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New Comics for April 10, 2019

Hey, I’m Brian from BMA Comics Con. And this is your weekly video where we take
a look at the comics coming out next Wednesday. And today we are going to look at the comics
coming out next Wednesday, April 10th. Peter David & Greg Land have teamed up to
tell us a story from back when Peter Parker had the black suit symbiote. This 5-issue miniseries takes place in the
past before Venom was created. A collection of reprinted stories staring
Thanos. They include Thanos versus Gamora and Thanos
versus Mephisto. There is an evil rising out in space and there
are murders committed here in the name of Carnage. I wonder if the two are connected. Violet is having a hard time fitting in at
school, you know being a superpowered teenager and all. Well one day she runs into a girl just like
her. After returning home from home, Jenner Faulds
decides to become the first female private investigator. Brian Azzarello tells the story of Faith a
true believer that has dabbles with magic and has begun to awaken a power. Leia actually became a bounty hunter to rescue
Han from Jabba. This is her story. This take place after the Empire Strikes Back. The Empire has built the Death Star, the galaxy’s
deadliest weapon. And guess whose job it is to make sure it
lives up to the destruction? This take place before A New Hope. The miniseries She Could Fly continues with
this new story. It’s a year later and Luna has been in a
mental institution. Kiss comes to help a man who has encountered
Death itself and now wishes to return to the land of the living. Now freed, Supergirl’s quest for truth continues. Her journey has led her to an abandoned planet
that just so happens to be where the last crystal of Appa Ali Apsa is located. And with it she can find out who killed Appa
Ali Apsa. Cable wasn’t the only one who came back
from the future. After surviving the last adventures, all that’s
left for the passengers of the void ship, Orpheus, is for them to survive each other. The Justice League Odyssey team will need
to trust Darkseid to complete this mission. The fate of the Ghost Sector depends on it. And with Rapture and the Order of Azrael trying
to tip the scales, they are going to need all the help they can get. Wonder Woman and Giganta have teamed up take
take down the largest Titan that Olympus has seen. Yet Wonder Woman still doesn’t know if Giganta
can be trusted. Superman goes off to see Jor-El about his
son and stop him. Now that the Trickster has revealed himself
it still looks as if Flash is powerless to stop his reign on Central City. After celebrating his 80 years and 1000 issues. Batman now must deal with the Arkham Knight. Batman is losing his grip on reality as he
turns into something like the Batman Who Laughs. Meanwhile the Grim Knight is destroying Gotham
City with Batman’s toys. Batman is getting closer to the unknown villain
of knightmares. But first he will have to take a look at the
Bachelorette Party of the marriage that didn’t take place. Amanda Conner is on art for this issue. Turns out owning the Iceberg Lounge is a little
tougher than Red Hood anticipated. It seems that Oswald Cobblepot has more enemies
that Penguin. And now they are looking to Red Hood as he
is the new owner. Catwoman has bigger problems now that the
Creel family is trying to return to the top spot in the criminal underground. The Into the Bleed story wraps up here. And it’s an all-out battle as Mother Blood
tries to use the Bleed to spreed her power throughout the universe. The Deathbringers don’t know what hit them
now that there is an army of past versions of Hawkman standing at his side. The Wonder Twins have been attacked by the
Justice of Annoyance and their only hope is their new pet monkey Gleek. This is the final issue of Scooby Apocalypse
and Fred Jones will be a key factor in the fate of the gang. Unable to connect with the girls Erzulie has
sworn to protect, Maggie and Latoya align themselves with Shakpana. It’s possible Thor’s baby sister could
be the key to the end of the war. And Miles Morales, Kate Bishop, Wonder Man,
and Balder the Brave are on a quest to save her. A War of the Realms tie-in. The Asgardians of the Galaxy join the fight
to save Midguard. Loki recruits Squirrel Girl for a secret mission
in the possibly important tie-in to War of the Realms. The Avengers come face-to-face with their
desires as Nyx finds a path to the ultimate power. So Nuclear Man’s secret weapon is Rogue. If you know the history between these two
you know this is going to be an awkward encounter. This is the final issue of the 5 issue Winter
Solder mini-series. Will RJ accept the truth or has Bucky lost
him for good? The agents of G.I.R.L. rally around Nadia
as she’s recovering from a personal crisis that has put the whole lab at risk. The truth of Atlantis is revealed as this
issue gives the secret history of Namor. This is a battle royale of epic event proportions. Now that the villains have galvanized, Spider-Man
needs to get away. But there are other innocent lives at stake. A bomb is dropped on Peter’s world when
Aunt May reveals what has been going on. Logan and Old Man Logan meet and one of Logan’s
biggest challenges has always been himself. X-23 digs deeper into the secrets of a new
shadow organization, Harvest. All while things between her and Honey Badger
are at their worse. During the Age of X-Man, the X-Men can be
trusted to keep the peace forever right? Can Apocalypse and & X-Tracts find the Tongue
of Czernobog before Department X? Belit has found herself in her first battle
at sea. The fate of Stygia is at stake as Conan descends
into a hidden labyrinth protected by an undead army. Someone’s killing movie executives and framing
Hit Girl for it. To save the world, Jake and Murder Falcon
must find the fabled Horn of the Dead. Stel Caine must rekindle the glimmer of hope
if humanity is to have any chance of surviving. This is Amy Dragon’s first solo adventure. Captain Riggs does his best to save his team
against battle with a demon. Things get worse. Crane’s facing off against hordes of terrorists
in Damascus as he battles to uncover the dark secrets of the ancient ruins. During Martin’s business trips, Cook tries
to sabotage him while Diane & Billy fight. Rita must go to war to get the Green Ranger
Power coin. But she maybe confronted by someone from her
past whose magic is stronger than hers. As Ripley and Hendricks deal the failing pressure
suits, a Weyland-Yutani experiment unfolds on the surface of the moon below. James bond has been captured by the Russians. Upon meeting the lovely Oksana he knows she
will be is ticket to freedom or the death of him. There’s no where for the Kerry family to
hide, as the cults around the Empty Man virus have gained power. The gods of death have turned against Vamirella
& Reanimator, so now they must team up to prevent the floodgates of oblivion from being
opened here on Earth. Jani runs away into the jungle with one of
the exosuits. Ash and Elvis try to safely get an Egyptian
artifact to the secure fortress in Graceland. But evil comes for them every step of the
way. Heather, Jane and the team come face to face
with the truth of Spectrum. As a mutated horde attacks the island. The decide to give power to General Sato for
protection. Bettie and Lilibet have different backgrounds
but they must come together to stop an alien invasion. There you have it a look at the comics coming
out next Wednesday. Make sure to subscribe to be catch next week’s
video where we look at the comics coming out the following week. Also if you needed to see any more of these
comics you can check out where we have a list of the comics coming
out every week. Thanks for watching this video. I appreciate you spending your time with me. I hope you have a good rest of your day. As always please me know what comics you’re
looking forward to in the comments below. Thanks again for watching. And til next time, Brian Out!!!

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8 thoughts on “New Comics for April 10, 2019

  1. Let’s hope Superman #10 actually gives us true answers on what happened to Jonathan Samuel Kent superboy and we finally gets answers on jor el and why he left his grandson to a mad man like ultraman

  2. Symbiote Spiderman sounds like it could be fun. Gah I really need to get on the Batman Who Laughs!
    Have you been reading all these?? Cuz I hear Hawkman is good too. I just picked up LOW vol 1 (in trade… dont tell lol jk)

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