6 thoughts on “Maleah Davis, Siri and Alexa sexism, Marvel new comic series, Memorial Day weekend: The 60

  1. I'm not going to the Museum of Natural Science because it's around Hermann Park and when I left Houston to go to school, a bunch of repulsive crack heads were hanging by the trees around the pond. Between the museums and the zoo is a sea of needles and other drug paraphernalia. Unless they've recently cleaned up the cesspool of addicts, etc. I wouldn't set foot over there and I damn sure wouldn't take any children. Law enforcement/city officials should be ashamed of themselves for letting packs of riff raff litter a place as important as the once beautiful museum district. When I moved away, it had become dangerous and unsightly. It broke my heart.

  2. Has anyone asked Siri where Maleah Davis is, or her body. Supposedly this machine knows everything

  3. Brittany thinks she not going to jail but I'm here to tell you after they find that baby dead or alive I'm praying she is alive the stupid so call mother is going to jail she knows what happen to that baby what kind of mother is she not a good one at all she the type that shouldn't have ever been blessed with any kids EVER

  4. Ok this littlw girl went missing on sat in Utah the FBI is helping to find her….. Y isnt there FBI on there….

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