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MORO VS GOKU AND VEGETA BLUE! Moro Defeats Daikaioshin?! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 49 Review

Dragon Ball super manga chapter number
49 is now officially in the history books as Goku Vegeta
and the grand supreme kai continue their relentless pursuit and further
apprehending the eater of worlds and escaped galactic prisoner Moro who now
has his full magical abilities restored as well as his full power as our heroes
previous attempts have failed a fight to the death is now about to begin as majin
buu and the grand Kai swap in and out to assist Goku and Vegeta who also have
their strength restored to them the pursuit to find and stop Morro begins
but despite having to be outnumbered the sinister and sadistic morale has a few
tricks up his sleeve including a secret wish that he made that nobody else is
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skies of new Planet Namek as the energy of the planet itself is beginning to
pour out and into the atmosphere as mall begins to hover over the planet in
draining its energy the first thing we have a sneak peak of is both the cause
and effect of moral having his full power restored and his magical abilities
fully retained and seeing him further take liberty in draining the planet of
its energy for his own personal gain as mean a while back down on the ground
itself Maris and Jocko along with Eska begins to feel the effects of the
planets energy being taken as Maris cries out – both Jaco and Eska our
energy will be absorbed by Moro – if we stay much longer we need to get off the
planet now as choco and Eska agree Jaco goes on
to cry out no wonder I’m out of breath it’s the energy drain and as all three
individuals begin to board the ship both chuckle and
a stare out of the ships window as they witnessed the energy begins to leave the
planet itself as Jocko goes onto Cummins this whole spectacle must be kind of
hard for you to watch as Eska replies I promised them I’d survive even if I was
the last one left as asked a further comments the great elder named me his
successor before disaster struck maybe he foresaw his own doom and
entrusted the fate of our people to me that’s why it’s my responsibility to
survive this as Jocko agrees by stating gotcha Maris goes on to comments then
let’s all survive and rebuild a peaceful Namek and that means defeating morale
first and as the ship begins to ascend beyond the planet itself Maris further
goes on to comment the village should be up ahead onward and as they proceed to
push forward we notice how the energy that is being taken from the planet
itself is beginning to amass in a giant sphere bigger and bigger and bigger as
the ship approaches and behind it Mauro morale is doing exactly what he
had done 10 million years ago and that is sucking the very life energy of
plants animals and even the planet itself in gathering all the energy
together for his own personal consumption and even then as he proceeds
to do so the dai kayo shows up with both super saiyan blue Goku and super saiyan
blue vegeta as the first initial action they take upon spotting morale is
charged directly at him and what I really do love and appreciate about this
panel is that the very second morale spots them and turns his head to
acknowledge them the first thing morale proceeds to do is
smile right at the face of adversity because as goku and vegeta proceed to
charge on in all three of them to die kai o goku and vegeta are at max power
and as they charge directly at morale the first thing we proceed to do is
attack him but weirdly enough each of their attacks seem to have no effect
they punch him they kick him they proceed to charge right in but it seems
as though more head creating a phantom version of himself
that is not only warping the perception and reality of Goku Vegeta and the grand
supreme kai and allowing them to believe that this was actually moral in the
flesh as our heroes notice that something is unusually off about moral
Vegeta goes on to cry out whatta as goku turns around he goes on to spot moral
and crying out over there as they then proceed to charge right back at him
Vegeta goes on to cry out not so fast and shoots out an energy being bud Morel
quickly evades and with that Goku uses Instant Transmission to quickly get the
upper hand on Morel and as he uses Instant Transmission he attempts to
hammer strike Morel from above but also once again completely misses and one
must beg the question why is that so even with two super saiyan blues at max
power now following the events of the grand supreme kai restoring their energy
and strength back to full power even with both of their synchronized
movements and attacks Vegeta and Goku seem to have little to no effect on
moral being that now he has his full magical abilities and power restored to
him so again they tried to shoot him he evades they tried to physically attack
