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MANGA SENPAI [6] Tachikiri 2 | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka

This is an interesting but only-known-to-known information. (“Maniac” means something like that in Japanese-English.) Zasshi. Magazine. And comic book. The ratio of the size of the pages are different. So where Tachikiri, the place where the paper cut off, is different. Tachikiri size is bit different.
Especially… the size for Shonen comic books like Weelky Shonen Jump. Where NARUTO had been serialized. You see the difference? The narrower one is the size for Shonen comic books. Title like NARUTO or My Hero Academia. Though the size of the book is different, the size of manga paper is same. So in Shonen comic books, the size of Tachikiri is wider. And it makes the completed page size become narrower. So the pictures you draw outside of inner frame is almost all cut off. They’ve lost and doesn’t appear on the comic book. So Tachikiri makes powerful pages when it is on magazine, But sometimes its effect is not appear on comic books. Be careful. Further nuggets of information. On magazines like Weekly Shonen Jump, above the top non-Tachikiri frame of the pages, there are logos of the magazine and some information from editors. A logo of Jump. The title of manga. BORUTO. And messages like “You can read Mr.xx’s work only on Weekly Shonen Jump!” It is compulsory for editors to show these on the spaces. They can’t keep the spaces blank. And if the don’t have time to do so, it is trouble for editors. So they say when the dead line is nearing, “You make all top Komas Tachikiri!” “You MUST do it !” If not, the editors have to lay the logos out but there is no such time. So when you see the works that made top komas Tachikiri, it is probably the works by who nearly passing the dead line. Or they already passed. You can find them suspecious.. You can catch it by observing Tachikiri. I suppose only few Japanese people know these… This is the end of today’s theme. Use Tachikiri effectively, and make your work more attractive! Before the dead line! Just like that. Please push Like mark subscribe button around here. Do me a favor.

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  1. 少年漫画のコミックのような形は縦に長いのでどうするのか疑問だったのでスッキリしました。

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