Major Eren Problem | How Eren ENDS Attack on Titan Part 3

With the Attack on Titan manga ending in around a year there’s been a ton of speculation about the
attack on finale. However could the attack on Titan ending get much darker? Today we’re going to be looking at that grimmer
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to get into that attack on Titans dark finale. The almighty Eren unleashed a millions of
slumbering Colossal Titans bet you they’re hungry. Eren will truly bring Ragnarok into the
earth, thereby resetting everything or will Eren ultimately fail? Eren finally reached young Ymir at the end
of attack on Titan chapter 122 however, do notice Eren’s last lines here? This impending global catastrophe actually
shouldn’t be Eren’s end game at all. At this moment in this very special Dino Titan body,
wherever Eren is advancing towards is should be influenced by Ymir’s Will. Eren actually
asked Ymir what she wanted for the little girl to finally have a choice in the matter.
Either remain in the Titan realm or to end it all? Fast forward to attack on Titan Chapter 123 Eren via has Titan livestream included every existing subject of Ymir. Ackerman’s welcome too. Eren proclaimed he could end racism by eliminating
all other races. Oh yes those hangry colossal Titans could feast right
here. You’re now left with two possible paths for
the attack on Titan end game either Eren succeeds or Eren fails. Bonus third option, Eren fails, but Eren still
wins due to a certain and finale he wanted to reach. This does sound a little bit confusing, but
you’ll see what I mean by the end of this. Let’s actually dive into this attack on Titan
dark finale. Eren succeeding. How realistic is this? You may recall me a few
years back doing this estimate of the total colossal Titans within the walls. That amounted
to being about half a million more or less. For this video, I am going to be doing a lot
of best case scenarios, so let’s just go ahead and take the Eldian King estimate of millions
of Colossal Titans. As Armin considered a few Colossal Titans from their home town would
have easily destroyed both Marley and any world military station at Marley no problem. However, Eren’s true goal is much more stomping
out every single piece of life on earth and you thought Grisha made a mean Reiss pancake. Assuming attack on Titan does
take place around the 1900s using our world for this rough estimate at this point in time there should be around
2 billion people on earth and yes I do acknowledge that there are so many other factors
to consider like the Eldians using Titans to do this line cleansing, the potential differences
in land for the attack on Titan earth and so on. Let’s go ahead and advance forward with Eren. Eren would reach Marley and then wreck it again,
good bye Eldian camps, farewell Helos statue, asta la vista Marley. Eren then quickly
continues this via a global tour. The question you should be wondering, what
happens once Eren resets the world? Referring Back in my part two video presumably Eren would find some way to revert
the Colossal Titans back to being human. You know them being Eldian. Eren May or may not then want to become some
sort of leader figure or worse a dictator. I’m going to go with either Eren going this
leader round or Eren massively going into some isolation due to this recent option being
part of the Ymir’s desire for the world. Important key side on here. Hopefully a little Ymir doesn’t become the
scapegoat for all of this. Oh, it wasn’t fault for all of this. It was all due to small Ymir forcing him to
kill the world’s people, but anyway, me going down this Eren victory path scenario hopefully you should have seen more than a
couple of issues with this. Let’s go ahead and examine this in detail. What the latest Attack on Titan chapter 123 some of you brought up this glaring potential issue with Eren’s plan from the get-go. How would the colossal Titans even cross the
sea? I mean they are 60 meters, but you are talking
about crossing this body of water that’s not only deep but gets deeper as you progress. Unless
you have these Titans stacking on top of one another this kind of get tricky. For now I will reference back to the attack on Titan
season two ending. You actually already had this foreshadowed with
Titans coming out of the water, so at least Titans already confirmed to be water worthy. The other possibility Eren, is a Titan shifter
after all three in fact. In theory, Eren could wield the Warhammer
Titan to create this Titan crystal path from paradise Island then bridge the gap over to Marley. If anything, the attack on titan season two
ending could also have been foreshadowing this. You didn’t see a bunch of people, presumably
Eldians marching down this path. Swap these was colossal Titans. Then bingo. Ironically, this could have actually been
the opposite of what the Eldian King had done just to get his people over to paradise Island. I would question too, what limitations Eren could wield Titan crystal, but I’ll just
go ahead and give him that. It is within the realm of possibilities, so
advancing forward. there’s actually another more pressing major
issue to consider. Which is Eren’s little Marley trip followed by this global vacation,
which actually becomes a Colossal issue once you consider the previous ocean obstacle. Before diving into this quick disclaimer here,
I will be using our earth to get some very rough estimates here and yes, I do realize
