(Marvel) Tony Stark | The Way Station | Super Time

he’s a play Tony invades planets he
takes what he wants he wipes the attack on New York that’s him under no
circumstances can we bring the time stone to Thanos I don’t think you quite
understand what’s it’s no here it’s you who doesn’t understand that Thanos has
been inside my head for six years since you sent an army to New York and now
he’s back I don’t know what to do I’m not going to be a part of it you have to
understand if it comes to saving you or the kid or
the time stone I will not hesitate to let it go if you die let’s track this from the beginning Tony
started visionary genius American patriot is it better to be feared or
respected I say is it too much to ask about that fusion of medicines
your life’s work in the hands of those murderers is that unusual efficient me
Martin is this the last act of defiance of the great Tony Stark a massive a
series or are you going to do something which other you you’re not the guy to make the sacrifice
player2 laid out on a wire with the other guy called a little girl I figured up Tony we have to take it we did still I need hear me and a wife daughter and now now we have a chance to bring
her back to bring everyone back and you’re telling me that you will need
this room you think you fight for us is Right
yourself bring back with me last night yes keep
it a found after all cost hey don’t be sorry is beter what this is like the Honors Society what you did it sir
we got really lucky not like at everybody
sort of seems like he can sound tells me I should put it
lock box and drop the body good but would you be able to rest say that
kiss me here yet there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him so I thought I’d
probably better record a little breathing in the case of an untimely
death on my part I mean not the death of anytime is an untimely this time-travel
thing they were gonna try and pull off tomorrow it’s it’s got me scratching my
head about this survive then again that’s hero gig or the
journeys these may have a trick before everything’s gonna work out exactly please when I dressed and by and tall
battery couldn’t stop neither could I have it’s
you who doesn’t understand that Ferris has been inside my head for six years
since you sent an army to New York and now he’s back and I don’t know what and
I believe I remember killing Julia’s honey Tony alive and otherwise that what
we needed was a pseudo armor around the world
remember that Mike whether it impacted our precious freedoms I said we please
you said when you do that together to guess who cap must you weren’t
no choice I cannot help you if you’re gonna start
all of this again there is nothing except this there’s no art openings
there is no benefit there’s nothing to sign there’s the next mission nothing
else big man a pseudo longer take that off the tower
stalk you could not live with your own failure what did that bring you back to
me not the only one cursed I only curse is you could I just finally know what I have to do
I know in my heart that it’s right if we can’t protect the Earth you can be
damn well sure we’ll avenge it start something here so the Excite
then come mistakes compromises you know that’s a one-way trip the second vice play lay down on a wire not like a Doberman sort of seems like he can lockbox but what you interests – kissing so I’ve had a time barrier
in case of an untimely death on my part I mean not that death had any titles and
untimely this time-travel thing gonna try and pull off two nights it says got
me scratching my head about the survival then again s0 gave you where the
journeys dude you made a tribute that was used to work out exactly

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