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Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (PS3, X360, Wii)

hey down here welcome young marvel
artist down here I’m the famous Ironman and
this is your own wondrous workspace you are going to be the super hero squads
new secret weapon pretty cool huh every hero has a power and yours is a
powerful power pen pe m as in personal evil neutralizer
let’s go Super Hero City needs your help stop standing around get me movin who’s asking
hey get that hot dog curtain I’ll slash it Here I am baby let’s dance
I need to smash that big donut to clear the way weenie Adam
tap that Doombot and watch me shred it watch them right away though we bring in the earth here activate my hold ability to slice
them up who ordered julienne fries let’s dance fail sure watch them who we bring in that hurt too now try
this draw a line from me to all the enemies in the area and I’ll shred them
all at once Hey Here I am baby do okay collect that in
it by touching it with your power pan try it I’ll go let’s dance ah hi you’re picking this up quick
nice work bub want some there though we bring in the hurt who’s asking point me whoa go today boo portably right away select hope to give him a
chance bub Oh Paul gory sure yeah better sprout some wings big guy over
there just point me Adam all through dark for you to destroy that mini do ship you have to
take out those lightning rods but don’t get hit by lightning
Oh trash lightning rod make hope smash the lightning rod oh good you can help folk with homework go to war I’ll go you are so brave SWAT is great
Dumas lucky for me my team equipped with can openers who do they think they are
snick lunge attack Here I am baby let’s dance ah JooJoo
Oh there
Wow man how do we get back up to the deck Oh what are you guys doing lying around
we’ve got no time for this we’ve got to stop doom before his doom bots destroy
the helicarrier’s engines Maude O’Grady versus hey I can fire on
those doombots with my ranged weapons select me and give it a try yeah but fall to beaches to earth heroes héroes more toolbox really Wow
you’re a quick study I could use someone like you and Stark Industries dangle Oh run Wolverine Hulk stay on the ship no walk
water go Thor Scarlet Witch come with me and we’ll take out that Thunder doom
cloud going for it I manage moving with all hey you can’t be serious
another Doombot down next time
like maybe my friend right away so we’re gonna need some pesticides coming at you posthaste what more do BOTS step it forward and
give it your best Wow pull the heavy yes I don’t hear you you’re kidding of course fire it up sealed box we can’t harm them from the
front secret squatty it’s time to put that powerful pen into action
magic this take better on my way more soup that away you’re using your artistic powers well
secret squaty oh yeah you lead the way attack you made the gibberish lose its body
another Doombot down moving with all haste be a pole compress thanks for stupid yeah begone foul villain lunchtime that
sounds fun coming out through space switching watch
out for that lightning instability what does thou need step it forward and give it your best tis I your drawing skills are truly FX secret
squatty you got it the guy’s part of the gazpacho what or
do not get me a cold compress like these yes I not hear you switching
/ rap mighty Mjolnir attack the lightning rod
to destroy it and avoid being hit by lightning this ever be rather lightning Adam have it okay missile barrage a suit Maris even I need your help back there
secrets money go Roscoe I am insured
now our such deity like artists secret swathi
hotfoot attack dah dah
it’s just doing my job das down needeth me my art our stock rock yeah going for it Wow
pull the heavy instability your drawing skills are truly epic
secret squatty attack lightning be my friend Leopold’s undress take that on my way the relentless wicked withered of my
Thunder doom will make the goody-goodies of Super Hero City beg for mercy
ok sequence quadi time to rain on dooms parade you lead the way yep attack yarn
lightning rods to destroy the ship but beware the lightning beautiful you get Paris even I need your help back
there secret swathi things way to go three more lightning rods just
doing my job or soup been away how hard the deity
like artists secret sweaty Gallus it coming now leisured Wow
just to our lightning rods I am deep doo-doo dumbass do your worst into battle 9r tower stock your blaster ship is just one more
lightning rod Oh is me don’t that smart dumbots don’t
for it time yes be a pole contrast take much more of this
Thunderdome is going critical squad we need to get to safety right connections
open lura I can’t stand defeat
what’s this whole other world see you I use some sort of artist is
that the kind of power you possess I must have it
I knew the super zeroes could not beat me alone find a way into your world and
take over I’m sliding my rock catch me justify your whining Moodle can get on
with the plan I’ll be right behind you well I don’t see you anywhere now look
at the holo communicator on your wrist I was speaking metaphorically replacer
what is so fantastic about this place anyway the FF boys went on a bonding
camping trip without me a weekend free of exploding science experiments a peace
