Marvel 2013 Comic Con Preview : Days of Future Past, S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America 2 – ENTV

X-Men Days of Future Past director and producer
Bryan Singer teased fans with a behind the scenes picture of cerebro and gets fans pumped
up for comic con. Hey everyone I’m Brian Corsetti with this exclusive! Brian Singer is back directing X-Men Days
of Future Past — almost 10 years after he directed the second film X2 in 2003. Now Singer announced he’s bringing back
Cerebro, the famous device Professor Xavier uses to read minds. The device was a significant
part of the plot of Singer’s two previous X-Men Movies and this new image that has us
wondering what role it’s going to play in the new movie. Don’t worry fans because with Comic Con
around the corner Singer is bringing new Days of Future Past content to this year’s San
Diego convention. Also, Joss Whedon will be airing part of his
S.H.I.E.L.D. television pilot and maybe even some new Avengers 2 teasers. New footage from
Captain America : The Winter Soldier, Thor 2 : The Dark World, Guardians of The Galaxy
and Ant Man. You can learn more about each of these movies
in our Marvel youtube playlist plus, we’ll be adding new behind the scenes videos and
trailers leading up to comic con. Thanks for watching everyone — Click the
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