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New Comics for May 30, 2018

Happy Friday or whatever day it is you’re
watching this. I want to thank you guys for joining me again
this week to take a look at the comics coming out next Wednesday, May 30, 2018. This is a surprisingly long list as the 5th
Wednesday of the month is usually a light week full of Annuals. O and before we get into it. I would like to invite you to stick around
until the end of the video as I’ll be announcing a give-away and how easy it is for you to
win. The book that I and I’m sure most of you
are looking forward to the most is Amazing Spider-Man 800. This is the conclusion of Dan Slot’s run
and the latest Amazing Spider-Man story Go Down Swinging. This is another 80-page story but this time
just a single story and unfortunately it will be $10. You are definitely going to want to read this
as it will have major impacts on Spider-Man especially as Nick Spencer begins his run
2 issues following this one. The next issue will pretty much be Dan Slott’s
farewell issue. Brian Michael Bendis makes his mark on Superman
starting here with the weekly series Man of Steel. In this issue we will get some explanation
as to what happened to Lois. And meet a new threat that is setting Metropolis
on fire. I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be
Rogol Zaar, whom we meet in Action Comics 1000. But he will be the main bad in this series,
in the near future. There is a series of 5 one-shots called Batman:
Prelude to the Wedding. This is the first of them and it has Ra’s
Al Ghul returning to once again recruit his grandson to the family business. Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out today and
this mini-series is about Lando’s adventures over love and money leading up to the movie. The Wild West meets Game of Thrones in this
story by New York Times bestselling author Landry Q. Walker. The castle is overrun with soldiers trying
to take the throne from an 11-year-old girl And a mysterious stranger whom just arrived
might be her only hope. As part of Infinity Countdown, Captain Marvel
has obtained the Reality Stone and will explore its power and learn the true nature of the
Infinity Stones. Although it is outside of the normal Valiant
continuity, Valiant High is a perfect place to get started with Valiant Comics if you
haven’t been reading them. This 4 issue mini-series will catch you up
on some of the characters of Valiant Comics in an interesting High School themed story. The DC and Hanna-Barbera cross over will continue
this week with 4 more issues. This week we get Super Sons teaming up with
Dynomutt because apparently Blue Falcon has turned evil. And Robin and Dynomutt are friends. I wish Ace could have joined Robin in this. But it is good to see the Super Sons again
since their series got cancelled last week. Flash & Speed Buggy set up a new origin for
Speed Buggy as they accidentally travel to a post-apocalyptic future where in order to
repair the timeline they have to fight a trio of villains. Savitar, Reverse Speed Buggy, and Speed Demon
Buggy. Next is Aquaman & Jabberjaw; where Aquaman
is called on to save the people from a shark attack. But when he gets there its just Jabberjaw
frantically looking for someone to help him as his home has been taken over and turned
into a dystopian nightmare. So, the King of Atlantis agrees to go over
through the new Ocean Master. Also this issue has a bonus Shazam & Captain
Caveman story in it. Last of the DC Meets Hanna-Barbera for this
week is Black Lightning & Hong Kong Phooey. Black Lightning who will be showing up a lot
more in the comics since the success of his CW tv show, honestly, I can’t comment on
that because it’s still in my list on Netflix to watch. Have you seen the show? What did you think of it? Black Lightning is hunting down 3 assassins
that are collecting sacred text and one of those pieces are held by Hong Kong Phooey. This story too has a bonus feature of Spectre
and Funk Phantom. Simon Baz & Jessica Cruz are sent to represent
Earth in a Green Lantern ceremony that takes place every thousand years. But these two seem to stumble onto a mystery
that has been kept secret. And now they plan to shed some light on it. New York will have to protect itself as Peter
Parker & Mary Jane go on vacation. They’ve been saving up for this since Annie
was born. This takes place before the 8-year jump. So, all the need to do now is find a babysitter. I hope they find someone better than Sandman
to watch little Annie Parker. In the X-Men Red annual we get the back story
of Jean after resurrecting and the impact her death had on her family and friends. Wilson Fisk has been attacked by the Hand
in their attempt to get Daredevil. And now Matt Murdock is the Mayor of New York. Now the Hand is invading New York. Will Matt be able to hold on to his title
of Mayor? How will the Hand and Fisk retaliate? And are they coping the plot for Netflix’s
Daredevil season 2? Ben & Johnny get the team back together again
for the first time in a long time to fight a Doctor Doom whom has the power cosmic. This is another universe Ben & Johnny are
stuck on where their counter parts are out of commission and they join this Universe’s
superheroes to stop Doctor Doom who has become Galactus the Devourer of Worlds. Their best bet is help of their Doctor Doom
who has followed them here. They just don’t know if they can trust him. Nick Furry and S.H.I.E.L.D. are after the
Punisher. And they can track him through his War Machine
suit. But Frank Castle can’t just ditch the armor. He is going to need it for his next big plan. The Avengers B.C. show up in this final issue
of Lockjaw. Where Lockjaw is up against Annihilus to save
his brother. But Annihilus want’s Lockjaw to gain access
to every dimension. Maybe the Avengers B.C. will help. This will be the end of some of the X-Men
as the Mothervine story arc comes to a deadly close. Magneto reveals his secret plan while Havok
& the White Queen’s fate is determined. It seems like on every Earth J. Jonah Jameson
finds out the identity of Spider-Man or Woman. Gwen has revealed herself to him and all we
can hope is that this fixes the timeline. And doesn’t turn out just like when Peter
unmasked himself in Civil War. Ms. Marvel is going to need to get out of
this love triangle and act quick before it all blows up in her face. The You are Deadpool 5 issue mini-series ends
here. And this might possibly be a happy ending
for Deadpool you’ll have to read it to find out. Geoff John’s Doomsday Clock keeps on ticking. With it being 2 months since the last issue
this for me has become something to read in trade. But this issue promises to reveal some of
the secrets to Doomsday Clock, so it might be worth reading now. Green Arrow Annual #2 is a Justice League
No Justice tie in. So, if your reading No Justice you are going
to want to pick this issue up. In it you’ll see Green Arrow and Amanda
Waller. This is the final issue to the Justice League
No Justice 4-part mini series that is shaping the landscape for the new Justice League titles
that will be coming out in June. After capturing Raven & her mother, Trigon
is close to returning to Earth with an army. Chuck Dixon’s 12 issue series is wrapping
up, and Bane has made it to Kobra’s base to kidnap an infant. And surprising Batman has tagged along to
help. This is the close of Ed Brubaker’s 4th story
arc of Kill or Be Killed, where Dylan is trapped in an insane asylum fighting for his life. There is not much more to say about Brian
K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples next issue of Saga other than, Danger approaches. Captain Picard needs to prevent his evil Mirror
counterpart from galactic conquest in this final issue of Star Trek: Then Next Generation:
Through the Mirror. Lastly, a bonus, Ponyville Mysteries #1. Can’t promise I’ll read this but I do
like mysteries. And in this one, the Cutie Mark Crusaders
have to solve the mystery of who’s been stealing supplies from the Ponyville hospital. Well there you have it. That is a brief summary of most of the comics
coming out Wednesday May 30. I know there are a lot more people watching
this as I’ve gained a good bit of Subscribers since last week; and I want to say thank you
for that. So, to show my appreciation I want to offer
one of you a copy of Amazing Spider-Man 800. All I’m asking is that you be a subscriber,
give this video a thumbs up, and leave a comment of what your reading or what you plan on reading
this week. I’m going to pick the winner from the comments. I really would like to hit 250 Subscribers
by next Friday when I reveal the winner. So, if you guys can share this with your friends
and get them to subscribe I’ll pick two winners. Thus, doubling your chances of winning. As always please share your thoughts and opinions
in the comments below. Thanks for watching. And Til next time, Brian Out!!!

