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Manga internship offers students lessons in business fundamentals

[Music] [Zachariah] I got interested in manga through anime. I was mostly told that this should stay a
hobby and that it would never become marketable or monetizable. [Bragdon] I’m conducting a manga internship for students to allow them to publish and commercialize their art and get experience in business and
startups. [Zachariah] So, I was really surprised that this was a
paid internship opportunity, and I was really interested in seeing how the production process
actually worked. [Bragdon] So, moving on to the main topic, project planning. I’d like to discuss this in three phases… [Nguyen] I’m not really an artist. But then I saw the webmaster position where
they said we would work on the website, and that was something that really sparked my
interest because my concentration is in web design. I hope to learn some things that I don’t
get to learn in a classroom. [Bragdon] And so I like to provide the students training
in terms of copyright, contract negotiations, standard contract clauses, what they can expect
when someone is obviously trying to take advantage of you in the fine print. [Nguyen] After I graduate I really want to work in
a company and do website design or probably a freelance web designer. [Zachariah] After college I’m hoping that I will become
a concept or character designer.

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