Marvel’s Runaways Returns, 2099 Comics Inbound, and More! | Marvel Minute

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, true believers. I’m Lorraine, and this is
The Marvel Minute, bringing you 60 seconds of news. So let’s lace up those
sneakers, because we are getting ready to run. The final season of
Marvel’s Runaways is less than one month away,
and I can not flippin’ wait. New key art is here. Take a look at that. And a new trailer
just hit today, giving you a hint of the
nonstop action that is coming in for our runaway crew. You can check out all that
good stuff at, and be sure to
catch the premiere of season three of Marvel’s
Runaways on December 13, only on Hulu. From Marvel Comics, we
are going to the future with new number ones. Hitting shelves this week
is FANTASTIC FOUR 2099 # 1, and 2099 ALPHA # 1. 80 years ago, the Marvel
universe was born. 80 years from now is 2099. But can the future survive? In FANTASTIC FOUR 2099 # 1,
the future belongs to Doom. The legacy of Earth’s
greatest family lives on against
impossible odds, but as this new
quartet of champions takes up their mantle, we’ll
have to just wait and see how it goes being the Fantastic
Four in a future ruled by Doom. And over in Nueva York
in 2099, the home of– you guessed it–
Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O’Hara seems to be
in for a dark turn in 2099 alpha number one. Much drama, many actions. If you want to find
out what it all means, you’ll have to go pick up those
comics in shops on Wednesday. And I know you’ve all
been going wild all weekend long with
Disney+, but I’ve got another hot tip for you. Marvel’s Hero Project, Marvel’s
first nonfiction original series on Disney+, is now live. Episodes one and two are now
available on the streaming service with episode 3
coming out this Friday, featuring the
Unstoppable Adonis. Adonis is changing how people
perceive those who are visually impaired on and off
the football field, and is already a local hero. But get ready for Marvel to
go and make him a superhero. Go to Disney+ to sign up and
watch all those awesome series. And that’s all the time
we have for this week, but I will see you next
time on The Marvel Minute.

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