Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!:Extended Comic-Con Special

[MUSIC] You stupid thing. How do you? I am clicking record. You son of a. Okay, I think it’s working now. Hello, and welcome to Mo-V-Blog. The video blog of me, Modok. I’m a special guest here
at the San Diego Comic Con. And all weekend I’ve been tweetering,
vlogging, blogging, flogging, clogging,
lugging, hwaugging. And calling people on the phone with the
help of the schmucks over at Losers. Here are some of the highlights
poorly edited together. See these suckers in line? This is what I get to walk right past. Back of the line, Jelly Belly.>>What?
I’m a guest of honor.>>Yeah, where’s your ID badge,
flub nuggets?>>I uh.
Oh, oh, I get it. You’re pretending that you don’t me,
the magnificent Modok. Very very funny.>>Never heard of you lard-o. No badge no entry.>>Listen I robbed five banks to pay for a table here at this convention,
and I’m gonna. Will you stop pushing me away? [SOUND] [SOUND] It was a real madhouse at my signing booth.>>And my panel went extremely well. The audience got a once in a lifetime
chance to hear advice from a true master of villianry, villany, evil. [SOUND] And the same will happen to you if you don’t do what I say. So you see, with the loss of one henchman,
you ensure the loyalty of many. The key is fear. [MUSIC] Hey you people get out of the way,
you’re blocking the way from my fans. What is this line for, anyway?>>For the bathroom. Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t you that fat kid from Superbad? Where is McLovin?>>You get out of here!>>Hey man, nice costume.>>What the? Seriously? Would it kill you to do like,
one sit-up before putting on spandex? I mean, look at this d-bag. He actually thinks he’s the Hulk! You gonna get mad? You gonna smash me, Hulk? What are you gonna do? You gonna smash me?>>He is the Hulk.>>What?>>That’s the Hulk right there.>>Oh, [BLEEP] me. Earlier today, at the Comic-Con. The Hulk, who I have met before, comes up from behind and
clocks me in the eye, right here! I was in shock. I didn’t know [SOUND]. [MUSIC] Marvel, your universe.

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