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New Comics for May 17, 2017

Hey I’m Brian from BMA Comics Con. And here is your weekly video to let you know
what comic books are being released this Wednesday, May 17th 2017. First on this list My most anticipated comic
of the week. Flash #22. It was delayed a week, but it’s the conclusion
to the Button Story arc so I’ll say it was worth the wait. Plus, it looks like we might be getting the
return of a classic character. If you’re looking for a new comic to try
here are some number 1’s coming out this week. They are all Marvel book which shouldn’t
be a surprise. A new generation of students are being accepted
to the Xavier Institute. And they will be mentored by Jubilee in Generation
X #1. Luke Cage goes down to a funeral in New Orleans
and yet trouble finds him. He starts a new adventure in this title of
his own name, Luke Cage #1. Here are some DC Comics starting a new story
arc since DC doesn’t have any new number 1’s. The people of Atlantis have grown tired of
their outsider king. Aquaman’s people are trying to dethrone
him in Aquaman #22 One of DC’s Best Sellers Batman is starting
a new story arc now that the Button story has finished. Tom King is returning to his previous stories
so this is the next step after I Am Bane. If you need catching up on Batman, please
say so in the comments. I’ve been thinking of doing a recap of the
Rebirth Batman stories. Just like Batman and Flash teamed up. Their protégés Nightwing and Wally West
Flash are teaming up against a new villain in Nightwing #21. Harley Quinn is being hunted by a Bat-Fan
from the future in Harley Quinn #20. I’ve promised to get, review, and recap
this issue so hit the subscribe button now to be notified when that video goes up. A new story begins in Trinty #9. The Trinity is trapped in the Watchtower and
there is a traitor amongst them. Here some great ongoing stories from DC you
might already be reading. Secrets are revealed when Oliver Queen learns
of his family’s role in Seattle’s destruction in Green Arrow #23. Get this to see how, if Green Arrow can save
his city. A new Suicide Squad has been formed but who
is pulling the strings there? Injustice 2 #2 will get into that plus we
see what’s going on with Batman. The Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps
have decided to team up to protect the universe. But Earth’s sector already has two Green
Lanterns. Will we get two yellow lanterns or will Jessica
Cruz and Simon Baz have to split up? Find out in Green Lanterns #23 Lost in Space
pt. 2. Well maybe the Lanterns will still be together
on a team in Justice League after the of the 2 part story Endless which will be ending
in Justice League 21. That’s if they can fix in the time loop
to prevent it from happening. Batwoman raises an army of her own to aid
her in her fight in The Many Arms of Death part 3 from Batwoman #3. Jon and Damian learn the truth behind Kid
Amazo’s power. Will this knowledge help them break free from
him? Find out in When I Grow Up pt. 4 Super Sons
#4. Also if you need more of Jon and Damian you
can find each of them in the following 2 titles. Black Dawn continues in Superman #23. Read it to find out what is behind Superman’s
defeat. And Superboy is deciding if he will go against
his father or stand up for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Damian interrogates Nightwing revealing some
dark secrets in part 2 of the Lazarus Contract found in Teen Titans 8. Part 3 will be in next week’s issue of Deathstroke. Speaking of the Teen Titans, Raven has joined
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s trip to Russia in DC Comics Bombshell #27
The Amazons have returned from Valhalla, more powerful which is good as they battle the
Queen of the Storm Giants. In Odyssey of the Amazons #5. This is a miniseries of just 6 issues. I already mentioned the Marvel number 1’s
and there aren’t any comics with a new story arc for you to jump into but wait there is
still a slate of great Marvel comics coming out this week. We travel back to Black Bolts past to see
if we can find the mystery of the last inhuman. Secrets will be revealed here in Royals #3. US Avengers #6 is a tie in to Secret Empire. It looks like Steve Rogers is gunning for
A.I.M. and as we know Captain America is on fire right now. Daredevil is wrapping up his story about his
secret identity was regained in the amazing story by Charles Soule in Daredevil #20. The Asgard/Shi’ar War is coming to a fiery
conclusion as the Pheonix Force is unleashed. Find out the epic end of this legendary war
in Mighty Thor #19. Deadpool and the Punish continue their team
up although they drive each other crazy in Deadpool vs Punisher #3. Riri Williams is in the lime light now. What will she do next? Its only issue 2 and it looks like Kei and
his team might not be up to the challenge of defending us against monsters. And it’s only their first attack. The Guardians of the Galaxy get in a bar brawl
and yes Pip the Toll is there too in this weekly comic Guardians of the Galaxy Mother
Entropy #3. Marvel’s amazing Summer Event continues
with Secret Empire #2. We see Doctor Strange struggle in the Dark
Dimension and Iron Man might now have the key to Captain America’s Secret Empire. If you need you can click the card in the
top right corner if you need catching up on Secret Empire. The Ultimates 2 #7 is another Secret Empire
tie-in where we see if Galactus will be helpful the fight against Captain America. In the mist of Captain America’s Secret
Empire take over Nick Fury is in space on a secret moon base. What is his plan there? Find out in Nick Fury #2. Punisher loses the trail of Condor in the
artic, but he gets in a fight with Olaf in Punisher #12. A popular one The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
20 questions if under Squirrel Girl’s leadership can squirrels defeat an army of other animals? Lastly back to DC we have Justice League/Power
Rangers #4 which is co-published with Boom! Studies. Billy and Cyborg have a plan can these two
geniuses save the day? If you are interested in any of these comics,
please let me know in the comments. I’m curious to know what you guys are reading. If you like knowing what comics are coming
out weekly, please hit the subscribe button. There are some minor comics that didn’t
make this list; well minor isn’t the right word because I didn’t mention Star Wars
and Star Wars isn’t minor. If there are any that you read let me know. If you’re still watching this also hit the
thumbs up button to let me know you like it. Thanks for watching. Brian Out!!!

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