grant Supreme Kai or Die kayo within majin buu as they do require his Specialty in what he had done 10 million years ago to put morale away just as he had done before But the question lingers what if they can’t get the grand supreme kai out of majin buu z’ body What if it’s already too late is majin buu capable enough in holding his own against tomorrow I think the answer to that question is yes, not in terms of strength but in terms of magic majin buu possesses a very interesting trait when it comes to his magical abilities and not only being able to regenerate himself heal other people When of course they’re required to be healed Turning people into candy and even going as far as to absorb people I also do believe that more with his own magical abilities is not only very formidable when it comes to battle in and of itself But I do think if it does come down to majin buu versus morel It’s going to come down to magic versus magic instead of strength versus power and one of the many reasons That is because majin buu is able to nullify many attacks many techniques and majin buu himself also possesses very interesting abilities himself that could end up giving Goku, and vegeta the upper hand in their attempts of finally defeating morale Now one of the ideas they could end up going with here is allowing majin buu to help restore Goku and Vegeta’s power now in Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 46 We saw one of the younger namekian children temporarily restore partial power to Goku and Vegeta But unlike denday wasn’t able to fully heal Goku and Vegeta in allowing them to come back in the fight against tomorrow Majin buu however was shown to possess abilities to be able to fully restore ones power So I do think that by further capitalizing on the modular character what they could end up going with here is allowing majin buu to fully restore Goku and Vegeta’s powers and if by some chance Morel is still able to defeat Goku and Vegeta after their powers have been recovered Majin buu can ultimately still be there to aid them If of course the chips are down and with that being said with a fully recovered Goku and Vegeta Potentially what we could end up seeing in the manga is Super Saiyan blue evolution having to return alongside Mastered Super Saiyan blue as we’ve seen Goku use and dish out Against merges Amazo and jiren and the Dragon Ball super manga as of course many people already know Kya Kehna is not an adaptable factor in the Dragon Ball super manga So most likely what we could end up seeing here is Super Saiyan blue evolution and Mastiff Super Saiyan blue be a thing Considering the fact that Morel is still very much more powerful than Super Saiyan. God and Super Saiyan blue So Goku and Vegeta are going to be required to tap in some more of their power in order to fully have an effect in putting someone like Morel down now in terms of freeing the grand supreme Chi I do think that if the Opportunity were to be presented in seeing the die Kyle also known as the grand supreme kai actually teaming up with majin buu alongside goku and vegeta And taking down morale would be the ideal situation Why because we have two? characters that are primarily dictated on strength and power while the other two could idly stand by and using their magics to aid Goku and Vegeta picture that Goku and Vegeta vs Morel with the dike io & majin buu having to be on the sidelines assisting further in using their magic and with that by having majin buu and the dike i’ll work together would not only be revolutionary in knowing the fact that at one point majin buu have fought against the Kai’s but now in today’s day and age is working alongside with one to fight off against the common enemy that in and of itself is great and considering majin buu z’ increase in power Since the Dragon Ball super universe 7 vs universe 6 arc going into the Goku black arkad and finally the tournament of power We’ve seen what majin buu was able to do against a base Goku as he was training alongside with him on earth So my conclusion is if this is the chance that Dragon Ball super wants to go along with in Freeing the dikaya what they could ultimately end up doing with here is giving majin buu a– the exact Similar look they gave him in Dragon Ball super in his skinny Foreman as of course what allows majin buu to stay in the current? Form that he is in is the actual die kayo in his body So I think it would be a really cool thing to not only have the die kayo free from ajam to his body but also see majin buu adapt a very similar body to what we’ve seen prior to the tournament of power a Skinnier super blue like character as even though I don’t think he would be as strong as let’s say Super Saiyan blue Seeing a skinnier majin buu fight against morale temporarily and holding him back would be a very good thing But then we have to ask ourselves. Where do we go from here? If they do end up freeing the die kayo and if majin buu ends up changing his body either becoming skinnier or staying the same Where do we go from there? given the fact that margin booze magic would be very useful in the idea that he could also try to absorb moral but then that begs the question could mold the same thing that Pacino did in Super boos body in creating a force field or shield to keep him from being prevented in fully being absorbed by Majin buu I think that would be the case considering the fact that morale is being portrayed as a very clever and devious warlock magician character so no I don’t see majin buu being able to fully absorb moral because I’m fairly certain that if majin buu is able to trap moral Within his own body and attempt to absorb him I do think that in some way shape or form moral can