him he evades and as Goku misses he goes on to say to himself wha what’s going on
as Vegeta goes on to them comments something’s off with the grand supreme
kai then having to comment his real body isn’t here crap where’d he go
where are you absorbing the planets energy from as they’re all beginning to
wonder to themselves if Morel isn’t physically there to gather and collect
the energy of the planets then he must be doing it from a safe guarded place
elsewhere in which the Dyke io is the first to spot him as he points out in
crying out over there as they spot moral standing on top of a desolate rock
having to collect the planets energy the first person to charge right in is Goku
but then Vegeta stops him as Vegeta cries out wait Kakarot
that’s outerspace saying kids survive in the vacuums of space and
with go who’s stopping himself in his tracks he proceeds to stay uh-oh
right but the die kayo can in fact survive himself as he tells them both
I’ll go as he proceeds to waste little time in charging right in because they
know they can’t allow Morel to buy any more time in collecting any more energy
because if he does so then he’ll only get stronger now as for the comments
made by Vegeta and sands not being able to survive within the depths of outer
space is very controversial as we are going to talk more about this towards
the end of the video nonetheless as the die kayo makes his way towards moral
moly quickly uses the energy that he had just gathered in condensing and once
more in the form of a small sphere as the die kayo quickly rushes in in his
attempts of preventing moral from consuming this energy the first thing
the die kayo does is punch more directly in the face however unfortunately to the
die kayo he’s too late why because Morrel had already consumed the life
energy of new planet namek and we notice this because once the die kayo punches
moral in the face morals energy quickly begins to change and as the die Kyle
attempts to punch him even further the energy that moral is projecting is
what’s preventing the die Kyle from connecting his attack tomorrow
directly as eerily enough moral slowly grabs on to the die caios fist and the
die kayo at this point is very very concerned and with moral slowly then
lowering the die caios arm he goes on to ask him
you dare to wear that detestable face in my presence Great Lord of lords as once
more there is yet another appearance change tomorrow his gold he had
completely shrunken and the die Kyle again proceeds to attack moral but again
to no avail as only then to die kayo is laying all his chips on the table as he
proceeds to attack moral punch after punch kick after kick the only thing
Goku and Vegeta can do at this Wayne is observed the battle from the
sidelines as they can’t venture out into deep space anymore everything that Die
coyote is throwing at morale now the tables have turned
because morale is easily able to not only counter everything that dike IO is
throwing at him but smiling as he does so but even while the dike IOT’s
attempts proved to be a futile morale quickly teleports behind him and kicking
the dike I’ll directly in the back of the head as he proceeds to now be on the
offensive and with Goku and Vegeta helpless to do anything I really love
how morale proceeds to attack the dike Io and slowly turn his head to Goku and
Vegeta basically laughing at them as well because he knows they can’t do
anything to stop him and as both Goku and Vegeta watch go who proceeds to
combat darkness they’re out of sights damn it there’s no way to tell how the
battle is going as Maris’s ship moves on closer Marus proceeds to comment and
AMEX not losing energy anymore perhaps the fight has begun as the ship’s pilot
goes on to cry out agent Marus mole and the great Lord of lords have left nameks
orbits Goku and Vegeta remain in the atmosphere which parties should we
pursue as marys goes on to tell him first we attend Goku and Vegeta as of
course their first call to action is to pick up Goku and Vegeta meanwhile
elsewhere the great lord of lords the die kayo
is intensely waging battle against morale as he’s proceeding to not only
blast morale using energy blast but mole is so quick and so evasive that nothing
that the die kayo is attempting to do it is connecting with neither energy blast
or physical attacks and with the die kayo having to quickly shoot out massive
energy blasts in his attempts the die kayo quickly raises his hands up in the
air in creating a massive energy sphere of his own as he Chuck’s in at a giant
asteroid in front of him and crying out take this but more having to be very
cunning in his own right moves within the blast projectile as only then the
grand supreme kiyah had realized the mistake that he
and made because by throwing this massive energy ball is he only going to
be further helping morale than stopping him as mol quickly then opens his mouth
in sucking in the energy of the dike I owe the dike I owe goes on to cry out he