they don’t match up one to one for the attack on Titan world. I’d be surprised if they did. Despite that, you will discover the reality
for Eren’s plan. Based on some previous map shown in the attack on Titan world if attack on Titan was taking place in our world,
you know it would be Madagascar. Marley would then be either somewhere in Europe
or somewhere in the coast of Africa, most likely very nearby to paradise Island. Then assuming Eren is traveling from paradise
Island to Marley located just across the ocean using the coast of Africa to Madagascar for
reference, the gap is 402 kilometers. How fast can a colossal Titan even move? Definitely easier said that actually figuring
that out. Unfortunately the attack on Titan manga
doesn’t help at all. Here switching it to the attack on Titan anime,
the cameos further Colossal Titan, this thing only ever walked once. My was hoping to get some figure to attempt
that reaching some sort of estimate from the Colossal Titan reaching the wall, but no
luck. It really felt like mission impossible. Instead hey, since you got Dino Eren in the
Latest Attack on Titan chapter, why not look at his brethren for some comparison? Say hello to the largest known Dino Argentinosaur. How fitting. Although even this tic fellow at most was only around 30 to
35 meters long. Yes, this will be a rough comparison estimates,
but this Dino at five miles per hour or about eight kilometers per hour, so perhaps it could
just double this and get a better estimate for the speed of a Colossal Titan. Double being
60 kilometers per hour. Hopefully something about this smells fishy
and no, it’s not that wet Titan butt. Speed doesn’t exactly scale with size. For example, a large mass would experience
bigger wind resistance, issues with managing its weight and more fun speed reducing stuff. The attack on Titan series has especially
noted and multiple times about the colossal Titan being ultra slow. Either way screw it. Best case scenario. I’m just going to go ahead and give it to
the Colossal Titan Rumble. You got these red Titans moving forward at
60 kilometers per hour. Marley being about 400 kilometers away.
Eren should reach some in about 25 hours, so roughly a day. Perfect. Marley actually has plenty of time to evacuate. Get that horse buggy out. However you now run into a factor, you simply
cannot ignore the damn ocean. Colossal Titans already moved slowly on
land, but now it’s a whole different ball game moving through water, but wait the fun
doesn’t stop here. Next Colossal Titan issue. Can Colossal Titans even move during nighttime? Keep in mind they were slumbering within the
wall, a place without sunlight. They should now present a problem. The Titans cannot move 24 seven this means
Eren would be forced to go on this time out for around a third of the day if not longer. Let me actually flip this and I give a counterpoint
to this. You’ve actually seen the beast Titan create
Titans capable of moving during a full moon. It wouldn’t be crazy to imagine these Colossal Titans being changed in functionality now. Now that you have the almighty founding
Titan ordering them around. Let’s just hope for Eren there’s a full moon tonight. Getting
into an actual major issue of potential of showstopper. At our generous estimate of Eren’s parade reaching Marley crossing point a from point B should be around a day. However, this does have a very strict requirement,
which the Colossal Titans either walking on some land or
some sort of Titan crystal, except we know that’s definitely not the reality. That dreaded ocean. Unless Eren could somehow part the seas then
find this almost level path there’s going to be some bump up ahead. The body of water between Madagascar and Africa
is known as as Mozambique channel, so using that body of water for comparison, the average
step to the ocean floor is actually 3,200 meters or 55 times the height of one Colossal Titan. Hmm. Anyone getting a sinking feeling? Just for fun. I do want to work out the numbers. Let’s just say Eren wanted to cross this body of water and who cares. Let’s just let some colossal Titan sink to
the bottom just to serve as some path for the Titans coming after them. According to official figures for this body
of water, it is about 1600 kilometers long by 420 kilometers wide. Then add the depth to that. To keep things
simple here. Let’s assume this thing is a rectangle. The volume then becomes this gargantuan figure
in meters cubed. That is so many zeros. Now how does this actually compare it to a
colossal Titan? Millions of them. Let me go ahead and do some quick math for
the Colossal Titans onscreen to speed this up some. Assuming a rectangle one colossal
Titan is 9,000 meters cubed. Now just multiply that by in 1 million for
1 million Colossal Titans, you get about nine billion meters. Cubed. Switching back to that ultra sized
bath tub figure 1 million Colossal Titans doesn’t even put a dent into that. No, it’s not 1% not a 10th or a hundredth
of a percent, but roughly for 10 thousands of 1% even if Eren does have hundreds of millions
of Colossal Titans, it still wouldn’t even scratch that. So looking at this calculation, then checking
the figures a few times, I was really surprised the math for this doomsday scenario just doesn’t
work out. Keep in mind, this is only to reach Marley,
I’m assuming Eren could somehow transport these Colossal Titans over to the mainland he’s still gonna run into issues with the
