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Making Digital Comics

– [Narrator] Art Spiegelman once said “comics are a gateway drug to literacy.” Who didn’t love comics growing up? The visuals and the action
made reading exciting. No wonder teachers are
catching on to the potential comics have to supercharge literacy. Now, with a variety of digital tools, you can create your own
comics to inspire learning. Comics engage students
in a variety of ways and create real-world
connections across subject areas. You can use digital
comics for many purposes, from presenting a lab report to profiling a historical figure to creating a graphic adaptation
of your favorite story. So how can you get started? First, highlight key
moments in your writing with narration boxes or dialog balloons. Then bring those moments
to life with drawings, paintings, or photographs. Finally, add filters and
fonts to stylize your comic. When you’re done, you can
publish and share your comic with the world. Of course this is only the
beginning of your adventure. Learn more about creating
digital comics to transform your projects with KQED Teach.

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