simply counter that however What’s interesting about majin buu is just as we’ve seen during the battle against kid Lua, majin buu can easily make copies of himself. If of course he’s blown to bits He could act as a force field and or sheetal to Goku and Vegeta So, of course while Mauro tries to manipulate and stealing Genki using the planets very own core energy to his advantage I do think that what majin buu may end up doing here is playing the role of the guardsmen as Goku and Vegeta going for the kill because by the end of all of this if the die kayo is free from najin boos body And if he’s able to do the exact same thing He did 10 million years ago in Disabling morals magic revoking his powers from him creating an opening to her Goku and Vegeta defeat him I do think that the only other alternative aside from that Happening is going to be majin buu playing the role of the shield as he is going to be the one that’s going to take All the heavy hits for Goku and Vegeta possibly even healing them giving them special abilities and/or hacks that can prevent Morel from possibly even stealing their energy because going forward if Goku and Vegeta do get an increase in power and have their full powers be restored to them I do think that Morel would try to take that from them But that all depends on whether or not Morel is able to use the namekian Dragon Balls in granting his wish If he were to do that I do think that what they could end up doing here is reversing the wish by allowing Parinda to not do what? Morel asks for the Dragon to do it and simply having to turn the tides on him regardless of the situation I don’t see go I don’t see the jitta I don’t see majin buu and I don’t see the dai kayo beating morale as Individual characters what I do think might end up happening here is that if they’re going to defeat him or kill him by some chance It’s going to be as a result of it being a group effort Everyone working together for a common cause and taking this guy down Anything outside of that? I probably don’t see happening But this is the best opportunity that we have right now for majin buu to actually do something He was inactive during Dragon Ball Z battle of gods having a brief moment against the beerus He was in active against universe 6 during the universe 6 vs universe 7 tournament He was completely inactive during the Goku black arc. And for the most part completely inactive during the tournament of power So if this gives us a chance to see majin buu shine not as a primary character per se but acting as a very strong Secondary to Goku and Vegeta would be better than majin buu having to simply sit around and sleep for no reason Keep in mind if Bulma and Hercule also end up going to new Planet Namek and if in some way shape or form Hercules life is put on the line as moral attempts to steal his energy and killing him – that could ultimately be Majin boost trigger in seeing Hercule in scene. Mr. Satan his best friend be heard by the hands of this person I do think would give majin buu more of a reason to step in if not more or less helping Goku and Vegeta than simply Having to help his best friend Hercule and if something were to happen to him I do think it would set majin buu off to the point where we would see a very Enraged and possibly very dangerous majin buu if something were to happen to her kill as a direct result from morale So I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below guys What are your overall thoughts on majin buu die kayo goku, and vegeta Is there a possible chance for us to see majin buu use his magical abilities use his healing factor? Use his regeneration in helping goku And vegeta put this guy down or is it possible that Morel as magic could simply be even stronger than boo? To where he completely overtakes him and if the die kayo when to die kayo is freed from booze body Does this mean that? Majin buu is going to change and if he does what would you guys like for him to look like? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below Thank you all so much for watching guys once more if you guys are new to this channel And of course love Dragonball and anime then don’t forget to going ahead and punch that subscribe button Slap a like down below if you guys are excited for dragon ball super manga chapter number 47 I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below because believe it or not I do want to see majin buu in action, and I don’t think that majin buu is going to absorb Moral and turning into some Majin goat nor do I think that we’re going to see any other secondary character appear? Unfortunately piccolo would have been a great addition in this but I do think the key to defeating Morel is majin buu and the dai kayo Otherwise there would be no emphasis in the very beginning of this entire arc for there to be an Involvement for majin buu or the die kayo if they weren’t planning on executing those characters in furthering the narrative So I do think that by the end of this Majin buu will do something as will die kayo that will create an opening for Goku and Vegeta To finally put this dude down. So I want to get your thoughts down below guys Thank you all once more for watching and I’ll be seeing you all down the comments section guys. Have a great day everybody Peace, this is the Galactic Emperor of the universe. And of course, I’m here to tell you to subscribe to Unrelenting in all his social media Platforms also don’t forget to turn on notifications So you can be the first to know every time that he uploads a new video. Oh, did someone say unrelenting me? Oh my god, the fuck Saban put on some clothes Well, why don’t you put on any clothes, but I don’t need clothes Jesus Christ. That’s huge