and quiet we must steal the Fantastic Four’s negative zone portal device with
it can cross realities flawless like the Thunderdome plan MODOK so much for peace
and quiet I have to inform the squad why don’t you answer my calls if you don’t
give me some Sun time I’ll find a way to make you aah
your mom is way more frightening than you I am in the middle of a very
important space I’ll call you back now that you have snuck into the
building undetected man nice stubble hanger mayor I’ll deal with you soon
enough secret squatty when dooms cloud platform
blew up I detected a stretch in the time-space continuum
he is after you in your alternate dimension alternate dimensions will
found next want me to believe in far-off places where mythic deities reside whoa
to play an alternate dimension in that place to hold purple not greed never
Pony I never really sure what dimension you’re in Hulk what the FF hero book
status has gone from gone camping to being attacked its MODOK he broke into
the Baxter building how did he reach the doorknobs are those tiny arms Falcon
Thor bring the secret swati to the Baxter building and see what’s going on
yeah and hit the do not like it but none hero book
we have to save the Baxter building from doom and his big brain grow by hind
dolls hairy hamster young damsel is in distress guys let’s talk and more help
here and don’t call me damsel window your drawing skills are truly epic
secret squatty you didn’t see that coming my way Wow pull the hammy thou art a deity like
artists to secret sweaty could be in trouble it’s time to roll you didn’t see that coming okay hunk of tin gotta sit humming merrily
even I need your help back there secret swathi pieces how are too weak for me
step forward and give it your best you’re toast going for it
to the trip perishing you’re throwing skills are truly epic
it’s funny you didn’t see that coming get me a cold compress take that daya meters sounds good I’m just wondering how do we
get off the roof sheesh you boys always want to break things with your hammers
why not use the door that switch activates that door when you’re ready
command one of us to activate it pursue run away nice to meet you secret squaty
perhaps you’ll prove the pen is mightier than the sword why haven’t you found the
portal device I sent you to find it stupid heroes showed up they’ll always
turn you my way tell me about it whoa how did he get in here so easily did the
security system go camping too their security tis as weak as mine
brother Loki’s self-control Oh our security system is fantastic this is the
last time I let Johnny set the password two one two three four five dooms Dooley
doombots now art a deity like artists secret
squatty eat never tossed out need of me let’s do
this oh I am going to click down some do box like nice out of my way take them out
foul robotic knaves taste my wrath eight feathers Red Wings step those guys sighing our towers soft rock done with it mighty Mjolnir Alexa me
that’s a switch it’s time to roll Gus is a Doombot ambush from the
elevators your toast make way but they can’t tell the difference you didn’t see that coming Merilee even I your help sack their
secret squatty that was easy get’em Red Wing brother lightning your drawing skills
are truly epic secret squatty anyone try to punch jail right thou art a deity like artists secret
squaty going for moving with all haste let’s do this
Oh switching give me some room Oh secret squatty move us when MODOK charges as
you head thing nine art powers dot rock Red Wings get
in there and do your thing out of my way attack I could be in trouble
Oh secret squatty help us avoid Botox okay compris you didn’t see that coming same as me it’s time to roll air early
even I need your help back there secret swathi Moe ducks getting away go after him this is the hangar bay where Reid first
told me his theory of inverse refraction what a romantic by Odin’s Greek garage I
could customize my hammer in here step s forward and give it your best I am easier now are too weak for me hey
that’s a slow-moving Doombot group he hits hard
but he’s slow for your tip did staus know that long raised attacks works
great against heavy slow-moving enemies be wary of those Doombot groups should
they draw closely maybe pebbles the brute is slow which is good but it
gets really hard which is bad going boy take em out sounds good make way yes
we get hurt let’s do this wait coming at you posthaste your drawing
skills are truly FX secret swathi you didn’t see that coming Redwing
attack yes I don’t hear you it’d be a cold compress get’em love wings how hard a deity like
artists secrets money what other doombots way I am assured power of this one is great tin cans incoming heavy fine art power stop things for
soup out of my way what does now need take that would you like a shield yep be a cold compress works for me
one time Aaron even I need your help back there secret squatty give me some
room flipping young button now step it forward and give it your best
it’s time to roll Jim okay she’s our sounds good Lightning be my friend going for it done with it make way begone foul villain you are here is that in the metaphysical
sense or up number 231 portalab I’m glad I don’t pay you by the hour
Oh meet you there who know he found the portal app hurry
let’s cut through the laser defense hallway um laser defense hallway that
