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Manga | Tried & Tested

Hi everyone it’s Farah and welcome to my
tried and tested video I haven’t done one of those in a while and I thought I
would do one. Tried and tested is basically a look at some of the
categories and genres and formats of books that I’ve read and recommendations
that come out of these specific genres and today I’m going to be recommending 5
mangas that I enjoyed and loved and recommend. First one I’m gonna start with
is one that I’ve mentioned continuously on my channel because it’s one that I’m
continuously reading and it is Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama and it is
basically this series about these titans, these big monsters that attack this
small walled off place and it’s walled off in different parts: the rich and the
poor at the end, and the rich in the middle the – most protected – and their
walls and there are these people there are soldiers that kill these
Titans and it’s this whole thing. I’m not doing this any justice. I’m really sorry.
Just check it out though, it’s this really great manga. They call it The
Walking Dead of…the Japan’s Walking Dead and if you guys are a fan of that sort
of thing then you’ll enjoy this there’s a lot of brutal violence and killing and
murder and ducks spewing and I kind of like that sort of thing if I’m being
honest. I just, you know, the more intense it is the more I enjoy it. It is not for
the weak-hearted…people die! It’s like the Game of Thrones, that was a terrible accident. It’s like the Game of Thrones/Walking Dead for Japan cuz you never know when the next person is gonna die. So it keeps me
on my toes and that’s why I really like it so check it out, see if you like it.
There’s the anime version of it, it’s also pretty good. I’ve seen only the
first season though…doesn’t get too far you know. Reading it is a lot faster. You
get to the plot – oh and it’s riddled with plot twists. That’s what I was gonna say
so many plot twists, guys, like you don’t see it coming. Like I said so many people
die, so many plot twists, so many…it keeps you on your toes and it’s pretty
emotional like a typical manga. It’s pretty emotional. Speaking of emotional
the next man I’m going to show you is Orange by
Ichigo Takano and I don’t know how many volumes this one is to be honest cuz
I’ve got the collection and it comes in one and two and then I have a volume
called future so I’ve lost track of like how many are in it. This is, I think, what
they call shoujo manga. So it’s more like the high school, coming-of-age, girly
types. It’s about this girl who receives a letter from her future self telling
her to pay especially close attention to the new boy in school who shows up that
very day and to just be his friend because if she doesn’t do that the
consequences are gonna be dire. So she also sends these like kind of like lists
of instructions and stuff and the more she reads into every single day the more
she finds out why they need to protect this boy and it’s really cute and very
heartwarming and actually really sad and it makes me sad
like it made me sad and these things don’t usually get to me but I’d let this
one get to me because I wanted it to get to me and it was done so well the
writing the characters it was light but it was also very heavy and it I thought
it dealt with the subject matter really well. So guys, again, if you’re looking for
like shoujo manga but like you’re not so sure, pick this one up. This one’s a good
one, it’s worth the hype. People love it and it’s worth the hype. I enjoyed it, I did
and I think it’s still ongoing. I’m not sure. The next one and this is a
completed manga series, it is Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba. God, I said that wrong.
I did, didn’t I? Don’t judge me, I’m sorry. Death Note, guys, is about this high
schooler kid who receives a diary, this empty notebook, only to realize that when
he writes a name in it and follows the instructions according to instructions
of the Death Note people die so he has this kind of godly control over people
and he sort of takes it upon himself to rid the world of evil and kills them one
by one and then it gets to his head and it sort of evolves and there’s this guy
who’s coming after him because he’s like, “you can’t do that, I’ll find you” this guy’s like, “no, I’m way smarter than you are” but that guy’s like,
“I’m pretty smart too” so yea…but yeah I really, really love this. This is 13 volumes or 12 volumes in total. There’s a anime
of it. I think, I remember watching that before reading this. Doesn’t matter how
you do it but like if you’re gonna read it, don’t watch it immediately. You know
read it if you’re planning on reading it cuz then there are a lot of plot twists
along the way as well It keeps you on your toes. It’s very, very
clever and I love manga series that are clever. They’re so well written, so so
clever with brilliant characters and again, love it. So I recommend it. It’s
dark, it’s dirty, it’s brilliant. Next one I’m gonna show you is Deadman Wonderland
by Jinsei Ka- is that an O? Kataoka? Kataoka. Jinsei…
yeah. Deadman Wonderland is about this boy who is framed for this brutal murder
that he didn’t do and as such is imprisoned in this heinous, hideous, violent theme park. He’s essentially being sent to his death and the inmates
in here are also crazy and he meets this girl and stuff happen. It’s also a very, very, very violent manga with plot twists as well but the artwork is really cute. I
really like the artwork and it’s what attracted me to it in the first place. The
spines come in black and white, black and white, black and white. Every alternate
volume, so it looks really nice on my shelf. The artwork is really nice, it’s
just really good and also you can watch the anime. I’ve seen it, it’s fun and it’s
also a completed manga series so check it out. Check it out. Finally, and this is
probably my favorite in the bunch if I’m being completely honest, Sunny…manga
series. It is by Tayo Matsumoto and I’ve also mentioned it way back in my channel,
back in the day, when I was still reading it. This is also a completed series. It is
a total of 6, I believe, and the covers are in hardback and beautiful and and
they all have- they come with these faces, oh sorry that one is upside down, that one’s
upside down too I should have prepared this a little bit
better. Yeah caught that last one before it was upside
down. But they’re so pretty, right? the first page always comes in color and
then the rest of it is typical manga style. It’s just really good stuff. This
is a story about a foster home of children and it’s called Sunny because
they have this used, small car. I don’t think it works. I could be wrong, I don’t
remember and it’s called the Sunny and they spend time, it’s the sort of haven
for them and it’s about these different kids in the foster home and each time
it’s a focus on a different one of them “a different one of them?” on a different
character and it’s…they’re so well fleshed out. The characters, as children,
are so convincing and relatable. They’re not like your typical, broody sort of, I’m
a kid, I’m 11, I got so much pain, and I’m just like you know…no they’re actual
children that do actual childish things and feel actual childish pain that
doesn’t make sense to them because they don’t understand how people operate in
the adult world because it’s so unfair and I love it. I absolutely love it. First
of all, it’s just beautifully packaged right? Like a hardcover manga? I’ve never
seen this before I didn’t even know if it was a manga
until I opened it up. I thought it was a typical, sort of, this style and it’s very
deep and very touching and emotional and funny, it could be really really funny at
times. So I recommend this guys. I really like- if you’re gonna take anything for
the whole list, choose this it’s really fun and very different and I don’t see a
lot of people, if any, talk about this like I want you to. So go out and get’em.
So these were the five mangas that I recommend Sunny, Deadman Wonderland Death
Note, Orange and Attack on Titan, which is also still ongoing.
Lemme know down below what some of your favorite mangas are cuz I am on the
lookout. Now that I finished a bunch, I’m on the lookout for some interesting good
manga and I would love to know your recommendations down below. You’ve kind
of seen a sense of what I’m into. Violent, dark, uplifting, emotional, sad, funny. I’ll
take it all, you know. Well not all, there are some that I
just don’t like, right? But yes, thank you so much for watching. Let me know if
you’ve read any of them. Don’t forget to subscribe? Leave a like and I’ll see you
with my next one? Okay, bye!

