Marvel Comics – Planet of the Apes

laugh it up fuzzball Planet of the Apes civilization where humans run wild in the jungles and the superior beings our peeps howdy tribunals place you in my custody for final disposition you realize what that means you know emasculation to begin with an experimental surgery on the speech centers on the brain and a kind of living death heyyo as often that Fuzzle 70 here hope you’re all well today then look at the recent pick up a mine and that is a group lot of Planet of the Apes comics from back in the 70s now just to give you a little bit of an overview on these released in the UK between 74 and 77 a hundred and twenty three issues in total a reworking of the euro of the previously released US version but fair to say that some original content was actually added as it went through the series of comics certainly not a complete set and as this magazine shows here this comic shows here this plan of the Apes series was released in at the same time or in conjunction as Dracula leaves subtracting the levels it’s Island comic but apparently privately out sort of ran alongside it so tremendous art work here and all for the bargain price of five pounds so I guess that’s about to say maybe eight bucks some around there this is at a time in the Marvel Comics group where Stan leaders has still heavily involved and as you can see I’ve hidden the artwork is just absolutely fantastic a quick look in a few of them this one for instance you’ll see the epic scene from the original film Planet of the Apes where they realize that actually it’s more of an evolution in a different planet in that they’re actually the ices are taken over from mankind so that’s a bit of an epic scene for all you oldies out there and on to this one pretty faded there but they have a gun city of the apes gives you insight in how to actually how they filmed it and some of the conceptual work and on to another one and Apes forum which is letters invited in by readers of the series and answered by Stan Lee although our suspect probably answered on behalf of somebody for Stan Lee yeah very cool very very pleased to pick these up I think ideally I’d like to get some sort of montage of these actually on the wall framed I just love the comics the artwork and the colour from back in the 70s on comics I think it’s very striking and very nostalgic to the time so to recap that is Planet of the Apes released by the Marvel comic group in the UK from 74 to 77 as always your faults feedback and comment a very much welcomed until next time take care yourself now Cheers and just to show that not everybody is a respecter of nostalgia here’s my cat tatty clearly making himself a home or my newfound colleagues take care yourselves now then Cheers fuzz

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