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New Comics for November 15, 2017

Hey, we are going to try things a little different
by having this video come out on Friday instead of Sunday. But either way this is your look at the comics
coming out next Wednesday, November 15. Let me know which ones you plan on reading
in the comments. Dark Nights Metal continues with The Batman
Who Laughs. I don’t know how the DC Universe will fare
against the Dark Multiverse As human evolution rapidly continues to the
next stage. Three individuals actually notice what’s
going on with their world around them. A teenager with raw skills enters a fencing
competition where he will learn that luck alone is not going to cut it. Marvel Legacy is has just hit a couple more
titles Mister Sinister has sight his sights on Inhumans
now. And this young team of Inhumans stand against
him. Hopefully they are ready to fight one of the
X-Men’s greatest villains without the help of Karnak. Frank Castle has found himself in the War
Machine Armor as he ramps up his war on criminals who prey on the innocent. Read this to find out how he got the armor. New York is ready to ask the age old question,
is he a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man or a wall-crawling menace? A turf war begins as Hornet and the Slingers
move to Vegas, because I don’t think Ben Reilly plays well with others. We have a new Sorcerer Supreme, Loki. What happened to Dr. Strange. Can Loki pull this off? And if he does what will happen when the God
of Mischief has that much power? The Super Sons get a new headquarters. And that’s not the only change. Each of the Super Sons has something going
on. Batman needs help. Good thing the caped crusader has friends. But he hasn’t been honest with them. And his true intentions are about to be exposed. Raptor’s Revenge for Nightwing continues,
and to win Nightwing tries to rally not only Blockbuster but the whole city of Bludhaven. The crossover story Bats Out of Hell continues
here, where it is up to Cyborg to save the Justice League. That’s a lot of pressure for a guy who usually
just watches the Watch Tower. King Rath’s new regime leaves no hope for
Atlantis. And Mira is willing to sacrifice herself to
be with her love. I hope Aquaman decides to get back in the
fight for his city. Red Hood and the Outlaws, come to the Trinities
aid. The Trinity was having a hard time as it is
to defete Circe and Ra’s al Ghul. Let’s hope the Outlaws don’t make matters
worse. Batwoman has been poisoned with Scarecrows’s
fear toxin. And to make matters worse one of her father’s
best agents is after her. The death of the Mighty Thor story continues. And now Mangog attacks Asgard. Could this be the end of Jane Foster, Thor? Amadeus Cho is on Planet Hulk, and faced with
a set of trials known as The Gauntlet that will test him. His brains might not be enough, he is going
to have to listen to the Hulk inside to survive. Miles seems like he is in over his head. It might be time for him to hang up the webs,
but should Peter do something about it, and could he even if he really wanted to? Hawkeye and All-New Wolverine team up to hunt
down the scientist trying to create a clone army based on All-New Wolverine. In this issue, The All-New Wolverine has teamed
up with Weapon X to help Old Man Logan either save or take down Weapon H.
The Guardians of the Galaxy are defiantly the good guys and are now part of the Nova
Corps. I hope they don’t forget their mission to
find the Infinity Stones. Kingpin’s criminal empire is up for grabs. It’s up to the Defenders to defend the streets
of New York and stop the criminals from trying to rise to power. As the fall of Peter Parker continues there
is one bright side, his relationship with Mockingbird is soaring. The crossover story, Worlds Collide, continues
as the Champions and Avengers try and figure out a way to stop the High Evolutionary from
destroying two worlds. The X-Men crossover story, Mojo Worldwide,
continues in X-Men Blue where the X-Men have made it to Mojo World to take the fight to
Mojo. But even in Mojo World Mojo has the advantage. Darth Vader has set out to kill one of the
most dangerous Jedi alive. But you wouldn’t believe who that is. Invincible is winding down to its final issue
and it’s the End of All Things story continues with a one issue sub story. Robot War. This might be a chance to look at one of the
best indie comics before it ends. As the Dimensionaunts race to save what they
can before the world is destroyed, Grant has a score to settle first. If you liked this video make sure to give
it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to share what you plan on reading
in the comments. Or if you need to buy any, use the link in
the description, it really helps.c If you like seeing what comics are coming
out every Wednesday hit the subscribe button. Thanks for watching. And till next time. Brian Out!!!

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2 thoughts on “New Comics for November 15, 2017

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    Superman #35
    Batman #15
    Batman the man who laugh
    Justice league #33
    Trinity #15
    Amazing Spiderman #791
    Weapon X #11
    Mech cadet yu #4
    Nightwing #33
    Grimm fairy tales #10
    Injustices 2 #14

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