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Needle painting para principiantes – Curso online de Valentina Castillo

Hi, I’m Valentina Castillo,
graphic designer and embroiderer. You can find my work on my social media, or in the book
“I Love My Dog Embroidery,” by MakikoArt, where I embroidered
more than 40 breeds of dogs. I’ve really identified
with “do it yourself” from a young age, this self-management motivation
led me to work with my hands and soon I moved on from
painting and drawing to embroidery. I started my journey by teaching myself and recently I went to London
to the Royal School of Needlework, to improve and learn a lot more about needle painting or silk shading, which is my embroidery specialty. Animals
are my main source of inspiration and I like to think that
the goal of what I’m doing is to retain memories through embroidery and, why not?
Also to honor our pets. In this Domestika course,
you’ll learn to do animal portraits using embroidery as paint. As a project,
we’ll choose a color palette and apply light, shadows and fur
using needle painting. After you’ll have a portrait
with any animal you like embroidered. First, I’ll show you
the materials you’ll need to work, we’ll look at example pictures
to do the sketch. I’ll show you two options to draw, a digital one using Illustrator
and a manual one tracing the photo. I’ll teach you to extract the colors
from the pet photo, and later select the embroidery thread that will make up our color palette. We’ll look at how to tighten
the hoop properly and I’ll show you how to outline
some of the pet’s traits. We’ll work with the eyes
to emphasize personality as well as the nose,
where we’ll learn about volume. I’ll teach you to embroider fur, essential to making the portrait
realistic and for texture. Step by step,
we’ll complete our pet’s face. Plus, I’ll teach you
to add details like whiskers, as the last step of our embroidery. At the end of this course, you’ll know how to embroider
your pet’s portrait. To take this course, you don’t need
any prior embroidery knowledge however, you will need
some embroidery materials like a hoop, fabric, scissors,
needle and thread, fabric glue, colored pencils and, optionally,
a computer with Illustrator. This course is for embroiderers,
illustrators, designers, artists and anyone interested in
learning new embroidery techniques. Grab needle and thread and embroider
the memory of your faithful friend. Needle Painting for Beginners
A course by Valentina Castillo Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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