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New Comics for September 6, 2017

Hey, it’s that time of the week, where we
take a look at the comics coming out this Wednesday. If there are any of them you plan on reading. I’d love to which ones in the comments below. Venom learns about a new species that are
hunting Venoms. So Venom take gathers some Venomized heroes
to make a stand. It’s time to celebrate 25 years of Harley
Quinn with a collection of Harley stories. We get a never before seen story of her and
Joker. Any Harley Quinn fan is going to want this
anniversary issue filled with new and classic Harley Quinn talent working on it. Ironheart meets Tony Stark, Sorcerer Supreme. Not her Tony Stark, but still one she can
learn a lot about the Ironman legacy. Harley Quinn and Penguin haven’t had any
problems before. They’ve had a mutual understanding. But now Penguin is crossing the line by trying
a big land grab in Coney Island which will include Harley’s building. Daredevil goes on a journey that finds him
halfway around the world, Into China, looking for an enemy who is able to evade his enhanced
senses. Now Daredevil will truly be blind. Arcade is back and he has a new Murderword. This time he invites Spider-Man. Not to worry Deadpool is there to but on his
own free will be cause it sounds like a good time. When Superman dawns a yellow lantern ring. The only one who can save him is the leader
of the yellow lanterns himself. The once, greatest of the Green Lanterns,
Sinestro. Or at least we hope so. Check out Fear Itself part 2 in Superman 30. Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are teamed up with
7 other lanterns to face off against Volthoom, the very first Lantern. In a fight that takes place in the past. One lantern has already died and more will
fall. That’s not all that’s at stake here the
Guardians of the Universe and our future lie in the balance. Slade’s new team to buckle under his command. But they get a chance to test his leadership
as they go to rescue a cruise ship that has been hijacked. Will they be able to work together will this
be the end of the team? Find out in Deathstroke #23. We get another interlude in the War of Jokes
and Riddle. The Ballad of Kite Man part 2. Tom Kings run on batman has made Kite Man
relevant once again. Batman gets Kite Man to turn on Joker. While Joker gets him to do the same against
Batman. One man threatens the whole Justice League. He’s followed the children of the Justice
League here from the future and his plan is to destroy them all. Read Justice League 28 to find out what’s
gotten into Aquaman. It’s up to Huntress to save Nightwing and
the rest of the super hero community. As Mr. Minos attempts to get secrets out of
Nightwing’s brain. She must do this before Nightwing’s brain
is turned to mush. Green Arrow 30 is going to give us the team
up we’ve all been waiting for. Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen reunite for the
first time in a long time. Can’t promise it’s going to be a pleasant
reunion. But who else is going to help Oliver in space. Bane gets a rematch against Catwoman. Either he can go after her or they can work
together against their common enemy. Now that Secret Empire has ended, once the
dust settles which members of the Champions stay might just shock you. Miles Morales is being arrested. Apparently, criminals aren’t the only ones
Miles’ parents need to worry about. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #9 might answer
the questions as to what happened to Groot to shrink him, is it permanent, and is Rocket
at fault. Jessica Jones has been searching for some
of the biggest secrets of the Marvel Universe, for Maria Hill. And Now they are about to be revealed. This issue just might be a game changer and
could affect everyone; especially the other Defenders. Black Bolt is at a crossroads. He’s finally got an upper hand on their
jailer. But what to do about the other prisoners? Or the creature who knows all their secrets. Kate Bishop just hasn’t been herself, to
the point where it must be an imposter. So where is the real Kate Bishop? We haven’t seen all the Venomized heroes
yet. As this title suggests, we will get a Venomized
Punisher story. And if that isn’t lethal enough there will
also be a Venomized Rocket Raccoon. Iron Fist’s team up continues as he tries
to survive an attack by a Canadians? Yes, the murderous cult after him is the Lineage. But who sent them? It’s war, Medusa and her team of Inhumans
are at a great disadvantage. One Royal has already fallen. Leaving now time to actually look into who
these Skyspears are. All we know is their name means genocide and
that can’t be a good thing. Omega Red has return from the grave to put
the X-Men in theirs. But he isn’t the only reappearance. Colossus and his sister Magik return. But can the X-Men trust them? The X-Men are still fighting the Shadow King
but now they are down one member. Old Man Logan is trapped in the Astral Plane
and Shadow King’s illusions. He’s going to need to find a way back to
help his team out. Or be tormented till he breaks. Bobby Drake has been superheroing to keep
from having a real talk with his parents. But having to face against Juggernaut can’t
be worse than a heart-to-heart with his parents. The X-Men have created a curfew till the monster
that threatens them is caught. But that doesn’t stop the Generation X team
from going out. Unfortunately, instead of finding the mutant
killing monster they find themselves in an action house in front of a room of villains. Issue 1 of a 4-issue mini-series that follows
Captain Phasma from after being tossed down a garbage chute in The Force Awakens to where
she will be in this Decembers the Last Jedi. This issue concludes the first story arc in
Charles Soul’s Darth Vader comic. Where he see Darth Vader’s first test as
a Sith. Which takes place after Star Wars Episode
3. Thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a place to get your
comics and want to help this channel out at no additional cost to you, use the link in
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3 thoughts on “New Comics for September 6, 2017

  1. i am looking forward too superman batman and the ending of this justice league story and nightwing that's about it as for marvel i got nothing after secret empire i am burned out at this point and i am not looking forward too venomverse

  2. My pull list:
    Batman #30
    Injustice 2 #9
    Justice league #28
    Nightwing #28
    Superman #30
    I collect GL in trade
    Spiderman #20


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