MidTown Comics – Geek in NY – EP1

Hi! Welcome back on VideoGirlskai. As you all know I was in NY so me and Spiderman made a little research on the locations for nerds that you can’t absolutely miss if you are in NY Hi! I’m near to Time Square and I’m going to MidTown, one of the most famous Comics Shop in Manhattan of course I could not miss this opportunity Let’s go! …and now I wish I could buy everything! Somebody must explain to me why there aren’t any t-shirts for girls and the only one available are “My Little Pony” I want a Spiderman’s t-shirt or Avengers or Black Widow, also Green Lantern is ok… I’m sad I’ve decided that I want to collect all the “POP”. It will take some time. I hope you enjoyed this video Please like and share this video and subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook’s page! Bye! I’ve already told you! I can’t be one of the Avengers. I’m busy! I have to clean house… wash my hair… I can’t! Find someone else!

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