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MANGA SENPAI [5] Tachikiri | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka

I’m so embarrassed of doing this. This introduction greeting. OK, follow me everyone. I’m Manga Senpai,
I tell you how to make Japanese style manga. You will be able to draw authentic Japanese manga after watching this video series. Let’s do it. Today’s theme is “Tachikiri”. What is Tachikiri? Let me show you… I mean, not “Weekly Shōnen Magazine”.
This is “Weekly Shōnen Jump”… Can you get my joke? In Japanese law we should not violate one’s copyright. It is very important. And we should not expose others’ manga without good reason. However, as an exception, we can QUOTE a part of manga. So now I quote some pages to explain you what is Tachikiri. From “Weekly Shōnen Jump” 2018/2/5. From this copy, I want to show you… “Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma”
by Yūto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki. These are komas. This is an ordinary koma. This is Tachikiri koma. Tachikiri… This koma. Is not Tachikiri. This is Tachikiri. Did you get it? Did you? I’d like to explain further. A page of a magazine. Normal Koma. Tachikiri is… Like this.
The drawn area gets bit bigger.
And the area outside of the page is cut off. This is Normal Koma.
Not Tachikiri Koma. This is Tachikiri. What is it in English? The part…a picture… cut off because it is outside of the printed area. Wow! When we write Tachikiri in Japanese, Tatsu.
This letter means “cut off”. Kiri.
This means “cut”. In Japanese, Tachikiri means
“cut off the printing”… Now’s the time to show you this. Every Japanese Manga-ka have their own Katana.
Japanese sword. They own Katana to draw good manga. It is ordinary. Tachikiri. I mean, this means TATSU! Kiru.
Same. KIRU! This is the idea of Tachikiri.
You see? I’m not joking.
I’m serious. When printers print a manuscript of manga, they print larger and cut each edges off. The part cut off, we call Tachikiri. How we know the part? There is Uchiwaku.
The inner frame. Here it is. This is Uchiwaku. There is a special drawing paper for manga in Japan. Only for manga. -How you say Genkou?
-Manuscript. Good. We have special paper for manga.
You can buy it in some art supply store. A4 size for amateurs,
B4 size for professionals. Can you see this? The inner frame “Uchiwaku” is printed in pale blue on the manga paper. And Sotowaku.
The outer frame. The picture outside the outer frame is cut off when it is printed. This is Tachikiri. We draw picture inside the Uchiwaku. You should make Tachikiri Koma in Mekuri.
The side you turn the pages. Other side of a page is called Nodo. Nodo side,
we do not make Tachikiri. Though you draw picture on the Nodo side,
the pages are bound and you cannot see it. So you do not make Tachikiri Koma. This side, you can do it. You draw Koma to Tachikiri line. Why do you use Tachikiri? To make a scene more powerful. To make impressive Koma, you can use Tachikiri. Big Koma! This is the basic use of Tachikiri. If I talk about Japanese manga history, Old manga magazine had used many not-tachikiri Koma. Gradually… long time… The number of Tachikiri had increased . Now. Jump. Tachikiri very many. There is a manga most of its komas are Tachikiri. Like most of all koma is Tachikiri.
It’s possible. But you don’t make Tachikiri Koma on Nodo side. This side, no Tachikiri. But you can do it as you like. For example, “NARUTO” by Kishimoto Masashi. I quote NARUTO for example… The page is impressive but there are so few Tachikiri Komas. This is the style of Mr. Kishimoto. Maybe, He is influenced by Ootomo Katsuhiro,
the author of “AKIRA”. Mr. Ootomo rarely uses Tachikiri Koma. I suppose so. Sakufuu. Their style.
In English. The important thing. Style. Today’s video is the end.

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9 thoughts on “MANGA SENPAI [5] Tachikiri | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka

  1. Please keep making these videos. As a foreigner who really wants to learn to make japanese manga, Educational videos made by real Mangaka like this are incredibly important.

  2. thankkk you very muchhh !!, i didnt know what tachikiri and uchiwaku are when my japanese teacher said to me, but now i know what its mean 🙂

  3. Basically Tachikiri is an overlapping illustration in the page whilst a Normal koma the illustration stays within the frame? Am i getting his right?

  4. I've noticed that "tachikiri" exists but never know what to really call it, another word to my Japanese vocabulary hehe
    Never saw a video talking about tachikiri before and really glad that there is this video! Thank You >w<

  5. Wow! Now I know how to use it properly! I like how the simple rules of manga take their causes from printing, so useful!

  6. Hi senpai !
    Thank you for your great works always!
    I have questions(*´・∀・) , when 2 pages connected what the name of this in Japanese?
    And thank you again☆

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