got me in making a slight error in his judgement and proceeding to chuck such
an energy blast towards him if all this really does in the long run is help
morale get even stronger than how he was before as more than proceeds to quickly
rush on in in head-butting the dike I owe directly in the face as once more
the battle tides have shifted in favouring morale now more so than how it
did before as more than proceeds to comment huh your strange abilities
confuse me but now that my power exceeds yours they no longer trouble me as the
dike I’ll struggles to get back up morale proceeds to tell him did
something happen to you these past ten million years because this is
unimpressive as the dike I’ll attempts to use this same technique that sealed
away morals magic ten million years ago morale quickly notices this as the dike
I’ll proceeds to tell him listen Mauro you’re going to come quietly back to the
Galactic prison resist and I’ll seal off your magic
again as mole looks down very confused because he proceeded to ask the Dyke
I’ll what in the world happened you’re strangely enough not as strong as you
were before but then moral proceeds to laugh as he goes on to tell him the old
sealing technique is it go ahead do your worst and the dike Io here is eerily
quiet as Morrel continues no I thought not I don’t sense the same God power you
once held I daresay you lack the power to unleash the sealing spell rights as
only then the dike Io proceeds to laugh he goes on to tell him haha sharp aren’t
you as Morel had figured out that yes the grand supreme kai does not have the
same godly energy that he once had before but one must beg the question as
to why that is meanwhile back within nameks orbit Goku
and Vegeta have power back down ESCO who proceeds to tell Vegeta hey hey did you
did you just feel morale getting even stronger as Vegeta goes on to tell him
how infuriating Goku goes on to comment at this rate
he’ll be too much for us to handle soon as the jitta then goes on to ask him and
what about the magic sealing technique as Marisa ship quickly appears Maris
opens up the hatch and crying out Goku Vegeta come on board as they quickly
board the ship they proceed to then later on takeoff as back within the ship
itself Goku goes on to comment I guess he can’t shoot off the ceiling move
unless morals held in place as Maris tells him no in fact I suspect that as
he is now the Great Lord of lords can’t execute the kai Kai with Haru as the GD
proceeded to ask what do you mean if mayoress goes on to comment it occurred
to me earlier when Buu attempted to use it as Goku leader asks what wait wasn’t
that your ace in the hole with Maris commenting indeed it was as Vegeta cries
out explain yourself Maris goes on it’s most likely because
of the splitting that Buu underwent with Jaco having to cry out wait he split
what what kid that weirdo do as the Jew then goes on to comment you mean the
split between his good and evil halves as Maris proceeds to comment yes Jaco
then leader goes on to whisper – Eska that pink guy’s kind of creepy I even
saw him sprout an extra arm from his body as Eska then goes on to tell him
well my people can regrow lost limbs as choco shock he goes on to ask uh
seriously as Eska continues and while we can’t split we can assimilate as Jaco
continues in telling him more fusing huh a lot of that going around as Vegeta
goes on to tell Maris so the god power was passed on to the evil half of Buu
with Maris stating I suspect so because the good boo inherited the great lord of
lords’ physical appearance i assumed he received the god power as well but maybe
that power went to evil Buu instead as Goku goes on to later ask wait
that little guy actually had God power in him
implying that Kid Buu did in fact have godly energy due to the splitting of
good boo and evil boo at the time meanwhile morale is thrashing the die
kayo all throughout deep outer space and it’s pretty bad because everything that
morale is doing is causing real physical pains in the die kayo even going as far
as to blast to die kayo directly but the die kayo quickly moved away in time and
trying to get behind morale but moral having to be very cunning not only
quickly catches on but to flex the die coyote attacks as he proceeds to tell
him did someone steal your power and reduce you to that pink piggish form
from earlier as the die kayo cries out dim and mola quickly moves away and
kicking the dyke I’ll directly through a bunch of asteroids as of course his body
is sent hurtling deeper within space and as the die kayo lands back down on the
floor he somehow has a memory warp to where he stands back up and he notices
Goku just about to use the spirit bomb on Kid Buu
so in a very weird way we’re getting a small flashback in a sense to where the
die kayo is observing Goku using the spirit bomb against Kid Buu and Noah
this wasn’t during the time of the actual event so the die kayo wasn’t