bodies of water and much larger than this gap. But wait a moment. The Eren colossal Titan problem gets much
worse. There actually isn’t much wiggle room for
the of Titans to cross the ocean. This goes back to the sunlight being a requirement
for Titans. Even if these Titans are special enough to
move under a full moon, he can’t get around this major problem. A colossal Titan is only 60 meters tall. The major issue now becomes energy. Keep in mind, water actually does decrease
sunlight and eventually stops it all together. The limit here is 200 meters past this point. Sunlight penetration decreases rapidly. Photosynthesis is actually no longer possible
past 200 hundred meters. Whoa problem. Well, let’s keep on going. Assuming best case scenario, colossal Titans
technically are not plants, so as long as they’re getting some sort of sunlight, they
should be able to keep advancing along. 1000 meters. Colossal Titan are now a terrorizing angular
fish and giant squids. At this point, sunlight completely disappears. Oh no. Just like your iPhone shutting off any most
need it. Same for these colossal Titans. Lights out. Putting this more into perspective
for you. The average depth here for this body of water
is around 3,200 meters. The more shallow points do range to 2000 meters. in other words far below 1000. I should point out how naturally there’s going to some
reigning depths as you dive into the water. There are some spots. This channel has 500 meters just due to some
volcanic activity, although those are more towards the middle and I really want to get
this point or cause no way around it, Eren, we’ll have to cross this path to go over to
Marley. It’s not like Eren could go around anyway. The ocean away from the mainland actually
gets deeper. The depth is actually 4,000 meters and then
that keeps on growing deeper. So what does it all mean? For me this was
actually quite surprising and I know some of you will be asking why even do all of this
math? But trust me. Surely, Isayama had to work this stuff out himself at one
point or get someone else to crunch the numbers for him. This is not something you could just ignore. Not unless you’re game of Thrones. So that’s the major issue up ahead for Eren’s plan. Let me actually flip
it and talk about some solutions. The first one being Titan crystal. Realistically, without this, the millions of
colossal Titans won’t be able to stomp out anything if they can’t cross the ocean. Some weird Titan magic. I’m actually almost talking about Titan teleportation
here. Perhaps something invoking the Titan realm. There still are quite a few Titan mysteries
or who knows. Isayama just taking that game of Thrones
in inspiration? He could just say, screw it and have the characters teleport across the map. Different or very weird attack on Titan geography. As I noted near the start, these calculations
are using our world as a comparison. Perhaps the attack on Titan world has oceans
that don’t go past 200 meters deep and yes, that sounds weird. Perhaps something exists that bridges every
single piece of major land in the attack on Titan world, although that does sound awfully
convenient. The founding Titan powers, this is really
getting more out there. You’ve heard about the founding Titan powers
to change an Eldian body structure. Could Eren as a founding Titan possibly
change the millions of Titans really to make them more water worthy? Eren, go ahead and create some whale Colossal Titans and I think you get the idea. The most logical choice here seems to be Titan
crystal and really if you have a better solution, let me hear it down below. Either way, as it stands right now, it really
feels like the calculations here. It takes that bite out of the millions of
colossal Titans. This will give some time for Marley, paradise
Island and the world to regroup. Recall that escape limp. That was mentioned in the last attack on Titan
video. A lot of you guys were asking at the Mikasa
taking on Eren option was back on the table. I honestly thought we were long past that,
but now feels like Isayama has opened up that path again. Will Mikasa takeout Eren? At this point, I do expect this unlikely
team up between Marley and paradise Island. You’re going to get Mikasa and Armin teaming up with Reiner and Gabby. At this point it feels almost too game of Thrones like. Or Code Geass for anime fans. The question is, should this matter to Isayama? Not to mention Eren, literally going down
his own Yeager Requiem. Once you actually look at the math, it feels
like Isayama set up this obstacle to buy enough time. Recall the post times skip mention about there
not being enough time. On the flip side, could Isayama be setting
Eren up for failure? Since unless you have some serious explanations or plot conveniences,
next chapter, this colossal Titan March is doomed to fail. It really just means it’s dark attack on Titan
finale where Eren wins doesn’t seem plausible at all. Not unless Eren is purposely wanting to unite
the world powers to wipe him out at the end. But Hey, that’s just a theory, a Titan theory. Anyway, let me hear your thoughts! Post your attack on Titan end game down below,
around half a year left for attack on Titan. Are you on team Yeager? Should the world unite to fight against him? Does anyone here want Mikasa to take Eren
out? Check out these past juicy anime videos ‘ll see you guys later.

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