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New Comics for August 30, 2017

Hey, I know its been a while since we last
talked. And this week being the 5th Wednesday of the
month it’d normally be a light week for comics, full of annuals. But thanks to Marvel it’s not. So, we will have time to catch up and look
at the comics coming out this Wednesday August 30. A new Star Wars comic is coming out. This one will follow Mace Windu and takes
place at the beginning of the clone wars. Another Generations book is coming out. This time its Hawkeye and Hawkeye. Kate Bishop finds herself in a shot out contest
with a young Clint Barton. Which Hawkeye is the better one? Read this book to find out. O and they aren’t alone. Some of Hawkeye’s past villains are on their
trail. There is no doubt the Secret Empire is ending
here. The only question is will Captain America
be able to redeem himself or will history forever remember him as a traitor and member
of Hydra? Find out in the last issue of Secret Empire. Deadpool has decided he is going to do the
right thing and take down Steve Rogers. It’s time for Deadpool to make up for being
on team Hydra. Captain Marvel finally has a plan to defeat
the Chitauri invasion. It’s a long shot but possible. But since things can’t be easy. An old enemy might come along to ruin things. Storm and T’Challa are going to give their
romance another try. Will things be different this time or is being
King of Wakanda still more than their relationship can handle. Find out in Black Panther 17. Also, here is a heads up that the numbering
for this comic will be changing in October due to Marvel Legacy. Just as Secret Empire is coming to an end
Scarlett Witch is back to the Avengers. And her appearance seems like it will cause
tension. But she isn’t the only one making a comeback. Find out what villain also shows up in Uncanny
Avengers 26. Thanos leads a team of the Avengers into battle
against a threat worse than him, Thane. I still can’t believe this. I bet this isn’t how the Infinity Wars movie
will end. In Infamous Iron Man 11 The Marker reveals
his plan to destroy Doom while Doom is finally getting to confront his mother about her resurrection. This is the final part to the Predators story
arc. The Mary Janes make an appearance as if Gwen
doesn’t have her hands full already, trying to deal with Wolverine and keeping Harry Osborn
alive. The bell tolls for Beast as his use of magic
has a price. And it’s time to pay. Question is will the rest of the X-Men Blue
team be able to save Beast or will they now be one member short? Jean Grey is used to hearing voices, she’s
a telepath. But one in particular seems to be haunting
her. So who better than Doctor Strange to call
for help? Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have one more
challenge before they can make it home… Ego the living Planet. How will they be able to face him and still
make it home alive? In this possible final issue to an good book,
Black Panther and the Crew finally find out what’s going one behind the death of Ezra
Keith, who died in police custody. Hawkeye, Kate Bishop will need to help America
against one of the Marvel Universe’s heaviest-hitters. Find out who in America #6. The Sorcerers Supremes journey takes them
to the Underworld to save one of their own. But they will need to go to the future. Find out who rules the Under World of the
Future in Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme 11. Before we continue I know I mentioned numbers
changing because of Marvel Legacy. And will again next week as many books are
affected by it. If you want to know more about what that is
click the card in the top right corner to find out what that is and why the numbering
of your favorite Marvel comics will be changing. If Batman wants to keep the Genesis Engine
out of the wrong hands he will have to dig deep and defeat an enemy like none he has
faced before. This is part 4 of The First Ally which takes
place in All-Star Batman #13 Nightwing joins the Outlaws to infiltrate
a criminally run circus. But will Dick and Jason get along long enough
to accomplish the mission? This is the Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual
1. So, this will likely be a one issue story. Make sure to check it out. However, the Supergirl Annual is a continuation
of the on-going story Emerald Eradication. Where Supergirl does not have control of her
powers and she is up against the Emerald Empress. We continue to make way in finding Ray Palmer
as Shahn-Zi, a sentient planet says he knows how to find him. Read Justice League of America #13 for more
detail. It’s a 5 on 1 fight. Wonder Woman against 5 bounty hunters. This mysterious Cabal is taking necessary
measures to get Wonder Woman’s DNA. But is 5 enough bounty hunters? Find out in Wonder Woman 29. Saga 46 will include and operation and a farewell. I don’t think this needs any explanation
if your reading Saga you’re going to want to read this issue. In the story, Dark Horror, Spawn will need
new powers to take on an old enemy, hvalfway around the world. This is the second issue in this story arc
that featured a new creative team. Chewbacka and Han Solo go back to doing what
they do best, smuggling. This time it’s going to be for one of the
Hutts. Give this video a thumbs up if you saw any
comics you plan on reading. And let me know which ones in the comments
below. If you like seeing what comics are coming
out every Wednesday hit the subscribe button. Thanks for watching. And till next time. Brian Out!!!

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  1. I think the only book I am going to read from marvel is secret empire issue 10 so i can see how this horrible event just ends already

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