Marvel Select Thanos Endgame MCU Disney Store Exclusive Special Collectors Edition Figure Review

hey guys we host supersorrell thank you
very much tune in the Gregor it’s tennis this is the endgame Thanos from Disney
stories it didn’t start exclusive and I’m so happy to have this in my hands
big thank you to the guys from Marvel Legends community UK especially to Andy
Andy Thank You Birds well let him know this was out mr. Sutro went out and
grabbed me one the moment you message me so it’s got the Marvel Avengers endgame
logo there on the side and a nice caught up shot on the back there we know this
is a Disney Store exclusive because it has the Disney Store logo right here it
says on the side that a special edition collector’s figure now guys you remember
last time we reviewed this than us and oh my god that video did so well it was
one of my most popular videos on the last year so let’s see if we can
recreate that awesomeness with this new guy cuz oh my god the size difference is
just insane this guy is puny by comparison purely human welcome parents
um all the fan offices we’ve got as well as some other bad figures and things
last showing the size difference between the buffs of Marvel Legends and Marvel
Select and we’ll do a whole whole thing on mine the sizing and things like that
he does comedies gauntlet as well which is super awesome right let’s break him
out of the packaging Jochem oh it was plastic person well this videos
rendering tonight I had passed away been game now
that’s just settled upon me I stayed up late this evening get this review done
getting online late late late tonight for you guys some ingame so the group I
don’t have a line guys that you may have have been mentioned at the beginning
though with novel legends community UK please make sure you go ahead and check
them out on Facebook guys please run by an awesome group of guys who it just
funds themselves that look collecting figures and the guys on there I’ve made
some good friends on that group and you really people do Wow go out the way to
healthy there and is an awesome group once you get to know the people in it
you guys know the humor and stuff it’s a great groomsmen table we got two more on
the app just yet so I believe this already came out in
America some time ago now he’s only just reached the UK shores for the longest
time though a room was that we weren’t even gonna see it in the UK but I’m glad
he finally came out so I’d have to import one I’ll try and pick one up when
I was in Florida right awesome looking figure I love this it looks just like
him look at that likeness equally balanced
just like all things should be really awesome finger guys so articulation that
head is on a ball-joint and she kind of make him look up as well
as down on the left right he’s hinted a little bit by that neck dragon doesn’t
want to lift up all the way cuz the head piece at the back for exams do lift up
oh my god there’s gonna be some scuff is there in that sound does lift up all the
way although it does that rubbing against there that will create such as
house do move forward as much as this chess piece here will allow there is an
elbow there it’s incredibly stiff and it does also rotate through the rotation at
the bicep as well and hands are on ball joints there’s an AB chronosphere so we
can crunch him around quite a bit a very stiff finger
there’s no way swimmers like do lifts out all the way with no hindrance as
well as forwards right I’m kind of need with up oh my god is that a single hinge I’m not sure if that’s a double hinge
there’s a top-5 cup mmm as I’m loosening these joints the game’s very loose very
quick he’s a double hinged knee here but it is very stuck together and I don’t
want to push too hard and break it completely
especially when I’m gonna be keeping him in a standard standing position anyway I
don’t want my way to scuff those knees if I don’t have to do and as you can see
that’s made my finger very loose very fast
so quality is a few quality concerns with this for me already but each for
their own but there is a double hinged knee there is just case of activating it
top fight goes well is perfect feet are on rocker and pivot it does also have
holes should you wish to put em on a stand now the actual and you’ll see up
close with the actual arm is actually pretty decently it does look battle one
which I think it’s meant to at this point there’s a few things I don’t like
about the about the paint work on the finger that like there is some molding
issues you can see and the joint there but badly painted but the armor itself
is actually there is like chinks and cuts and things in it I’m not sure if
they’re meant to be they’re where they’re meant to make the animal look
more battle drink this is all over the figure so I think it’s meant to make it
look more battle one but it just looks like it’s been in my play box and had a
big rumors around also the you know the bit in between your mouth where your