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100 thoughts on “Majin Buu Vs Moro In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

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  2. Congratulations – after two minutes of video I put dislike and removed your channel from my recommended channels. Why? Similar to other Dragon Ball Manga/Anime youtubers you are just speculating ro stating some fact that can be obserwed from manga, anime or wiki. Have a nice day.

  3. @unrealentgaming the only way buu would get to the level of Moro is if the Kai side of buu takes over and then that would be possible but still good idea and video

  4. Buu splits from the daikioshen, common goal in the Fight. Then I feel buu will keep Moro busy whilst the kai teaches goku, just like the grand old kai did for gohan. This is where goku, brings his god power down to his base form. As always, vegeta gets jealous and will either push himself to the same level, break his pride like he did with beerus and ask to be trained too, or just like he did in the original majin buu series, join forces with the evil side to gain his boost in power, making it a harder fight down the line.

  5. What if buu absorbs goku ssj blue and ssj blue vegeta or gogeta for a massive power boost and gotanks and gohan and just let them out after the fight

  6. if the diakio is free from majin buu body he will go back to being evil
    the diakio is the reason why the current majin buu is not pure evil anymore

  7. I believe moro will kill mr satan indirectly, boo will go into a killer rage, but the kai in him will hold him back, so he'll expel him just like he did kid boo earlier in the anime & shrink to the slim boo before the tournament of power and attack moro, meanwhile the kai would be briefed of the situation and join the fight, nice video, keep up the good work 💯❤✌

  8. Majin Buu skills:

    Unlimited energy
    EVery destruction is absorbed by Buu
    Heals others
    Changes objects to food
    instant transmission
    Ability to learn techniques by just observing

    & others we don’t know about…I mean buuu has been in existence for millions of years

  9. we will never now because of the export ban no anime or monga out of japan that also meens showing it on the net it is a total black out of all … and now that sony owns funamation well no more dragon ball as well .

  10. Well kid buu is his original form so I’d imagine he’d turn into a child again. He should be able to remove the dai Kiu, whether or not the guy is dead is beyond me.

  11. imma say buu finds goku and vegeta and absorbs them to keep them safe. inside buu they find the way to free the kai and get healed/power back and then they all team up against moro.

  12. Buu is going to absorb goku and vegeta and turn into majin Gogeta. which is the same as Gogeta with Majin buus magic power.

  13. Plot twist bills tells whiz bring freezer jiren and broly jirren fuzes with freezer and brolly with gogeta then they all fight moro

  14. We don't need Dai Kaio… King Kai and the other Supreme Kais are useless enough as they are anyways… Also… DB Multiverse gave an awesome explaination why Dai Kaio can't get pulled out of Majin Buu. And I don't want DBS to ruin DBM.

  15. Im not tryin to argue anything u said in the video but if the separate the kai from buu shes gunna become kid buu again and become evil they mighr even just get buu to turn moro into chocolate and destroy him that way now weather or not buu eats him or just crushes him depends on where this arc goes shit sounds interesting af

  16. Redirect captain ginyu switch bodies with yamcha and finally give yamcha Moros body and Moro yamcha ! Then you can just put Moro out of his misery

  17. Majin buu is pure energy of the fight of vegeta and goku plus grand kai power and moro I think only can get energy from the first energy tab since majin buu got 3 powers in him moro cant steal it because its secondary energy

  18. Honestly I think it would be cool if what u said something happens to Hercule and we see fat buu start freaking out like he did in z beforebthe evil half came out but this time have buu like explode or something and then come out as super buu cuz wouldn't it be awesome to see a evil looking buu take on this evil demon goat character and then when we're done he goes and revives Hercule and just pops back into fat buu

  19. But wouldn’t removing the grand kai turn buu into kid buu again which is his true form and when he absorbed the kai it gave him a good naturr

  20. Blind side him by turning him into candy eating him and ultimately being imprisoned forever. Until he's digested lol

  21. I think Piccolo is going to play a major role in defeating Moro, after getting a significant boost to his power

  22. Just a crazy thought what if they eventually let Majin Buu temporarily let Goku and Vegeta get absorbed, so they might nog get affected by the magic and Majin buu can borrow their power.

    Three way fusion baby!
    Zarbon: Ooooh my.

  23. What if goku and vegeta substitute themselves for the supreme kai inside majin boos body? Since majin's only soul in his body is the kai, the pibk goo cant act without a host?

  24. Orrrr piccolo gets a power up by fusing with the other nameks. Ik this is irrelevant but I want it to happen 🙁

  25. Buu absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai as well as the other Kai's, resulting in him going into Super Buu and Fat Buu, which resulted him into getting weaker and weaker. If the Grand Supreme Kai is removed from Buu, then he would return to his most powerful form, his Kid Buu form or at the very least, Super Buu.

  26. If they do separate majin buu it’d be Badass if he transforms into kid boo again since that was his original form and was unstoppable it’d be an epic fight to see kid buu fight once again !

  27. I think Moro does not absorb energy directly. I think he absorbs life forms and converts it to energy. Otherwise, he might aswell just absorb energy from the stars.

    I wonder if Buu has an absorbable life form. Maybe his body is infused with some sort of magic that hinders his power from being absorbed.

  28. I always felt Akira Toriyama made Majin Boo a bit of an overpowered character. He has some of the best abilities in the franchise
    It took the z-fighters everything they had to beat not even one of the strongest forms of Majin Boo, because of his fast regeneration, endless energy and stamina. I'm not surprised Boo has gotten so powerful.

  29. I want to see Buu absorb Goku and Vegeta but like a fusion and see how Goku and Vegeta work with magic. Buugeto!

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