doesn’t sound safe it’s just a little Defense Grid what are you chicken what a
foul joke moving with all haste by lucky screen
underpants are too weak for me you have to hit all the switches to open the door
check the cubicles great switch switching only to left your drawing skills are truly epic
sequence 20 step it forward and give it your best
out of my way give yes I don’t hear you take a lot you’re a baby
okay and high art powers Russian that’s a
switch done with it like me you didn’t see that coming yes last one laying the feathers oh yeah
make way works for me sounds good anyone tried a punch more soup run away my TV omere was easy finally the door is open whoo I thought
we’d be trapped in accounting forever give me some room Oh dear volcon dress would you like a shoe Oh God feathers be destroyed robot coming at
you post my dust I always get held up in accounting let’s do this begone foul villain it’s time to roll yeah baby going for it out of my way when you get hurt okay make way as silk doesn’t have such
security moving with all haste so sounds good take them out Wow move a heavy nowadays coming brother come give me some room let’s do this hey hey I’m gonna get hit
where is the safe spot okay perhaps you could spare some ink good choice
Oh exciting make way done with no disrespect secret squaddie
but we keep getting blasted can’t free shield head wings
get in there and do your thing you didn’t see that coming could be in trouble yes i doth hear you begone foul villain more soup run away sounds good sorry Snoopy is your tonight the portal
device is mine yeah I done all the legwork dude your legs do almost no work
you haven’t gotten away yet doom you can’t stand against the power of doom
Buddha yes this finally recognized my
contribution we’re gonna check your BOTS isn’t Jimmy
ready go ha ha ha we can work something out can’t we thanks for suing those do me Dumas all righty feathers get him red wing it’s why thanks for all your help
Oh see a pole comes rest coming at you posthaste I am assured
each part a deity like artists secrets Swati
she’ll protect power of lightning you didn’t see that
coming no surprise mom I don’t know well doom went I don’t
keep his calendar okay sometimes I do but close you took his doom barrier with
him please please don’t force me they’re talking not going to oh not even a
little bit of forcing well I’ll talk anyway come out come out don’t recruit
at his old red friend of the ethically evil Red Skull to attack the vault the
red skull that creepy Red Menace what would doom have him doing Keeney pumpkin the Canada this mission
calls her a secret ally this is a job for Squirrel Girl that is unfair
Suzie Menace is unbeatable she is not so I hear you defeated Doctor Doom once
that is pretty cool squirrels every time you got near my tally sneeze ah I have a
tail – wanna see huh Iron Man say we were supposed to meet up with Captain
America we can compare tales later we have to save cap your evil evilness shall not prevail
even to make you be here’s all I have to say to that oh yeah radio you secrets body can you say Triceratops charge threat no longer threatening vault
anti-villain measure deactivated door unlocked charge you mean I’m a bigger crowds to my superior american muscle’s
your puny patriotic muscles are no match yep we’re on our way awesome dynomite I’ll never stop that
works get the phone here I’ll have a second helping of
justice whether you like it or not you’re so strong but Stan isn’t
everything it’s the thought that counts were common cap I’m going cutting in next we’ll travel if you let me go I’ll let you be a
compete on instantly no can’t do skull your vision for the world is twisted and
sick I’ll crush them go time yes this is a big elevator Hey
that stings talk robots can teleport out of trouble
stubborn press secrets funny right away Triceratops charge you have real-world secret squatty
George antique stones gone that works get the phone use your taxes done those teleport BOTS
or they’ll you know teleport anything you say Oh watch me with my tail I’m charged Marvel characters not yet
made into movies flora back to your cell you or you’ll be red
faced with embarrassment oh maybe you already are no God hair tavataan I found
those time coupling components you have hidden storage besides I have the good
hair doctor right behind me behind you a metaphorically boy your minions oh
yeah so like all your other evil plans I’m on my own
yeah they will allow me to get to you you are see artistic artist Yankee Doodle Dandy secret squally try this activate all
these computers to extend the bridge hey they didn’t RSVP remember the Alamo
justice is done by those Rockets red glare yeah check this out slide that one the sting hey that stings that sensation not good moving out are you talking about this onward justice is done on the way I’m going is the button that means the
door should open warning threat detected it there is no threat here I can assure
you ma’am yes there is a threat detective
darn these newfangled machines just open the door please
Captain America override command I enjoy American cheese hey I’m not even a
threat that’s not what I meant Oh lacerations bullseye watch out for that bread dust the threat
has been neutralized no threat detected take damage my security system is tight as a drum if
