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“MARINETTE AND HER ROMEO” – COMPLETE – Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub Compilation

(Bell Rings) I’ll be Juliet! Adrien you’ll read for Romeo. Okay, Okay. Everyone turn to Act two scene two. Enter Juliet. Be soft what light through yonder window breaks it is the east and Marinette is the Sun Arise fair Sun and kill the envious moon who is already sick and pale with grief That thou her maid art far more fair than she but not her maid since she is envious Her Vestal livery is but sick and green her Vestal livery is but sick and green and none But fools do wear it cast it off. Nooooooooooooo (Internally crying) Daddy.. (More Internal Crying) (Bell Rings.. again) Nice one Romeo! Um.. Thanks? Now. Get her boy! That was so romantic! Rad. How could you just say stuff like that in front of everyone? What is with everyone today? You really don’t know? You said Marinette instead of Juliet? That whole thing was pretty erotic now that I think about it. Dude? Wha-wait- Please get out. This is my home. I live here now. Please ask Nathaniel to have my mail delivered. Marinette. Marinette? Come on classes ended. This is extreme even for you. Madam Bustier! Somethings wrong with Marinette! (Intense Panting) I’m sorry Alya, I had my hands full. (Still Panting… sigh) Chloe! (Panting Intensifies) Oh my goodness! (Don’t use God’s name in vein, sorry ;-;) Call an ambulance! (Firetruck~ NCT sorry ;-;) (Still panting.. shows how obsessed she is) Is it too early to apply for retirement? (Chloe still pants) (Bell rings..for the third time) Enough! Alya, he was tired and he slipped up. That’s all. Come on, you don’t even want to entertain the idea that he was thinking about you? Really it didn’t mean anything. It didn’t mean anything! (They both said it) Don’t be like that it was funny! It wasn’t funny then and it wasn’t funny when you sent those shopped pictures. What’s wrong? You like Marinette, don’t you? No, I don’t! Adrien calm down. You’re just as much if not more to blame! Did you think I hadn’t figured out all those group lunches you and Alya organized, huh? Adrien, how could you say that? Marinette, wait! (School bell rings.. sigh.. Jungkook is waiting) Marinette please! Are you okay? Let’s get to class before we’re late. (Clock ticks) (Bell rings) (Angsty teen groan) Come on dude, talk to she’ll understand Marinette is like that. Sorry Nino, I have a photo shoot later. (Closes door to car) (Starts car and leaves) Ow, what’s wrong with you? Just because you’re fighting with your princess doesn’t mean you get to take it out on me. (Sigh) Plagg: (somewhat)ahhhhhhh (Adrien annoyed) Plagg transform me (Music of transforming) (Grunts of jumping) (Questioning sound) Hmmph. Huh? Aw Adrien. Pssst. Adrien? Huh? We’re sorry about the photos. And for messaging you all night. We went too far sorry, Adrien. Apologize to Marinette if you’re sorry. Huh? No, still just Marinette. You’d be the first person I’ll call if I get akumatized. Good night Alya. Sorry for calling you out so late. No problem. It’s been days Nino. What are we going to do? She doesn’t want to talk to him, she doesn’t even want to talk about him. Adrien is the same. He just curls up into himself like a snail and her name’s like salt to him. Why does he hate her so much? (sigh) Then why is he being so cruel? What no, he doesn’t- Alya, he adores her. Nino, she’s so hurt If we could just get them alone together, maybe we can both have them meet us- (Alya sobs) Alya, no more schemes. They won’t help us. Adrien lives his whole life trapped by other people’s rules. Coming to school and hanging out with us. That’s his escape from their expectations. Plagg claws out. (quietly) Let him make his own move trust him a little, eh? I know you’re there. Is there any reason even spying on me on the last
two days? I-uh- You seemed upset and an Akuma might have- Marinette? You remember my name? Of course we’ve met before. Marinette, you know, my name causes trouble. if you’re fighting with someone maybe- -You could make up? you didn’t see how he looked at me. Like I was an offence to his eyes. W-what do you mean? Weren’t you?I thought that… I don’t understand- Marinette that’s not right! I don-. I’m just an ordinary girl. I’m allowed to have a crush. He didn’t have to know. Being friends was enough. seeing him happy was enough. (tears form) (sniffles) But everyone teased us tease him he was so embarrassed by me. Marinette, Don’t. Don’t. Ma- I (sniff) ( Adrien starts to cry ) Im- Sorry, I’m so sorry

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