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Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Special Look

Natasha, my sister. After all this time. What brings you home? ♪♪ NATASHA:
I’m on the run. ♪♪ NATASHA:
I was trying to do something good. Be more than just a trained killer. YELENA:
You’re fooling yourself. YELENA:
We are still both trained killers. ♪♪ NATASHA:
We have unfinished business. YELENA:
Who’s we? ALEXEI:
[Celebratory growl] ALEXEI:
Still fits. Family… Back together again. MELINA:
You got fat. ALEXEI:
It’s mainly water weight. ♪♪ NATASHA:
There’s a new world of Widows. New enemies. NATASHA:
I’m done running from my past. ♪♪ NATASHA:
Who the hell is that guy? ♪♪

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100 thoughts on “Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Special Look

  1. You ain't fooling anyone MARVEL, the fandom have caught on that TASKMASTER is gonna be a gender swap.

    We want OG Tony Masters Taskmaster, not Rachel Weisz in a padded Power Rangers suit.

  2. The story has the potential to be more of a thriller than just action, like Winter Soldier. However, this looks like Fast & Furious with a taste of MCU…

  3. I think the whole thing happened after the endgame or after the thanos snap in the span of 5 years. 😄 well just a theory.

  4. I wonder what kind of Relationship Natasha has with Red Guardian I know they were married once upon' a Time But it probably going to be different in the MCU

  5. If her sister survives then we haven't new Black widow and if she shows up in tv series Falcon and the winter soldier will be mind blowing.

  6. I'm done with all this super-hero crap.
    Wafer thin plots..rubbish acting.
    Then year or so later ..out comes a reboot,or a "Ah forget they died in the last to see this pungent cgi garbage!!.
    Go see 1917,or Parasite,Joker,The Gentlemen.
    No more capes,masks,or leather outfits.

  7. All jokes aside this movie look like bullshit 👎out of all the avenger she the least famous one…..

    When u think marvel u dont think black widow

  8. Am I the only one who hoped we would be getting a really dark, slick, espionage/spy type thriller instead of another all-out superhero movie???

  9. Me; Black Widow movie?

    Marvel; Yes!!👍🏼

    Me; Why?

    Marvel; 💵📈

    Me; But she has no powers…

    Marvel; Correct 👌🏼

    Me; Will she be naked?

    Marvel; Perhaps, give us more 💵

    Me; NO!!! YOU killed Iron Man, YOU castrated the Hulk, and WTF did YOU do to Spiderman?

    Marvel; It wasn't me, the devil👹 made me do it!!

    Me; Then I require from you a naked Black Widow!!!

    Is it just me or couldn't Black Widow be played by a black woman from the hood just like Super African Black Panther?

  10. Honestly gives no suspense to what happens to the main character cause we fuckin know what happens they should have released this before endgame

  11. Ehhh isn’t it to late? Like was this movie necessary? I thought maybe this would be a way dd would be brought in maybe. But it’s just a movie that serves what purpose other than the obvious?

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