I do say so myself what part of power don’t you understand
freedom lanes okay squirrel girl I’m pretty impressive our night understood
please read emergency unlock process initiated that sensation let’s do it
hey secret squatty the other side of the rider fires those artillery pucks yeah moving out here just bear the burden
that works it’s okay think of it like your home squirrels
live in holes in the ground right Hey look out for Yuri great use of your power is secret
squatty Hey GGO Emporium thumbs up for a great
job buddy ready to defend America Captain America present to smash anything you say yeah you drew well on your artistic powers
hahaha dynomite on your marks on the way heading in by the Rockets red glare count America
in can-do oscillations good work back there secret swanny Yankee Doodle Dandy hey great use of your power is secret
swathi during sandy
I’m going I’ll never stop yeah Trixie attacks times take that that works to proceed to the next section please
enter the basket onward off the hook Daigo hi please keep your hands and arms
inside the basket at all times freedom reigns cutting it guys I don’t do so well with Heights don’t worry kid if it’s any comfort I
used to be afraid of algebra thumbs up for a great job secret squatty oh hi
go time although visitors must sign in a Devon
securing desk I’ll crush them I’ll hover disclose hover box Yankee Doodle Dandy you do well on your
artistic power I think anymore ink check out tail ladies must wash their hands before hand scottie more Inc Yankee Doodle Dandy you can’t put a squirrel in a cage
without a wheel for exercise count on me right away it if you get lost both guards are here
to help ready and willing awesome moving out if you are still lost please make use of
of all stasis tune and someone will find you eventually we’re all a secret spotty you watch some
art I was there hey thanks things charge on your marks yeah must
on the way this item ischemia and what a terrible joke must be what a boat docks
nevermind that’s such a low hand has the couplings I need mm across doctor damn you force me into
the fight very well I will take off my angle of these office zeros to smash or we’re in this thing now
get me I don’t watch it’s red glare Watts will
travel yeah remember the Alamo here I go anything you say
the serrations and when freedom reigns freedom whores that sensation not good onward now crush
them Windom rains awesome I’ll never stop
not big on crown smashing charge right away hey they didn’t RSVP can do that’s what trouble check this out
bullseye yeah well that is my plant must survive moving out on the way girl
justice is done count America in Oh sorry no height Triceratops charge here
I go hey they didn’t RSVP by the Rockets red
glare cutting in hey – ye olde ink poor iam
yeah then talking to the bad doctor have we
Rouge rogue hmm an I doom for how do you work this newfangled thing I’m a man out
of time hey this phone took my picture well at
least now you have something to remember me by yes but I don’t know if I get you
captain lost in the past said the guy with the sunburned noggin do you know
how passe tanning is those old American field radios were super reliable you
could be in a bunker 100 feet underground and plus it’s great for
keeping my kitchen counters I’m still busy pet allergies and no wonder he’s
such a villain my son located drop-in devices almost
done prepare yourself Dubey for a visit from mummy kids what
did I tell you no more anger walk no tonight this trade steri please
it’s not the place that’s strange it’s the occupant dr. strange okayed our
bottoms bad puns Shh look it’s abomination hello I’m selling doom Scout cookies hey
dr. dome there are M so all over the place you hurting it’s attacking
doombots so dumb yeah but the Doombot said chimps are
fighting each other no you idiotic oops wait time tell those
silly skies get here abomination has turned the sanctum into
an abomination abomination is really destroying
everything in his path magic time watch this eat unstable pavilions taking down magic right away missile barrage just doing my job going for it small large another Doombot
down not there this more hips take much more of this these inks aren’t very good at picking
up after themselves are they serious just doing my job good sir Doombot fall
to beaches we leave the way we need to go inside and find the source of this
infestation take much more is just doing my job my
ears those in screamers can stun us watch out dangerous abomination is really
destroying everything in his path you got fired
another amp gone you get where to okay yeah nightmare energy Maycomb scared grunts no stinking fog not sir stinky
secrets 20 wizard true artistic here Joe not good me so nice on my way that sounds fun oldest is high in screens and stun
heroes stay away into battle another amp gone smashing
you lead the way we do not need birth it would have been
nice if they cleaned the bathroom instead of destroying it on my way nailed it with your art powers hey that’s not right I’m on it we’re gonna need some
pesticide you got it stop home
I’m on it another amped on hey that’s not right yeah go magic attack into battle on my way you lead the way on my way
look out the floor this must be the dungeon that decor gives it away this