physically there but he is somehow there enabled to retain the memories of Boo
and witnessing Goku used the spirit bomb against Kid Buu as even then the die
kayo proceeds to say to himself I see you when he was obliterated so was my
power implying that once Goku used the spirit bomb to destroy Kid Buu go who
not only had destroyed Kid Buu but the god power that the die Kyle also
possessed as moral looks down on the die kayo he proceeds to tell him now that
I’ve taken a glimpse at those layman memories it’s clear to me that no being
in this universe Zess is the power to steal my magic away
how wonderful is it not to have the fear of that anymore implying that basically
going forward there is nobody that possesses the power to seal his magic
away mean a while back within the ship Vegeta goes on to cry out JA techniques
like that never actually get the job done it was always going to take brute
force to bring this foe down as go who agrees he goes on to state I think if
the Cheetahs right which is why we got to do something now
as the ship’s pilot cries out Morro dead ahead
and as Vegeta and Goku get near the window Vegeta goes on to comment dammit
we’re completely powerless in outer space as Mayoress proceeds to commit go
hua Vegeta can you assure me that you two are more powerful than moral as Goku
States yep Vegeta also comments naturally magic aside we are stronger
fighters just one of us at full power in Super Saiyan blue form can handle him as
mayoress then goes on to comment Roger that in that case I will drag Morel back
down to the surface of the planet namek where you two can finish the job as he
quickly straps on his helmet Goku goes on to cry out wait is that one of the
space suits as Mayoress quickly proceeds to tell them please return to Namak in
the meantime I’m off as Mara shoots out into outer space
Goku goes on set then later asked choco can all of your outfits do that as choco
tells him nah that one was just made custom for marys as back within the
depths of space it seems as if morale is just about to finish to die kayo off
because he’s beginning to channel and charging up a massive energy blast as
the grande kayo is seemingly helpless morale is just about to destroy whatever
was left of the die kayo but Maris quickly jumps on in in using the
liquefied goo that he had done and used again smaller before to halt morale in
proceeding to use this attack to kill the grand supreme kai as only then
morals blast dissipates he spots Maris behind him as
tugs on Manos fists pulling him backwards but more now is beginning to
struggle so Maris is trying to use his ability in distracting war long enough
in having to use that to his advantage but morale is simply too strong he pulls
away as Marisa swung forward but Maris disconnects as he is swung towards the
grand supreme kya Maris then uses the Rockets on his shoes and grabbing the
Supreme Kai and going on the opposite end of the asteroid as only then Maris
proceeds to ask the grand supreme kai are you still with us Great Lord of
lords as the grand supreme kai says thank you as Maris proceeds to tell the
grand Kyle we need you to get morale back to Namak somehow so that the team
can battle him together as the grand supreme kai says yes yes of course
I I can’t win alone as Maris continues before that can I confirm something with
you can you still use instant teleportation as the grand kayo says you
know your stuff as a Lord of lords yes I can as Mara States excellent so when the
time comes but then instantly morale catches on in showing up as he cries out
you again blasted Galactic Patrol as Mara sticks
his gun out he shoots more but more easily counters as Maris uses his ray
gun and shooting morale as much as he could morale goes on to ask you come at
me with a toy but Maris still proceeds to do so and as he shoots moral morale
is so quick almost as if he’s using ultra instinct which no he’s not is
quickly evading every one of his ray gun blasts as mole then proceeds to cry out
cease this futile farce but Maris doesn’t stop in his pursuit of trying to
get his attention but only then morale is very very infuriated as he proceeds
to States I said that’s enough as he shoots a blast directly at Maris
Maris quickly jumps out of the way but marries his intention wasn’t his shoe
morale directly no it was in fact to tear a part of the walks up behind him
in allowing that to fall on top of or distracting him long enough for Maris
to use this same capturing essence he once did and grabbing on to the rock
itself and using that as a weapon against morale but as morale slowly tilt
his head back he notices that Maris is trying to use this rock as a weapon as
he then proceeds to smash right through the rock by punching it which once again
is only used as a ploy a distraction a diversion to get morale to pay attention
to Maris more as Maris then proceeds to swing right up in front of more like
