55 thoughts on “Maroon 5 – Memories

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  2. I transferred last May on a school away from my family and now I live with my brother, and 2 sisters. When the school started my 2 sisters were busy and my brother is not. Everytime I go to our apartment, I was always abused by my brother whenever my sisters are not home, he always torments me. Because of that, I miss ev everyday, every minutes, every seconds. It just feels nostalgic. Maybe it resembles me being alone but it's just unexplainable for me. Everytime someone leaves or everytime I'm alone, every second is just nostalgic, it just makes me cry. Always

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  4. this song make me remembered when im in 6 or 7th grade i think when i have a possession of a knife i think is still have all my collections

  5. I always remember to cherish every special moments that happens in my life but I'm not satisfied I want the time to stop, I want the moment to be endless. Is it just me? Like everytime the happy moments in my life stops I just feel nostalgic.

  6. This is the perfect song to cap off the decade.
    The lyrics just hit. There were good memories, and bad memories; make sure to cherish all of them.

  7. My uncle and aunt would visit my family on sundays it was like a routine I would eat my dinner and head for my room to use my phone that night I forgot something in the car when I went down to get my stuff in the car my aunt and uncle was sitting in the car waiting for my dad to drop them to their house I took my stuff said goodbye to my aunt and uncle and went to bed the next morning I had training and my mom and dad picked me up from school then when my mom and I was walking to the mall she sadly told me that my uncle had just passes that morning it was tragic I regret of not saying my last goodbyes or hugged him it will be a life regret we should always appreciate the ones that we have never take for granted go and hug ur loved ones now and say I love u u never know when they will go please take my advise

  8. Not to be a party pooper or anything but the melody in the chorus is extremely similar to the I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me -song.

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