roll around around going for it right away an energy portal
instantly teleport just to the next location O’s must be the new thing in
Ruth de coeur you got a fireman switching now where to hero up attack you gotta fire not in nice decor very Transylvanian chic Wow
someone subscribing to dank decor monthly watch this
you lead the way Hey a spiral hallway because it’s you
know you
no more need for you dr. strange of burnstow yes the doc has
never heard of a garage sale missiles attachment eat unstable probability it
can’t be serious more of these irritating imps alternate tired of girls another amp gone oh not fear disapper i’d better this must be a ghost slight alter no
like cut some wood paneling which screws up this place I like the way you drew on
your powers yeah Rodin’s wrong words we’re not in on my
way spider-man have twin burger it’s a
statue of me look out warrants protect the statue we’re not heroes treasure the statute heroes protect that treasure drudger get smashed just doing my job heroes protect that treasure the treasure get smashed nice work
saving the statue secret squatty fire it up going for it okay you lead the way right away behind one door is certain doom and
behind the other is safety ask me one question if you don’t wish to die but
remember I will always lie always lie does this hat flatter my face Wow a
riddle wrapped in an enigma stuffed with strangeness I like it oh oh
Figgy Oh still thinking mmm whoa dirt which one is it
I wish Duman told me what it looks like well well it looks like our friend here
is trying to find the mystic mini-vac of maloso maybe she should find smarts
first this that’s so funny I forgot to laugh just make sure he doesn’t get it missiles now you can’t be serious oh yeah on my way only one strongest huh why are we off to
ten stinky business just a trick will get up and follow a Bhama nation to see
what he’s up to my father with a mystic mini-vac when the toe ring of
dimensional domination is right over there
I don’t know Doctor Doom wants it which means we can’t let him have it
right well time to play pretend I hope he buys it Oh Bo gave this like opposite
day more Hulk all weekend sneaky whatever
helps you stay in character oh we are defeated so defeated um I’m still have
read speak quiet I must have actually beat them they’re so weak
did you girl I beat them up easily on too strong for them yes but you’re also
late for that you can walk home I left a walk back I
can never get a cab when I want one now’s our chance squaddies follow that
stench is this the secret Doombot factory cuz I brought the vacuum sucker
thingy you weren’t followed
No wrong answer yes again um you still
there secret squaddie oh good we’re gonna need you well well mr. a-bomb looks like we
followed you home but I thought I’d beat you guys thinking isn’t your strong suit
is it you never tell me what the plan is how can I be ruining it okay squaddies
we’ve got to follow him into villainville and take him out stay ready
secret squad II will need you to bulma nation’s gotta be around here
somewhere take that fire it up
you guys are gonna end up just like these old doombots busted up switching yeah another down to around beers hey cut
that out I help scrap a lot of these guys secret
swathi you are a true largest Akhil fail secret squad injure the best going
on my way stop it another Doombot down go
so this is where doombots go to die you lead the way your industry thanks for getting us through that
secret spy I like the way you threw on your power
hey watch it just doing my job
I hate you but maybe you could retrain these junk doombots to be vacuum
cleaners point me at him you can’t be serious budget on foot coming through now I gotta turn this around
secret swati’s you are a true Oh looks like I have company right away okay into battle Here I am baby something tells me he went this way what’s up you got it
try shutting down the power using that power station switch hey cut that out get it smash that we’re on a roll take much more of this
just doing my job hotfoot attack
sit this one out please stop gonna get an artist another dudes on down who’s askin you’ll need some spare parts
hey that’s not right you see our our secret sporty another two BOTS down secret squatty right away let’s dance Windows secret
squatty it’s silly to throw out perfectly usable legs what not the
snooper Hero Squad open the pod bay doors MODOK and sorry Tony
I cannot comply with that request buoys ring in the earth hey watch it hey guys my toast good guys Marco
incoming scrap metal turn this around where to it lunge attack having wine revive me just doing my job yeah lucky for me I came equipped with
candles I am baby where are you don’t need some spare parts hey at least I dress right for the party and I gotta turn this around find your age hey cut that out
get it attack I need a minute get better stop
better late than never sure come on get a pencil on this hey watch it going for it I’ve had it would maneuver go
now they’re in trouble time even bad guys need a long time warning the
emergency trash doctor in progress finally an exit strategy I’m too much I paid too much
Dumas lucky for me lunge attack and ever find some way to green up his waste
disposal yeah season when they’re broken your ink it’s
if I couldn’t turn this around Jonah Ryan another Dubai to the door before we get crushed stop
