Meine unglaubliche Reise nach Osaka & Kyoto│Besuch bei Manga Tokyo — Japan-Vlog/Reportage

A small team working with all they have, to spread the word about something
they love just as much as you: Japanese popular culture. This sentence isn’t only applicable to the
Nico-Nino-two-man-show of Ninotaku but also to the team of MANGA.TOKYO. Who is MANGA.TOKYO, you ask? All right. I’ll take you on a trip to
Japan and introduce them to you. For my tenth visit to this beautiful land of Japan I am for once not visiting the capital of Tokyo, but Osaka. We were able to dive into this urban
labyrinth of a big city for a few days. Talking about diving, let us introduce
you to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. With its 16 huge tanks it is one of the
biggest aquariums in the whole world. Another must-see in Osaka is the area
around Dotonbori in the Namba district. The amount of people coming
together at this spot is comparable to how it feels to stand at Tokyo’s most
famous intersection: the Shibuya Crossing. Speaking of Tokyo, just like the capital, Osaka has
it’s own kind of Akihabara. Anime, manga and gaming fans can find all
they could wish for in DenDen Town in Nipponbashi. A wide variety of stores with
Otaku items are lined up there. On top of that, it’s possible to take many
day trips from Osaka to other nearby cities. Just a train ride away, for example, is Nara which is famous for its beautiful landscapes
and the Shika deer that roam freely. And of course you can’t miss out on visiting
some of the impressive temples there. On the topic of temples: also only a 30-minute train ride away is Kyoto. Although the tourism here has
grown in the last few years and you have to be prepared to face a
mass of people at the most famous spots, this trip was one of my personal favorites
during my visit to Japan this October. But let’s get back to Osaka. Population: 2.7 million, Area: 222.11 km²
Region: Kinki Here in Osaka is where the office
of MANGA.TOKYO is located. MANGA.TOKYO was founded in 2015
and has had one goal since: to spread anime and manga news reliably
and directly from Japan to the world. Aside from regular news, they also feature event and concert reports, Japanese recipes and reports of cultural events like anime-related stage plays. They also publish interviews with Japanese
voice actors, anime directors and even musicians. A few months ago they published their
very own light novel called Shikigami Girl, which was based on ideas by the team and then written and illustrated
by a professional writer and illustrator. The light novel can be read for free on their website
and is – for now – complete with ten chapters. In 2017 they launched a German-language
version of MANGA.TOKYO. Like we mentioned in the
beginning, the team is rather small, so they aren’t able to translate
all the articles into German, but they are working on it and it’s looking good so far! Many series like Free! Eternal Summer,
Lovely Complex, Kanon, Clannad or the Monogatari Series: The
Second Season are set in Osaka. And since we already talked so much
about the team, let us introduce them to you! We visited them in their office to
take a look at how they work. Their international team is currently made up of Austrian, British and Japanese members. We were welcomed very politely
and had a nice time in the office, where the team is also working on a second project. Otsukai. Here they try to help collectors and fans on their quest to find merchandise they can’t get in their own country. It is very simple. Instead of looking for an item to buy like
you do on auction sites and online shops, you simply put up a request with information about
the item you want and maybe add a picture. Ideally that would be something
you can only buy in Japan. You will then receive offers by Japanese users. Your request doesn’t have to be a certain
item, but can also be a general request. You can request simply a figure, a key holder
or a plush of a character or series. Or sweets. Creating a request is free and you can
decide if you want to accept an offer or not. By the way, MANGA.TOKYO
are taking care that overseas users as well as Japanese users are safe from scammers. If you have any questions you
can simply write to MANGA.TOKYO, who are easy to reach via
their social media channels. You can find links to their accounts
in the description below. If you want to, feel free to pay a visit! As expected, we very much enjoyed our time in Osaka, and want to express our gratitude
once again that we were invited and thanks to you for watching this video. Sayonara, Osaka.

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