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Marvel’s Runaways Premiere & More! – Marvel Minute 2017

Mark your calendars for three
big TV premieres coming up on the Marvel Minute! Where
I give you 60 seconds of the biggest news in the Marvel
Universe each and every Monday! Cool comics hit stacks this
week! Get twice the slice with Generations: Wolverine #1. Enter the Astral Plane in
Astonishing X-Men #2. And vampires meet Blade in
Secret Empire Brave New World #5. New characters come to
Marvel Games! It’s Yondu, ya’ll! Whistling his
way into the cast of characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest! And
get ready for a one-man army. Get it? Arm-eee. As Doc Ock
becomes a playable character on Marvel Contest of Champions. Get both games on the
App Store or Google Play! You might as well clear your
calendars this weekend because Marvel’s Defenders
begins streaming exclusively on Netflix Friday, August 18th!
Grab some take out and get ready for 8 episodes
featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist
as they face off against an artful foe played
by Sigourney Weaver. Be honest, you didn’t want to
leave your house anyway. Then… wake up! With a
new animated series! Marvel’s Spider-Man,
swings into action with a one-hour series premiere
this Saturday, August 19th at 7am ET/PT on Disney XD. And while you are at it, mark
those calendars for a getaway. Because Marvel’s Runaways
has a premiere date! Get ready to escape your parents
on November 21st only on Hulu. Who plans on getting their
Netflix and thrill on this weekend? Tell me down
below and I’ll see you next time, True Believers.
I am Lorraine Cink for Marvel, your universe.

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