following me already fire it up Here I am Lee watch out for
the Doombot head shooting lasers let’s dance series a week on my way gently hotfoot attack
yeah another do bottom down hey watch it this old you guys are weak secret swati you are a true artistic
hero fail another do body down it’s secret squatty
you rock thanks for getting us through hey secret squatty we gotta catch a
combination how does abomination stay ahead of us point me watch out for that electrical
hazard the secret squatty you’re the best right away you coming square metal probability though we bring in heart spare parts I can turn this around use the reduction
efficiency just doing my job on my way thanks for getting us do that
secret swathi okay – Botox or Dysport house more juice
watch it so enjoy watch it hot push coming
through missile barrage fail heart attack eat unstable probabilities
a secret squatty okay abomination give it up there’s no
place to go om so scared of the Super Hero Squad in their new sacred squaddie
be afraid bub be very afraid I thought I did dumb stuff y’all
holographic abomination trick fell for it again we fell right into dooms trap
I’ll have to update my doom track database oh so nice of you to make it
super weirdos yeah I may be dumb but they’re much dumber know that I have an
abomination to think you will be unable to stop me from opening a portal to the
other dimension okay squaddies time to hero up little help here that’s not right cut that out get it
secret spotty you are a true artistic here come on get a pencil on this quarter julienne fries lucky for me I came equipped with
cannabis smell my secret squatty you’re the best you got it better late than
never who’s asking yeah you gotta up your ink down now you’re talking ready to go I gotta turn this around into battle hey donut incoming scrap
metal I like the way you drew on your powers you lead the way watch this good maneuver go hey watch it take that down down done on my way that took me out hey cut that out these are weak I’ll stop it okay Here I
am baby sure I’m not having fine turn this around so next let’s dance take much more of
this you get it you’re serious hey that’s not right watch this do mutts its lucky for me I came to quit
you can openers I’ll go just doing my job attack it all makes perfect sense doom can link
the negatives on portal with the time couplers and that Sentinel hand with
some of your power pens ink he’ll be able to open a portal to your reality
secret squatty in fact I bet that’s dooms target your theory doesn’t make my
domed noggin ache blood is ailment to tight
hope totally did it but you lost me look hotel friend out there to help us where have you guys been
uh not stopping by the villainville ice cream shack my favorites down those
cones we’ve got a couple of dimensions to save your theory might be right iron pants
but that’s right the ink from the artists quarry is a final piece I needed
to draw open a porthole in a yard I imagine so that’s what the mystic
mini-vac was for the ink was the final piece in dooms dimensional portal Wow that’s so weird it just might work yes I will be victorious waitresses and
tiny you mean these comics I don’t a scale
but my ego is so big the game is done for the doom you’re too late I’ll rule
this world there are sick of dealing with you secret Super Hero Squad oh dang dooms dark cloud has no silver
lining for soup LMO lightning honey honey
the game is done for the tomb and when freedom reigns freedom pours sheathing
you say what part of power don’t you understand step forward and give it your best I’m going that’s insane
not good DFO compress boom all right hang dooms
dark cloud has no silver lining for Super Smash on the way Wow
pull the heavy Guzman I’m going is I go to it gadzooks doom has purloined the power
pen tap him to take it back onward I am assured moving out power of lightning goodbye robot moving with all haste can do by the
Rockets red glare enjoy taraji I’ll return this to doc
strange bub thanks for all your help dooms plans were doomed from the start
though they have lost so many times I am losing touch with all realities what are
you going to do with me this time I have an idea though it may be a bit jarring
well artist extraordinaire you’ve used your powerful power pen powerfully must
be catching that pee thing from cap now how about I seal this portal tight and
draw this episode to a close it is nice to see the city safe once
more where pray tell did thou put old Pharaoh’s face oh we found a nice safe
place in another reality to hide him he put me in a jar on the disk really me I
would never let you keep your room like this come on dad to it to me and stop
fogging up the glass with your heavy breathing I am so glad I am NOT doom
right now not that I’m not usually glad I’m not doomed
right please mummy dearest sorry my boy my device is only one way now we have afraid of you gotta save me hey if we
leave him in there we could go back to secret evil headquarters and play video
games all night the best plan ever you really should spend more time with
your mother wait uh the portal is closed how do we get back to the base you need
a better class of friends you think just for on the credits
already you you you you you you you

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