mouth and you know is is the little dip they’ve made that a bit over prominent
in my peers he’s got like one hell of a dip there again makes it look like he
said had no nose dive headfirst into my toy box
he’s got scuffing but either way the figure is still standing very sturdy and
he does come with his bladed weapon as well which again has been scuffed up
it’s tough to make it look battle wanna believe very nicely designed with the
black and the silver there I like that I think those come with a spare hand as
well I don’t think he is with this bad guys
when you go and tense it forward it’s purple instead of gold there ooh and
he’s not doing a click why is he not clicking or doing anything with the
harvest and the way I wished the Hammonds that dental fingers were
articulable so he could make him do something with it but if you want to have it with the gone
on this one and it’s just the left hand out it just pulls out at the elbow joint
like so then you just pop in a new one perfectly balanced the whole thing
should be actually joint there we go yeah again we’ve got the gauntlet but
he’s not doing anything with it it’s just a pom hand I wish it was more
gripped to give him a more awesome look he just looks like he’s admiring it at
this point and again you can definitely see that purple I definitely get a lick
of gold paint on that I’ll keep he’s having completely flat but then again on
the underneath the gold paint Saul are you rubbing off on the underneath then
we get in purple showing through oh right what I’m gonna do though guys is
I’m gonna go to the desk am to give you guys an up-close first look at its
figure for yourself so you can make your own mind up as to whether you think this
is a decent on a sauna so let’s go to the discount alright guys here he is out
of the baggage in looking so still as much as that I did have a little moan
there about this figure I do still think it’s probably one of the best Alice’s
we’ve had so far for the MCU obviously he’s high he’s gonna be very different
from the other figures I’ve had previously because this is a select so
he’s gonna be very tall by comparison some other figures so it’s not gonna
scold as it’s cold it’s not gonna look very scale very well so sorry against
your Marvel Legends but it might you against the Hulk bath we have to try
that see oh that looks like but still I’m liking this figure as much as I did
have a little grumble about it I do still love it it does look like on the
movies it does have the look in my opinion that face looks is very detailed
and nice I do really like it and again me the kings are stuffing them in the
armor do make it look worn which I like there’s just a few issues with it that
just did bummed me out because I was so looking forward to this figure that
wasn’t expecting to be bummed out all by it but these things happen but it’s not
going to stop my enjoyment of the figure itself because it’s just too awesome like there’s just a few little things
like I wish that gauntlet was doing something rather than just being static
I figure itself is this very very detailed and it’s definitely one that I
think most people are gonna want to pick up for their collections let’s take him
to our diorama piece and let’s try them up with some other figures and see how
it scales against other figures from select and legends so here is opposite
the Select Hulk that we got recently for the movie scale I think that’s
definitely about right Hulk wasn’t as tall as than us but Hulk was wider so
this does look about right to me I’m happy with that scaling although the
haze it does look very small and I wish we got another head that was unmasked I
really do I wouldn’t be nice to include but as
well because he’s we only service in wood compared to all the summerses we’ve
had that was the last selection else we had that makes this one look puny by
comparison this was my favorite for so long and he used to feel so bigger the
side and my other figures whereas these guys now taken the big guys and really
look at that and even opposite the old select than us if I just move the modern
one out of the way I’m bringing the old comic book one even he looks small by
comparison he’s wider this guy’s taller because I know people gonna ask me here
is the Hulk from the 80th anniversary collection one of my favorite hulks
opposite the Thomas and you know what again that’s probably about right this
guy’s about the same size as this Hulk so again it would look ok to have these
two fighting off against each other obviously this one’s a comic book of
this MCU who but you know you know what I’m saying so yeah that’s my thoughts on
this one guys what about yours you were fond of this figure let me know
in the comments below so guys what are your thoughts on this figure let me know
in the comments down below if you enjoyed
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very much see you the next one bye you

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