[MMA 2018] BTS Win: Netizen Choice Award – Jungkook’s Fanboy / Speech Cut – ENG/GER SUB (181201)

So the first nominees are: B.T.S! WOOOOW!! I’m a big fan! They have been doing so well in other categories, but unfortunately even though they are the best group in the world, they have never received the “Netizen Choice” award. It’s a shame really! But there’s one specific person I want to deal with. GOL.DEN MAK.NAE JUNG.KOOK! WUUUAA! HE IS SO HANDSOME!! He sings greatly. He is good-looking. He is the main vocalist, but when his rapper hyungs are absent, he rapps. WUUUAAA! He is so good! He is good-looking, sing well, rapps well. What is there he can’t do? What is it? What??!! Would you like to switch faces? Sorry! Definetly real world class! Golden Maknae! JUNGKOOK!!! LET’S GET IT BTS!! The 2018 Melon Music Award for “Netizen Choice” goes to BTS! BTS… and ARMYs all around the world, congratulations! JK: Hello! I’m Jungkook of BTS. Firstly, I really enjoyed watching the video. It felt good watching it. And, since as you said, it’s the best award after the grand prize, it made me feel happy. This was all made happen by ARMY so we’ll make the “Netizen Choice” popularity award ARMYs’. Thank you very much! We’ll show you… an even better side of us in the future. Thank you. JM: THANK YOU!! V: WUUUAAAA!!!

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