“My Little Pony: The Movie” as Told by Babies! (MLP Comic)

lets play freeze tag got you *Freezed got you *Freezed wait wheres the other one *Crying wheres the other one wuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m the friend that you need I’m the friend that you need coz I’m the friend u neeeeeeeed oooh a kitty im gonna love u forvr and evr and evr A KITTY SO CUTE pirates I want to be a pirate#2cute rainbow we ar posed 2 b kwiet bt twilite I want to be a pirt#epicrage haha I see u why are you hiding under the waters the storm monster is mean also shells twilight can we stay the water until. your mean! nooo! you are no you are! noo uhh.. i don’t like you anymore *Sobbing *cracks ha freeze tag you I do Good? yup.. but! you but I don’t like you anymore! What!?! *sobbing ok fine I then I will be a guud guy nowww lets get em the power of friendship compells you! u *screaming I died it my real name is Hasbro’s tragic backstory edgelord Mcgee -THE END- i think we should’ve stayed mermaids… that was fun but twilight ruined it Pinkie Pie: Gosh! THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING ME!

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