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25 thoughts on “Manga | Tried & Tested

  1. Here is some good manga recommendations:
    • fruits basket ( a classic and very emotional)
    • my hero academia (on its way on becoming a shounen classic)
    • one piece (it’s a really long series, like 80+ volumes)
    •Kimi ni Todoke ( a really sweet series)
    • A silent voice ( a deaf girl gets bullied by her classmate and after all these years, he tried to redeem himself because he feels guilty about what he did. He even learns sign language specifically so he can talk to her)

  2. I absolutly loved Orange 😀 one of my favorite mangas.
    Here are my mangas recommendations :
    – A Silent Voice
    – Erased
    – Gokinjo
    – Dengeki Daisy
    – Kobato (by Clamp)
    – Your name
    – The world is still beautiful
    – The End of the World

  3. I am manga addicted for more than 15 year so my taste is classic and old 😅 i can't handle attack of titian not because its bad i just can't handle the action blood killing.. orang is in my list fram ever and ever i wonder when i am going to read… my favourite is death note

  4. I love Death Note, Attack on Titan and Orange. Others of my faves are Naruto, InuYasha, Cardcaptor Sakura, My hero academia. And Jojo's bizarre adventure. If you liked the art of AoT, you'll like the art of Jojo's too. The anime is pretty weird, but I found myself hooked up instantly in all this weirdness and I'm loving it.

    The story basically follows the members of Joestar's family against the forces of evil. Each part could be read or watched separetaly. And they are very distinct from each other. I recommend that you begin from part five Gold Wind, the anime is currently airing. It has an amazing mafia plot and fights with super powers.

    I know I'm making no sense, and talk too much. Sorry. But JJBA it's really worth a try.

  5. omg i love shoujo manga <3 these ones that i've read are pretty good: kimi ni todoke, say i love you, blue spring ride, strobe edge, daytime shooting star, & cheese in the trap (this one's actually korean, but it's very addicting lol). i also highly suggest durarara!! the story's really complex due to the many different character plots that somehow become intricately intertwined. it also has a very dark, enigmatic aura that was really enticing to me. 🙂

  6. My top two faves have to be Fullmetal Alchemist and Ouran High School Host Club. I read them back when you still had to wait for each issue to be published and then translated and they were fantastic.

