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Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee dies aged 95

the creator of many beloved Marvel
superheroes Stanley has died at the age of 95 the announcement was made by his
daughter JC on Monday but she did not reveal the circumstances of Lee’s death
he was reported to have died at a hospital in LA after a medical emergency
the American writer and former president of Marvel Comics was the mastermind
behind spider-man Iron Man The Hulk black panther and many others which amps
or which have seen soaring success at the
box office name left Marvel in 1972 but starred as a cameo in every Marvel film
the chairman of the Walt Disney Company was brought which bought rather Marvel
Comics for four billion dollars nine years ago called Lee a superhero in his
own right

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4 thoughts on “Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee dies aged 95

  1. Rest In Peace Stan Lee. We will miss you and remember you and your legacy. Thank you form making our childhood bright with your endless imagination. #EXCELSIOR!

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