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New Comics for November 1, 2017

Hey, it’s that time of the week, where we
take a look at the comics coming out this Wednesday. If there are any of them you plan on reading. I’d love to which ones in the comments below. Batman White Knight is my favorite Batman
story in a long time. In this second issue, the person formally
known as Joker is gaining more public support as he continues his crusade to expose and
end corruption in the GCPD and with public enemy #1, Batman. To help bring attention to next year’s Black
Lightning tv show, DC is releasing a promising Black Lightning miniseries. It is the story of a high school teacher that
fights gang members at night to clean up the streets of Cleveland. Technology has progressed to the point where
they have contact lens that can display video. But they also secretly record. And this social media celeb has a hard time
keeping her life together after a private video goes public and having to dealing with
an obsessed fan. Batman The Devastator looks like the doomsday
version of Batman, that is one its way from the Dark Multiverse to conquer our world. Marvel Legacy hits a couple more titles this
week. Including Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy,
and Captain America. In Spider-Man 234, Miles Morales Spider-Man
will have to face off against a new version of the Sinister Six. In Guardians of the Galaxy 146. They team up with the Nova Corps on a quest
to find the Infinity Stones. Or gems whatever you want to call it. We’ve been waiting to see what Steve Rogers
was going to do after his reputation was ruined by someone else during Secret Empire. And what he decides to do is suit-up and gain
the peoples trust, one city at a time. This one-shot will introduce us to the Power
Pack and tell the tale of Katie being the victim of a body snatcher. Black Bolt now freed from the prison returns
home with his new friend Blinky. But can Black Bolt keep the kid safe on the
journey back to Earth? Darth Vader is now leads the Emperor’s secret
aqProgram and we are in treat for another excellent story by Charles Soule showing the
events immediately after Revenge of the Sith. J. Jonah Jameson gets to interview his wall
crawling menace. This is a single-issue story before Marvel
Legacy hits this title. The next issue will be #297. Batman seemingly mad, is on a journey of self-improvement
which has him in the desert, where he will face an old enemy, amongst other things. After lying, cheating, and playing dirty,
basically campaigning. It’s now voting time. Let’s see if Harley Quinn can get the people
of New York to vote her as the new Mayor. Justice League 32 continues the story where
each member of the Justice League is forced into a special Bat Cave designed to kill them
specifically. Raptor catches Dick Grayson off guard by showing
up at his job. And now Nightwing and Blockbuster must team
up to defeat Raptor and his sinister plan. Bane’s quest leads him to Bludhaven, Nightwings
city. But he is not there to pick a fight with Dick. He is trying to keep hold of the infant he
kidnapped. The baby that is the leader of Kobra, the
largest criminal empire. In this bonus, sized issue Deathstroke must
stand trial by a jury of his peers, super criminals. For Deathstroke has broken an unwritten rule
and betrayed another assassin. Find out what Reverse-Flash and Riddler have
to say about his actions. Lex is looking to be the new leader of Apokolips
and sit on the throne of Darkseid. But Superman isn’t just going to let that
happen. No one has family drama like Green Arrow. His mother is on trial for being a part of
a global criminal organization that Green Arrow brought down. And now her deceased husband’s lover, Oliver’s
half-sister’s mother is trying to kill her. And she isn’t just anybody. She is Shado one of Green Arrow’s greatest
villains. And to think it was believed Oliver’s mother
was dead this whole time. Their personal lives are put on hold as Simon
Baz and Jessica Cruz are called to help save a planet that is heading into its sun. The final issue of the Singularity Aftermath
story is here where Cyborg tries to put an end to Anomaly and his mechanical monsters. Avengers 673 continues part the Worlds Collide
Story that is crossing between Avengers and Champions. Iron Fist and Sabertooth have teamed up. And in this issue, someone is going to be
double-crossed. Question is can you guess who? Iceman is feeling the heat from being the
leader. But it’s up to him to lead his team of the
original Champions against a bunch of Sentinels. It’s taking 3 different teams of X-Men to
stop the Shadow King. And they still haven’t won. Might Xavier and the X-Men be out matched? Old Man Logan and Hawkeye have done all they
can to stop Maestro and have come up short. It seems they will need help to save the world. With all this time traveling, the Paper Girls
have finally found out what’s going on. Jesus is confronted in this issue titled Final
Fight. Another guest is killed and the murderer remains
a mystery. Read this issue for clues as to who the killer
is. Which should be revealed in the issue after
this. Give this video a thumb up if you saw any
comics you plan on reading. But you can check back later for my opinion
and recap on some of them I end up reading. If you need to purchase any, try the link
in the description. If you like seeing what comics are coming
out every Wednesday hit the subscribe button. Thanks for watching. And till next time. Brian Out!!!

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3 thoughts on “New Comics for November 1, 2017

  1. My pull list
    Batman #34
    Batman the devastator #1
    Batman white knight #2
    Injustice 2 #13
    Justice league #32
    Nightwing #32
    Spiderman #234
    Robin hood the hunt #4

  2. Amazing spider man
    Black bolt
    And captain America are what I'm most anticipating (cap for sure cause man, will I have mixed feelings reading him cause he after all, is a living memory rather then the real OG cap)

  3. I’m interested in Batman white knight now! I have to read it! Great video! Also I managed to pick a few Marvel Legacy #1 Comics from Spider-man, Ironman and Avengers! Great overview on the latest comics coming soon!

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