Marvel Comics Announcements for May 2020

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Marvelites. I’m Ryan Penagos, and
welcome to a special edition of Marvel’s Pull List. Today as the world awaits
information about new Marvel comics arriving
this May, I sit down for a wide ranging
discussion on the topic with my co-host, Tucker Markus. Tucker knows which
books are coming to your local comic shop,
but is yet to tell me or anyone what exactly they are. On behalf of an awaiting
global populace, I am here to find out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mr. Markus, thank you
for joining me today. Good to be here. We begin with rumors of
a conflict, a big event in the Marvel Universe. Do you have any
knowledge of this thing? I can confirm that coming
in May 2020 is Empyre #3. This is written by Al
Ewing and Dan Slott with art by Valerio Schiti. RYAN PENAGOS: And
we have the cover by Jim Cheung for our viewers. Our researchers have come
up with several pieces of information I want
to discuss today, the first of which being
this Empyre #3 issue. Where does this issue
take place, sir? This issue takes
place in Wakanda. The Fantastic Four
and the Avengers unite, therefore
a major showdown. Speaking of reunions,
my information tells me that we
will see a long lost Avenger return to active duty. Is that correct? I can confirm, yes,
that is the case. This will take place
beyond the borders of Wakanda as well, sir? That’s correct. RYAN PENAGOS: Thank you. Yes. Let us continue on. Throughout your service
to Marvel’s Pull List on the podcast, the video
series, what our viewers have grown accustomed to, you
have maintained that you will not withhold information. Is that true? I do this on behalf of
people around the world. Yes. So if I am to
believe this is true, that you are not
withholding anything, what is our next May comic? The next comic coming in
May is Empyre Stromranger. RYAN PENAGOS: And this is
written by Saladin Ahmed. TUCKER MARKUS: That’s correct. RYAN PENAGOS: There is
art here that we see. The cover is by
Federico Vicentini. The art is by– TUCKER MARKUS:
Steven Cummings, yes. RYAN PENAGOS: So
that is correct. TUCKER MARKUS: I can confirm. Our research has also
looked into the origins of the Stormranger. This is a suit we
have seen before. Is that correct? Yes. We’ve seen this Kree
Nanosuit in the pages of Magnificent Miss Marvel. It’s bonded with Kamala before. And now it’s split
away from her. How many issues
is this series. This is– I can confirm this will be
a three issue series, yes. Very well. As we move on to our
next book, I would assume that you are preparing– Another Empyre book. You would assume so? Yes. I would assume you
would be continuing to talk about empire. Well, you’d be correct,
because the next book is Empyre the Invasion of Wakanda #1. Let’s dig into
that for a moment. That is written by Jim Zub. Empire the Invasion of
Wakanda is art by Lan Medina. Is that correct?
TUCKER MARKUS: That’s true. RYAN PENAGOS: The cover we
have is by Dustin Weaver. Is that correct? That’s also true. RYAN PENAGOS: And
this takes place within the confines of Wakanda? Yes. Look, Black Panther is
busy with the Avengers, so one of his agents of Wakanda
needs to take his place, OK? RYAN PENAGOS: Which
agent of Wakanda? Sir, which agent of Wakanda
will be in charge in this title? It’s General Okoye who’s
taking the lead here, OK? RYAN PENAGOS: Yeah. You’ve had enough? RYAN PENAGOS: I don’t think
our viewers have had enough. But let us move on. If each of these books we
have been covering here covers a different aspect
of the empire event, then why are you
withholding information? I’m not– no, I’m not
withholding anything. RYAN PENAGOS: What do
you have to hide, sir? Nothing, nothing to hide. RYAN PENAGOS: Then
what is the next book? The next book is
Captain Marvel #18. So then it’s not
an Empyre tie-in? It’s an Empyre tie-in. RYAN PENAGOS: Sir. Yes, more Empyre. RYAN PENAGOS: This title will
be written by Kelly Thompson. Is that correct? The writer of Captain
Marvel will be continuing to write this title? TUCKER MARKUS: Yes. RYAN PENAGOS: And it
has art by Cory Smith. TUCKER MARKUS: Yes. RYAN PENAGOS: And it has
a cover by Jorge Molina. Yes. RYAN PENAGOS: Then what else
are you withholding from this? Carol Danvers is becoming
the Supreme Accuser. That is a revelation. Yes. And her first mission takes
her in pursuit of a renegade soldier tied up in Empyre, OK? And it will be, speaking of your
revelations, a major revelation for Carol Danvers herself. This will change
Carol Danvers’ life. RYAN PENAGOS: I have one
more title that my research has provided information on. And I need you to be completely
forthcoming here, sir. It revolves around
rumors, hearsay, things that we’ve been hearing
about for some time. It involves Conan the
Barbarian and Venom. Sir, do you know anything
about this title? TUCKER MARKUS: The last May 2020
book is Empyre Savage Avengers. RYAN PENAGOS: And this is
written by Gerry Duggan. TUCKER MARKUS: Yes. RYAN PENAGOS: This has art. It has a cover by
Greg Smallwood. Is that correct? TUCKER MARKUS: Yes. This is correct. RYAN PENAGOS: What
more can you tell them? Conan finds himself
in South America. And someone attempts
to enslave him. And as you can imagine, things
don’t go well for that person. And Venom is involved in this. Yes. Venom is of course involved. The Savage Avengers are back. And they’re involved
with Empyre, OK? That’ll have to
be enough for now. Members of the viewing public,
this is just a small sample of the news, the insights,
and revelations about May 2020 comics coming your way. Keep a keen eye on, as well as other reputable comic
book news organizations for more reveals, art, and
information coming in May. In the meantime, you can
start your very own Pull List at your local comic shop.
to find one near you. Until next time,
I’m Ryan Penagos. And this is Marvel,
your universe. I’m done with
your show, right? I hope that was enough for you.

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