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MANGA SENPAI [26] How to improve your manga | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka

It’s Manga Senpai! I have a question from our friend, Joshua today. Thank you Joshua! The question is He shared his manga works with us and he wanted to make it improved more. So he asked me to what to do. Rely on me. I’ll show you several ways to improve your manga illustration. That’s today’s topic! C’mon, Monitor! Let’s start now. This is a manga page Joshua shared with us. Will I read it out loud? I’ll mess it up with my English pronunciation, won’t I? “My name is Joshua!” “Ever since I was a young man, I’ve wanted to be Involvvvvv…. in some sort of creative work.” What are you laughing at? “When I was in high school I fell in love with manga and anime! I was inspired by the art and storytelling of manga and I set off on the path into the world of manga art.” I suppose he kindly wrote it with easier English. “However, there has always been an obsta…??? obstacle in my path that has hindered my progress since day 1. ” The vocabulary gets much more difficult suddenly… I’m an American who can’t speak any Japanse…” Okay! This picture is nice. So he has some struggle with manga because of the difference of the languages. I see. And this represents Joshua in this manga. Nice Joshua. You were a bottle… And I feel like this manga is quite nice. It’s good. Nice Joshua. Your drawing is very good. Excellent. I’ll say it’s the finishing process if you improved it more. How you do finishing process. So I’ll add a layer. I’ll plus a layer and I’ll add some highlights on it. It will make much difference. Also in Japanese manga term it is called “highlight” or “white”. The brightest part of a picture. Draw highlight with white. For example, I assume a light comes from here. (double speed) You see the difference? Just adding some highlights the quality of a manga illustration gets higher. With this and without this. Doing this or not will make much difference. I’ll show on another panel. This illustration already has some highlights. That’s good. But we can add more. For example, here. Make sure where the lights from. I’ve decided the light comes from this direction just now. It’s good to draw the light goes around to the other side, but… I want to make this light more inside. This highlight is quite strong. So I will… be able to draw this shape of light. It an alternative way to show the light. Plus, This is also a possible way. I don’t know this strong light is appropriate for this depressing scene, but it’s possible. You might feel it’s too meticulous, but this detailed highlights makes the quality better. So what you need is to shine more, perhaps. Joshua, shine more… More shine… Just add some brightness it gets better… This picture is already white so be careful to not to lose a shape of a bottle. That’s a difficult part. Add white appropriately as it shows appropriate shapes. Next, This nice guy. This picture is already fairly good. Let’s see… I’m just adding some highlights now. Just adding this, it seems like there’s a light and an object exists there. Something like that? It’s ok but if you do more… make thin line thiner. Like these lines. And the line of flag pole. Pole of an American flag. The Stars and Stripes… Just add highlights little bit… Okay, how is it? This makes the quality more progressed. This is maybe too much. -It’s not that shining scene. Yeah, it’s not. Like this… Highlights become various shapes so you can make its shape freely and it looks nice. Like this? Just draw beautiful curves as a picture… Well you’ll wonder what is a beautiful picture. But it depends on… It’s ok. Like that. Then, This is a highlighting process. The another way of make this page better is adding more black, beta in Japanese manga term. But it depends on your style. Or your favor. So this page is already completed. This is one of right solutions. But there’s more solutions exist. So I’ll show you an alternative solution. For example, we can add more shadows. However, adding more shadows make the pages less Shonen manga feeling, manga for young boys such as NARUTO and ONEPIECE. It looks like more Seinen manga, manga for young adults. Like AKIRA or Ghost in the Shell. The target age gets older as you add shadows. You can add stronger shadows on a shadow. Here I want to make it more… No, I was wrong. It was a front side of a chair. But though it is a front side, you can add more shadows like this… This reflection on the pipe. You can add it as a black line… You can make more expression, texture of objects. By adding black parts, you can make your pages more sharp. Mind of light and shadows. Here’s a shadow… Imagine where shadows will be made. Adding shadows in a part of your pages, the part will be too much stood out. So add shadows not only a part. When we were drawing manga wit physical materials, making mistakes with painting black had made a big mess. But with digital tools, you can just erase the mistakes. So you can make many tries with shadows. Have the courage to add shadows. You’ll be worry of making mess with drawing lines in wrong place. I’m finding an English word… B… Blade… – Blade!
