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New Comics for May 24, 2017

Hey I’m Brian from BMA Comics Con. And here is your weekly video to let you know
what comic books are being released this Wednesday, May 24th 2017. Let’s start the list with what I am looking
forward to the most. Deathstroke #19. This is part 3 in the Lazarus Contract. Deathstroke has tapped into the Speedforce
and he plans to use it to go save his son. If he succeeds could this end like FlashPoint? I would like to see what happens when the
man who can take on the Justice League also has super speed. I Am Groot #1 finds Baby Groot separated from
the team all by himself on a strange world where no one understands him. But fear not Groot will try to make it back
to his team. I’ve been challenged to read Moon Girl and
Devil Dinosaur vol 1. Even though this week we will get the start
of a new story in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #19. Where, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur make contact
with someone in outer space that is calling out to them. Heads up, this is going to be the first appearance
of Girl Moon; if that means anything to you. This week only gives us tie-in’s, as we
will have to wait for next week to get issue 3. But Captain America Steve Rogers #17. Is a Secret Empire tie-in called in Cap We
Trust!! Captain Marvel and the Alpha Flight crew has
been blocked off the planet. Mighty Captain Marvel #5 follows them in outer
space, as the Chitauri invasion continues. The Secret Warriors came together to save
Karnak but it seems they could be already be torn apart on their next mission. Tensions rise between two of the members as
they go to take someone from the X-Men. Although it’s not a tie-in to Secret Empire. Black Panther must deal with Doctor Faustus,
the same person Hydra is using in Secret Empire to mind control people to Hydra’s will. Hopefully T’Challa can get Doctor Faustus
out the way and open back up a connection to the Wakandan Gods for his people in Black
Panther #14. Elektra is still stuck in Murderworld and
she realizes there is a bigger threat here than what Arcade is throwing at her in Electra
#4 this is possibly one of the few remaining issues for this comic. In the weekly comic, Guardians of the Galaxy
Mother Entropy #4, the Guardians of the Galaxy look to Gladiator and the Shi’ar for help
against Mother Entropy. But things don’t go the way they planned. Star-lord crash-landed in a small town that
is being bullied. So, Star-lord tries to help the townspeople
take a stand for themselves in Star-lord Annual 1. In case you aren’t getting enough Guardians. All New Guardians of the Galaxy is bimonthly
and in it the Guardians, are on their biggest heist ever. Who says they are always good guys? But that’s not all that’s going on with
them. Read this to find out what’s going on with
each member of the team. If you haven’t been reading Amazing Spider-Man
or know about the clone saga then [Spoiler]. Ben Reilly is back and he is the Scarlet Spider
based out of Las Vegas. Ready Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #2 to see
what his new plan is. The Brand Corporation has made its move. Now Mosaic must decide what his next move
is. Will he decide to be a hero? Read Mosaic #8 to find out. Weapon X has set their sights on Amadeus Cho. The Totally Awesome Hulk must team up to survive
this attack. See the team of Weapon X appear with the Hulk
in Totally Awesome Hulk #19. Logan will also be appearing in X-Men Blue
#4. Enough said. It’s like the 90’s all over again. All a comic need is a Wolverine appearance. Heads up Spider-Gwen should be getting the
same thing. In her next issue. In this X-Men Blue spinoff series, Jean Grey
is attempting to fight her destiny. Young Jean has been warned that the Phoenix
is coming for her and she refuses to follow in the steps of the deceased Jean Grey of
our time. We return to a classic battle of Doctor Doom
and Reid Richards. The difference is Doctor Doom is a good guy
now. Will he finally beat Reed Richards? Or will history repeat itself and put the
world at the mercy of The Maker. Find out in Infamous Iron Man #8. Eddie Brock fans will rejoice as the Venom
symbiote has reconnected with Brock. In this oversized issue Venom #150 we will
see if the symbiote can remain a good guy after being bonded with Brock or will they
be a villain like in next year’s Venom movie. Last Marvel comic we’ll mention is Doctor
Strange Sorcerers Supreme #8. Sir Isaac Newton, a powerful sorcerer has
decided to come to our time to take on the Avengers. This continues the story of Doctor Strange
and does not tie-in to Secret Empire. Suicide Squad #18 continues the story Earthling
on Fire. This is the moment the Suicide Squad has been
building to. Everyone has what they want. What could possibly go wrong? The events of Suicide Squad 18 trickle into
Action Comics 980. Superman’s greatest foes have teamed up
against him. And Amanda Waller has a secret Kryptonian
weapon, that they might get on their side. The bridge between Injustice and Injustice
2 is finally completed in Injustice Ground Zero #12. Jaime Reyes must choose between getting rid
of the scarab and using it to save his city. And his loved ones in it, in Blue Beetle #9. In Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
#21 The Prism of Time story is coming to an end. Will a lantern have to die to defeat Sarko? Or can a Green Lantern find a way. Wonder Woman’s quest for truth presses on
but is it worth the sacrifice. Check to if see what she decides in Wonder
Woman 23. Constantine has a lead on the missing journal
but is it a red herring? Part 4 of The Smokeless Fire is in Hellblazer
#10. Mother Panic questions her mission and effectiveness
as someone she has previously saved still ends up in trouble. Mother Panic #7 also continues the backup
story found in the previous issues. Justice League of America is Batman’s hand
pick Justice League team and they are all paired up on separate missions. Killer Frost and the Atom fall in love if
they can survive against Terrorsmith. While Lobo and Black Canary deal with a casino
heist. You might want to check out Justice League
of America #7 as it might give us some insight to what’s been going on in the DC Universe
since Rebirth started. Another of Batman’s Teams are in Detective
Comics. But in Detective Comics #957 Stephone Brown
is going solo on this mission against the Wrath. From one female Batfamily member now to the
next, Batgirl #11 wraps up the story Son of Penguin. Barbra races to free Burnside but she may
be too late to save him. Will he be too corrupted by the time she makes
it? Now to the future of Batman with Batman Beyond
#8. Terry Mcginnis makes it to Tibet to save Bruce
Wayne from the League of Assassins. But its unlikely Ra’s al Ghul will just
hand him over. Now to Batman’s past. In Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77 #5 Wonder
Woman is looking for Batman’s help but finds Nightwing instead. Last but not least, Batman the Shadow #2. This is a cross over between DC Comics and
Dynamite Entertainment where Batman and The Shadow must team up to fight the Stag. But first The Shadow must prove to Batman
that he is one of the good guys. That will conclude this week’s comics from
Marvel and DC I’ve choosen to highlight. I like to get these videos out for you either
Sunday or Monday for you to see before the comics come out. But trying to do things a little differently
somehow delayed me til Wednesday, I’m sorry for that. But its still here possibly in time for you
to watch before you make it to your comic book story or order online. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe and give this video a thumbs
up. And till next time. Brian Out!!!

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