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Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel

(intense rock music) – Thanos has the biggest
army in the universe. And he is not gonna stop. – I found somebody. I think she’s gonna be big. – In a way, I feel as if my whole life has been leading up to this. I was a candy striper. And in high school, I helped raise money to help start a gymnastics program for Zion orphanage in Jerusalem. Raised 700 dollars. (piano music) So… I started work today. A new job. – [Tony] Who’s putting coffee
grounds in the disposal? – And it was crazy. This is a very impressive gathering. – Try to save as many people as we can. – Hello? – Got a blip on my screen
here, you left New York? Remember, I’m watching you. – [Miriam] Well, I like them. – Well, relax. Odds are at least one of them has late-stage syphilis. – What? – I don’t know what she’s
doing or where she’s going. – Just because he’s
attractive doesn’t mean he’s unqualified. – Of course it does. To be truly effective, you must be ugly. – You know, you should
take more of an interest in what’s going on here. – Get out of the tub. – Hey Cap, we got a situation here. – I suggest we say a prayer for him now. – It’s all going to end
in peace and happiness. – Wow, where’s a fainting
couch when you need one. – I think it’s great, an
elite force of women warriors. – You are fucking it all up with this cockamamie alternate universe party bullshit. – You could have been dead
and dismembered in an alley. – Oh my God.

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2 thoughts on “Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel

  1. I mean, MHA did have a hero whose superpower was making bad people laugh so much it was easy to beat them up and take them to jail.

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