spider-man he uses the lockets on his feet in
blasting morale directly in the face and even though these Rockets can’t really
do anything or prove to be effective enough in stopping morale in his tracks
what this simply ends up doing is blinding morale momentarily as morale
cries out breath curse you my eyes as the grand supreme kai quickly lunges
behind morale he grabs morale in a full nelson as mol turns around the grand
supreme kai proceeds to tell him I’ve got you now and uses Instant
Transmission and teleporting back down to Planet Namek meanwhile on Maris his
ship Goku and Vegeta are observing this as Maris cries out spot on
Goku then proceeds to state I’m sensing morals Chi back on Namek now let’s go
after him Vegeta as he then proceeds to later thank Maris Goku uses Instant
Transmission to take Vegeta and himself back down to Planet Namek
and as they does so they immediately end up in front of Morel as more turns
around Goku goes on to tell him Morel ready for
a fair fight we’re at full power now so you won’t get
away again but Morel is eerily staring into both Goku and Vegeta meanwhile back
on the ship Jaco goes on to States those two will
have that guy beat now for sure cuz you know they’re a tiny bit stronger than me
as they all seem to agree and are very happy that Morel is now back down on
Planet Namek meanwhile on Namek Morel seems to look
around again as he goes on to tell them ah Planet
Namek it still holds energy what a waste to leave food on my plate as Vegeta
proceeds to tell him I don’t think you comprehend the situation we’re about to
destroy you once and for all but then Morel laughs in fact he’s
laughing directly in their face as he then proceeds to laugh even louder he
goes on to tell them so foolish so naive you seem to have forgotten something
quite important the third wish as goku and vegeta stare blindly and tomorrow
the manga chapter comes to a close now I do want to go on ahead and point out
some inconsistencies in this manga chapter the first being that Goku and
Vegeta can’t physically survive outside of a planet’s atmosphere which has been
proven to be false before when looking back at the original Dragon Ball series
when son Goku used his power pull along with a rabbit and his gang to travel to
the moon and back we’ve seen how Goku is okay during that
time and that was way before Dragon Ball super and even Dragon Ball Z but even
when looking at the initial battle involving Bardock and Frieza goku and
beerus we’ve seen these individuals above the atmosphere before but now for
them to insist that Goku and Vegeta cannot survive within the depths of
space is going to cause a lot of division within the community as it does
contradict the overall narrative that we’ve seen prior in Dragon Ball and
Dragon Ball Z but again that interpretation is left open to you guys
as you guys can make the final judgments yourselves and sharing your thoughts as
to how you feel about Goku and Vegeta being unable to travel deeper within
space and battling morale due to their inability to survive but even when
looking back on the titanic battle that happened within this manga chapter
involving moral Goku Vegeta the grand supreme kai Maris it eerily enough seems
that morale isn’t concerned about anything that Goku Vegeta or even the
grand supreme kai are capable of at this point because not only has his magical
abilities been fully worse and giving him the upper hand against
said individuals but morwenna’s forests to also remind Goku and Vegeta and he in
fact had made a third secret wish with Perugia that can’t be looked down upon
because whatever this wish happens to be it is going to not only possibly affect
the outcome of this battle but possibly Dragon Ball super as it continues in
later following the events of moral when this arc in the manga is finally over
but in the end I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below
what are your overall thoughts on this particular manga chapter did you guys
enjoy the chapter did you guys dislike the chapter what do
you guys think morals third wish could possibly be is it immortality is it –
possibly resurrect a fallen Ally is it to open a gateway or dimension to
something more the demon realm is it to remove Goku and Vegeta’s God powers is
it to remove the godly magic that the dikaya possesses I want to get your
thoughts in the comment section below thank you all so much for watching guys
once more if you guys are stoked ready and excited for the next Dragon Ball
super manga chapter in which we’ll be debuting next month on July 20th then be
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have a great day everybody peace this is the Galactic Emperor of the universe and
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    Thus Goku and Vegeta are physically stronger than Moro BUT Moro's abilities FAAAAAR exceed theirs. I like that brute strength cant beat this guy

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