New Comics for March 13, 2019

Hey, I’m Brian from BMA Comics Con. And this is your weekly video where we take
a look at the comics coming out next Wednesday. And today we are going to look at the comics
coming out next Wednesday, March 13. Brian’s Top Pick Number 1’s
Imagine Batman if he wasn’t afraid to kill. The Grim Knight is a version of Batman willing
to use any weapon and kill anyone who gets in his way. Teamed up with the Batman Who Laughs, what
terrors could he bring to Batman? Ms. Marvel is back. Aliens have attacked and they are after Ms.
Marvel and her family. The creative team is changed for this next
story. And for those that though Shuri’s last team
up should have been with one of the young black heroes, in this issue she will run into
Miles Morales. Iceman from the future has come to the present
to try and convince himself to quit being a super hero. What is it that happens between now and then
that he is trying to avoid? You know what you get when you hire 20 of
the best assassins to be your bodyguard? A funny comic that will having you wondering
if they are going to protect their target or just kill each other. A bold new era begins for the Transformers. They are on Cyberton, their home planet and
it is a thriving planet. All of that will change when Bumblebee and
Windblade make their next move. The Conan train is continuing with Belit. This 5-issue miniseries will tell the tale
of how she became the Queen of the Black Coast. This is a 40-page special with 5 stories in
it. Another Age of X-Man miniseries. In this one Apocalypse’s mission is not
domination but to spread love around the world. It looks like this man of the ages will take
us back to the 60s in a groovy kind of way. To celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary here
are reprintings to a couple icon Thor themed comics, including first appearances of Beta
Ray Bill, Valkyrie, and Loki. This is about a young resistance fighter who
battles against an oppressive American Empire while searching for her own identity. The Age of Republic One Shots continue, this
time with General Grievous. And he is inside the Jedi temple and there
are many secrets this Jedi killer can use against the Jedi. A new number 1 from Dark Horse. Calamity Kate is about, Kate, a monster killer
that has rebooted her life in LA to fight off the zombies, vampires, demons, and goblins. Now back at Gotham City, Red Hood wants to
back his claim in the criminal underground. His first target, Penguins Iceberg Lounge
and Casino. The original Trickster has teamed up with
the new crime lord of Central City and they have plans that will make everyone remember
the name, Trickster. Kraven has hunted all of the animal-themed
characters and all he is missing is Spider-Man. The Hunted Story begins here. As Scarlet Witch tries to escape the prison
of darkness, Hulk fights Hypnos in the realm of Nightmares. Tony Stark is in real danger in the cyber
world, eScape. The Controller is the villain that may have
bested Tony Stark at his own game. The big Spider-Man Deadpool event continues
and you can tell it’s big it’s got all of the major titles in it. Infinite House of Civil yet Secret Crisis
War Invasions. The Punishers one-man war on Bagalia is getting
even bloodier. And Zemo insists on upping the ante. In the aftermath of the That Was Yesterday,
Alex leaves and one of the Runways goes with him this time. You’ll have to read it to find out who. Who is Man-Wolf? And who will take over the criminal underground
of Earth-65? This is Squirrel Girl’s 50th issue. And in it we get Kang he Conqueror in a fight
across time and space. RJ’s reprogramming is interrupted by the
return of a face from the past. Could this be a good thing or is it too good
to be true? The Plant the Asgardians of the Galaxy are
on has awaken. It’s Ego the Living Planet and he’s angry. Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy
are reunited at long last and make their way through the Wastelands to find a weapon that
may be located here on Earth. Mysterio’s fate is revealed as Logan is
taken away by Sin and Miss Sinister. Laura and Gabby have come face-to-face with
an army of enhanced assassins. And Gabby’s life will never be the same
after this. Ahab has returned to kill X-Force. Who knows why? Hopefully the team can figure it out before
there is no one left. The hunt for the killer in Alaska is heating
up. But all the evidence is pointing to Wolverine. Will he be able to prove himself innocent
or is law enforcement going to regret going after him? The last issue in the story, not everyone
will return from their mission behind enemy lines, to rescue one of their own. Doctor Fate has assembled the Lords of Order
to help keep magic from being used in the DC Universe. Will the Justice League Dark be able to stop
him and the Otherkind? Jon Kent and his grandfather Jor-El find themselves
face to face with an evil version of the Justice League. Supergirl and the Omega men are being attacked
by clone army of Supergirl. With Wonder Woman’s mother and Aphrodite’s
son missing these two will tear apart the Heavens and Earth to get their loved ones
back. With Raven attacking the team can the Titans
bounce back from their loss against Mother Blood, or is all hope lost? If Hawkman is to protect Londan from the Deathbringers
and Idamm he is going have to recall theevents of one of his past lives. But who knows which one? Now that the Creel family has been taken out
there is room to rise the ranks in the criminal underworld. Wonder Twins #2 (DC) – By day they are high
schoolers on a class field trip to LexCorp prison. But by night they are interns at the Justice
League tasked with taking on Drunkula. This might be the end of Scooby and the Gang,
they are hold up in a run-down mall and Nanite King’s forces are closing in on them. This is the conclusion to the first arc of
Bendis’ story of a comic book writer who is also a spy. Some of which is based on reality. Bet you can guess which parts. This is the conclusion to Todd McFarlane’s
Spawn kills everyone and it seems the villain, Clownos, wants to take the mantle of king
of parody characters. So Hit-Girl has made it to Hollywood to stop
a movie about her from being made. And the best way to do that is to go to the
top. Magnum Khaos is one step closer to enslaving
out planet. Hopefully with adding a new member to the
band, Brooticus will be able to win. Another one of Mark Millar’s stories. Crane is in a poker game with guns to his
head. But he needs to win and use this bribe money
to gain information and access to secret ancient ruins. Dee faces the consequences of her harrowing
choice. Gavin has narrowed down how the killer might
be. While Maria finds herself in a bad situation. In the wake of the world’s Second transference
event… everything is different now. Slade’s bodyguard is ruining Martins efforts
to sign Slade to the label. This is the climactic confrontation this story
has been leading to and will contain the secret origin of magic. If the crew wants to survive this Frozen planet
they have crashed on they will need to fight together. Cyber Force is up against a brutal man-machine
hybrid in the way for Technology. The Goblin horde is pushing back. And Dark messengers arrive in Venoriah. So, under the confusion of war, Florentine
makes her move. We get Alpha One’s backstory in this issue. Along with Rita and her mom reconnecting. As a deadly enemy tap into the tv signals
to broadcast their message, the Empty Man disease is going viral. Buffy and the gang delve deeper into the heart
of Sunnydale’s underbelly and learn about the truth of the Hellmouth. It’s time to uncover the truth of what really
happened to old Chet Charles and how the Eidolon was created. Will Shredder be able to survive his journey
through the underworld or will the demonic forces and truth be more than he can handle? There you have it a look at the comics coming
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