– Brave. Yeah blade is a cutting tool, I remembered. I wanna say be brave to you guys. Be brave and add more shadows. And this pipe looks like more metalish. A strong contrast is a point to draw a metal. The balance of light and shadows needs to be considered. It looks nicer with adding small lines. As you made a shadow stronger, the lines of other parts get thicker a bit. Here’s a weigh of a cap and a bottle is bit different… this is a easy place to add a shadow. Like this… Wow. You can add some shadows on this cloth… How is this? It makes huge difference. Shadow layer off, And on. It’s so different. But the difference is a difference of a style, rather than a quality. Just choose what you prefer. Maybe this Bottle Joshua is too serious… Too serious for a talking bottle. Serous Joshua and comical Joshua. Below is comical and above is serous. So which style is better to take is not my decision. Take what you like. OK next. You can add big shadows here. As you’d say “is it possible to make a shadow here?” Do it boldly. I’ll remind you to be brave with making shadows. Don’t be afraid. Just make shadow you believed, and it will look nice. So I made a big shadow. But if you feel the contrast of this shadow and a bottle is too strong, a possible solution is To change this screentone to a gradation tone. So, Like… Like this. This kind of gradation makes the contrast softer. This is one of a solution. However… making the shape of the shadow neat could be a solution… A contrast wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe… Good. OK, move on. Him. I can add him shadows like… This drawing already has strong shadows. The shadows of eyes and a hat… Since the strong shadows appear here, we can add more shadows on the other parts. You need eye to produce shadows. You need Beta Vision to see shadows. I told it also to my staff. -What do you mean by Beta Vision? I believe the Beta Vision is… the vision to find where is an appropriate place to put shadows. -How do you train the Beta Vision? To train the Beta Vision… be brave. If anything, convert a photo in black and white. You’ll see how shadowy parts converted to black part get bigger depends on threshold. It’s possible… Observe where I putting shadows. The point is, to imagine where the light comes from so that you’ll see where shadows appear. And shadows should be along with shape of an object. So shape of shadows along with a shape of an object, but you can emphasize it. What I mean is, you can lie. You can make an unreal shape of shadow. Human eyes say “it’s OK” as such shape of shadow possible exists. So I’d rather consider how beautiful lines or shapes of shadows. There’s a shape which is picturesque. It’s is what you should draw as a shadow. Maybe it’s impossible to see this kind of shadow here in real world. But it’s OK. I want to put a screentone here. Bit darker one. I’ll do it later. There is various source of lights. Not only the sunlight. So readers can’t predict what kind of shape a shadow should be. That’s why we can draw shape of shadow flexibly. There might be some reflection of light from surrounding objects. So it’s hardly possible to say a certain shape of shadow is impossible. However, you need to consider the feeling of unity in an illustration. Like if there’s a shadow here, there must be a shadow over there. There must be this feeling in a picture. It’s necessary. If here’s such a dark shadow, similarly strong shadow over there. Draw shadows according to this feeling makes well balanced picture. I’ve said it in all Japanese… I made my translator in trouble. So sorry. (sudden English word) You can crosshatch edge of shadows. It’s easier. Though it’s look bit old style… One thing I want to say is if you put well-balanced shadows, shapes of objects seem appropriate. In Japanese art or manga term,
“dessin ga kuruu”(dessin goes wild)
means “drawn shape is wrong”. Though you know a shape you drawn is wrong, but readers don’t know what shape is right. No one knows that. Shadows convince readers as such a shape really exists. Flat surface like this flag, has bigger difference of brightness than we think. Like blackboard, or things like this. This is a blackboard and the light comes from here. I’ll paint the brighter side in 10% gray and the darker side in 50% gray. It’s not same gray color though the object has a plain surface. So also this brim of hat, I’m going to add a gradation tone. These plain surfaces, if you want to make them shadowy, using gradation tone will help you. And… This bottle. Burned out Bottle Joshua. I’ll put some shadows. When you made a wrong line here, the shape goes wrong. Take care of the final shape your drawing. Is it OK? Good luck with your manga! The point is… to be brave. Let’s try it. So what I talked today is the finishing process. The process to brush up your drawing to completed manga. This is an important part. The difference between professional and amateur appears on the finishing process. Appearing shiage de gozaimasu. So put highlights and shadows. and make your manga perfect! Good. See you in next episode! There’s a Like mark on the lower right corner. Please push. There’s a red button below this video on smartphone. Please push. And we made Patreon page! Thank you for your support! (crying) See ya!

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