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24 thoughts on “New Comics for May 30, 2018

  1. That man of steel mini series better be good and not horrible because I am so scared of bendis taking over the main Superman and action conics

  2. I love your channel. I tune in before I pick up my comics for the week to make sure I don’t miss anything. I am reading Black Panther, Avengers, and XO Manowar.

  3. Wait… No MoonGirl this week?? Anti Smoking issue I believe. Can’t forget about my girl! Animated series due next year. Don’t be late to the party when it goes down😜😜😜😜

  4. I can’t wait for Amazing Spider-man #800! I’m so excited! Haven’t gotten into the BMD Superman yet. Great overview of upcoming comics!

  5. im a BIG Spider-man Fan so im most definitely reading ASM 800. Im also looking forward to the DC mashups.

  6. I’m look forward reading Kill or be Killed. I been hooked since issue #1. It’s best story arc I have read in years.

  7. I'm currently reading the you are deadpool series, it's probably the most fun I've had reading comics. Thanks for doing these videos.

  8. Spider-man, punisher, daredevil, doomsday clock, and man of steel are what I'm interested in this week

  9. I am looking forward to prelude to the wedding. I also cannot wait to see how the no justice series wraps up!

  10. I'm liking the Doomsday clock story, waiting to see how it will change the DC universe down the road.

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