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Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii) Level 1

hey down here welcome young marvel
artist down here I’m the famous Ironman and
this is your own wondrous workspace you are going to be the super hero squads
new secret weapon pretty cool huh every hero has a power and yours is a
powerful power pen pe m as in personal evil neutralizer
let’s go Super Hero City needs your help stop standing around get me moving who’s asking hey tap that hot dog
curtain I’ll slash it Here I am baby let’s dance
I need to smash that big donut to clear the way mmm
tap that Doombot and watch me shred it watch them right away though we bring in the earth here activate my hold ability to slice
them up who ordered julienne fries let’s dance fail sure watch them who we bring in I hurt to now try this
draw a line from me to all the enemies in the area and I’ll shred them all at
once a cutout Here I am baby do okay collect that in
by touching it with your power pan try it I’ll go let’s dance ah hi you’re picking this up quick
nice work bub want some there who we bring in the hurt who’s asking point me am Bobo to play before to play right away select hope to give him a
chance bub oh boy
sure yeah better sprout some wings big guy over
there just point me at him I’ll do that for you to destroy that many do ship you have to
take out those lightning rods but don’t get hit by lightning Oh
trash lightning rod make oak smash the lightning rod oh you’re good you can help hog with
homework what’s your ward I’ll go DuPage also brave SWAT is great do mutts
lucky for me came equipped with can openers who do they think they are
snit lunch attack Here I am baby oh let’s dance Oh oh dear there
Wow man how do we get back up to the deck Oh what are you guys doing lying around
we’ve got no time for this we’ve got to stop doom before his doom bots destroy
the helicarrier’s engines Maude
Oh gritty roosters hey I can fire on those doombots with my ranged weapons
select me and give it a try ah but fall to pieces
do it again not yet we’re heroes heroes more too
much really wow you’re a quick study
I could use someone like you and Stark Industries deal Oh crud you Wolverine Hulk stay on the ship no fur
won’t water go Thor Scarlet Witch come with me and we’ll take out that Thunder
doom cloud going boy I manage moving with all hey you can’t be serious
another Doombot down next time
Lightning be my friend right away so we’re gonna need some pasta size coming at you posthaste what more do BOTS step it forward and give it your best Wow pull the hammy yes I don’t hear you hahahaha you’re getting of course fire
it up shield bots we can’t harm them from the
front secret squatty it’s time to put that powerful pen into action
magic look better on my way more soup that away you’re using your artistic powers well
secret squaty oh yeah you lead the way attack you made the difference with squatty
another Doombot down leaving with all haste yes be a full compress thanks for sooo yeah begone foul villain lunchtime that
sounds fun a tracking
are you sure each coming at you posthaste switching watch
out for that lightning eat unstable probability call the hammies power of lightning on the switch what does down need step it forward and
give it your best his eye your drawing skills are truly FX secret
swatting you get the guys are just good guys post what
or do not via poll compress my face right yes I don’t hear you switching
/ that mighty Mjolnir attack the lightning rod
to destroy it and avoid being hit by lightning rather lightning nice tang missile barrage thanks for soup Maris even I need your help back there
secrets money go I am insured
now our such deity like artists secret squatty
hotfoot attack dah dah
just doing my job door style needeth me fine art powers top rock yeah going for it Wow
pull the heavy in probability your drawing skills are truly epic
secret squatty attack lightning be my friend
yes dear cold compress take that on my way – relentless wicked weather of my
Thunder doom will make the goody-goodies and Super Hero City beg for mercy
ok secret squaty time to rain on dooms parade you lead the way
yeah attack yarn lightning rods to destroy the ship but beware the
lightning not beautiful fun to do smarts this soul you guys merrily even I need your help
back there secret squatty Thanks smash that
way to go three more lightning rods just doing my job or soup run away now are the deity like
artists secret sweaty got it coming now I am assured we go wow
just to our lightning rods oh I am deep doom boo don’t us do your worst you’re into battle the line art our stock Russian Oh your glass the ship is just one more
lightning rod Oh is me dumbots more doughnuts you
going for it time yeah be a cold compress power of lightning
take much more of this under doom is going critical squad we
need to get to safety right natural jumpin murder oh I can’t stand defeat what’s this
whole other world I see you I you some sort of artist is that the kind of power
you possess I must have it I knew the superzeroes could not beat me
alone I’ll find a way into your world and take over everything
oh I’m sliding my rock catch me aah

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