  7. If you like clever psychological Manga like Death Note, you should give Monster a try. There's the perfect Monster editions and there are nine of them and it's really good. I read it recently and I couldn't stop. Check it out 🙂
    Also, it plays in Germany and I know you learn that 😉

  8. Death Note is such a good series! If you want anything close to that there's a good short manga series called Death Parade, so good!

  9. i LOOOOOOVED Orange! I haven't read much Manga. I like Death Note, and i liked the anime of that too. I prefer stuff that is lighter on the fantasy or no fantasy at all, but i don't know how to find stuff, but Sunny sounds exactly my kind of thing so I will definitely be adding that to my tbr.

  10. 'tube article. I can't understand the vid but u can

  11. If you want dark, twisty, but emotional/heartfelt, I'd recommend Naoki Urasawa's Monster (personally, I really like the anime as well).

  12. I realise this will sound like ridiculous clickbait, but Attack on Titan is literally Nazi propaganda. The creator is a fascist (his Twitter feed is horrendous), and some of the Titans are even drawn to resemble anti-Semitic caricatures. Forgive me for opening with something so dramatic, but seeing AoT recommended anywhere makes me very uncomfortable.

    Orange is beautiful, one of my absolute favourites. Death Note is great, too. The creators' attitudes to women rub me the wrong way (DN is all right, but Bakuman. and Platinum End are incredibly misogynistic), but it doesn't come across so heavily in DN, and it's a clever series.
    Deadman Wonderland was pretty fun if I didn't think too much about it, but overall it's a pretty typical manga, with poor treatment of the female characters once again – as is present in so many manga.

    I really need to read Sunny.

    Some of my favourites:
    A Silent Voice – about a boy who bullied a deaf classmate, and now wants to make amends

    Assassination Classroom – action/comedy/drama/sci-fi about an octopus creature who threatens to destroy the Earth in a year's time, but in the meantime becomes a schoolteacher for the students who are training to assassinate him

    Azumanga Daioh – slice-of-life about a group of high school girls, very sweet and hilarious

    The Bride Was a Boy – memoir about a trans woman coming out to her boyfriend and getting married

    Cigarette Girl – classic short stories about people's day-to-day lives, some sad, some innocuous, very honest

    Helter Skelter – a young model has become famously beautiful after extensive plastic surgery, and now her body is falling apart

    In Clothes Called Fat – about a young woman who has an eating disorder, very tough but brilliantly written

    My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (and its sequels) – memoir about a woman discovering her sexuality and struggling with her mental health

    Pink – brilliant satire about a young woman who moonlights as a call girl to earn money to feed her pet alligator; it's very dark and heavy in places

    The Strange Tale of Panorama Island – dark psychological story about a struggling writer who takes the place of a rich classmate but becomes obsessed with wealth and power

    Tableau Numéro 20 – a collection of short, romantic stories, the main one about an art restorer who gets to meet the subject of a sketch he fell in love with

    Tokyo Ghoul – tragic horror story about a boy who becomes half-ghoul and struggles to cope with his new life

    Tomie (really anything by Ito Junji) – an immortal woman drives men to murder

    Utsubora: The Story of a Novelist – an author plagiarises a story from a fan who latter commits suicide

  13. Attack on Titan is so good! I also love Trinity Blood, and the permanently incomplete Zombiepowder was ridiculous but fun.

  14. These are some good recommendations! I had never heard of Orange. Going on my TBR for sure!

    Recommendations of manga I think you might like from this:
    Golden Kamuy — historical seinen adventure/action series set in 1910s Japan where a badass ex-soldier and a 13yo hunter girl who is Ainu (the indigenous people of Japan) team up to hunt for a treasure. Very cool dark action and I learned a lot about a time & culture that I didn't know anything about before.
    Hunter x Hunter — this is probably the ultimate shonen series for me, it's kind of impossible to describe but it starts off as very typical action and eventually gets wilder and darker as it goes on, and just has awesome art. the later arcs will rip out your heart!
    Pet Shop of Horrors — this is a dark fantasy/horror series from the 90s about this mysterious man who owns a pet shop that sells magical pets, but there's always a contract you have to sign and then people break the contract and bad things happen to them! but there's a cop who is investigating the exotic pet sales and gets drawn in… it's a really underrated older manga and it's unfortunately out of print so you have to find it used, but it's also fairly short (10 volumes total) and I really love it.
    Hikaru no Go — this is because you said you like Death Note, this series is drawn by the same artist (but written by a different writer). it's about this boy who learns to play Go (a strategic Japanese board game, kinda chess-like) from a ghost that possesses him and was a medieval Go expert. sounds like a really weird premise, but the characters are just written so well and it has a lovely contemporary, magical realism vibe. I never knew I could be so invested in a fictional board game competition but it's so engaging and emotional!

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