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New Eren Titan Form? Final Attack Begins | Attack on Titan Chapter 123 Review

you thought the attack on Marley was
something nope that was nothing compared to the Roman era attack on the world has
begun so what’s up guys Foxen here. Attack on Titan chapter 123 oh yes is about
time for the cause of Titan rumbling to actually take off it feels like attack
on Titan is about to end in a few chapters go ahead and create your own
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after this video anyway getting into the actual chapter so I freaking called it
the attack on Titan vacation flashback which was actually something I predicted
on the most recent livestream the new attack on Titan chapter will start with
a flashback so I was wondering who was talking here there’s been several times
has been Armin recalling some type of history this timing couldn’t have been
Mikasa please please I hope for at the bottom of it is you have everyone suited
up Eren right here was especially giving off this younger ish of vibe but hoenn
though the fields are back or should I say you see I’m opening up that potato
wound I’m petting for Sasha here she was
really just thinking about the knee cuisine she was about to be able to
feast on by the way a Levi not only cameo the guy returns you gotta
love how Levi looks here absolutely dreadful he’s like I did not sign up for
this site scene crap anyway just seeing the whole gang on the cruise I was
wondering where would they be heading first of course the Asian clans home
country to meet up Kiyomi would be the first obvious guess by nope let’s go
ahead and pay Reiner a visit at Marley talked about living dangerously it feels
like this little visit could have been a huge possible risk for them what’s
equally as interesting is to notice that Kiyomi had a place within Marley
although this does make sense for story reasons one major one just being so you
say Emma could move Kimi around more easily when needed but hold up
is that a freaking car we must study it quickly so you gotta love some of that
attack on Titan Ymir when it’s not expected and definitely let me know
which was your favorite reaction for me by far
was hunchy being hanji hey car although I do think the part about the carrot was
going a little too overboard bring it back ECMO as for Mikasa here during the
time skip did she go back to being her overly protective cells towards Eren
hmm could be or perhaps just being cautious with an anime territory overall
it really is interesting to see the various mind sets here for Mikasa gotta
stay alert Armand oh my god this is like the best day ever
Eren I’m dead inside recall back to the end of attack on Titan season 3 the
other side of the sea in other words potential enemies for Eren. Yo Eren are
you hearing any voices getting any sudden flashbacks as for Levi the kid
all right it’s a yummy you got me with that one Levi was about to break this
clown in half come over here you it clone this kind of reminded me of that
street performer from the makan so special talk about Mikasa
because a smile gonna protect that it’s not often that you see this rare Mikasa
occurrence just one more thing to look forward in the anime for 2021 then
flipping it with Eren here damn dude you just gotta bring the mood down oh I
scream I could actually recall that blonde slave who can ever taste that
sweet nectar no Tanya on a serious note era should be getting pretty constant
memory recalls within Marley for the single pager he instantly notice this
little kid standing out keep in mind this was the same little care with the
fun hat who was in that errand memory panel after Gabby went Terminator on his
ass once again he say imma just dropping the seeds and now blooming this attack
on Titan chapter as for the little boy in question did Sasha just get jacked
sneaky little bastard although good thing the Ackermann was on guard so
right here you heard the Marley people talk about this guy being this immigrant
from this enemy nation from the kids look in his hat it does were some of the
soldiers that Marley were fighting during that battle post I’m skip notice
that some of these guys we’re also in attendance at willies dinner party it
really feels like you say am i bringing up this theme of discrimination and
hatred that still exists in this world even if you’ve removed the Eldian people
in my god this kid you really had this kid on trial by the public this panel
felt like it was a pretty obvious callback to a little humor being blamed
for freeing some bacon from the crowd here notice a piece of info drop is a
yama supposedly not only but the rest of the world has been
conducting some blood tests although only fairly recently hmm just gonna keep
free of that demo blood this does bring up an important question how much is too
much keep in mind Reiner being half a Latina
from his mother sign this guy was still allowed to go titan mode but how about
lower than that 1/4 1/8 single digits at which point is a devil Titan blood
diluted enough recall that claim about the Eldian Empire supposedly conquering
every country and the people in sight then forcing them to bear their Eldian
children this info about that blood test should counter at least part of that
claim anyway leave me to the rescue again
but how did this can repay his loyal Savior how in the world that Levi get
jacked in other words somehow this kid flipping the situation notice Eren at
this point you know about Eren or some attack on Titan shift or memory of this
kid you can see that Eren notices by this point
gotta go ask this kid about a certain blonde. Next up Kiyomi returns so there
has been a question about her role for the attack on Titan End Game. it really feels
like this chapter is fleshing out her a little bit more one of the biggest
controversies I thought she would contribute to the attack on Titan story
was just filling some of the hoes regarding the current state of the world
on top of this also bringing in some fairly recent human history going back a
few hundred years right here you’re finding out something not to all that
surprising Theoden Empire was once the top dog
naturally some of these other nations would see these Eldeen people as those
with high status at least in public then as I lost the power of course a
situation flipped second key info draw which is also not too surprising either
there’s been some supporters for subjective the Ymir in other words some
non Eldian people speaking out so at least there were some people within
morally fighting the good fight people outside of key amuse group as for Eren
where did this guy go just keeping out this important beating whoops right here
you had Eren crying off in the distance really two possible reasons that stand
out the first one being related to that kid. Eren already has some future
memories so he knows what’s gonna happen to the kid or the second possibility
about being in Marley in general which would once again be a link to future
memories right here I might be overthinking this but this line from
Eren that something happened no not yet so let me ask you future Eren what have
you been feeding this car Eren even more overthinking but notice
me cuz us head here this is most likely due to the low quality scan but like ten
and a five percent chance of this being this memory recall one where Eren is
simply imagining Mikasa being there despite her not actually being there or
who knows perhaps Mikasa is just getting dusted oh but what is this an unexpected
Nakata Eren moment come on Issei I mean you know what
you’re doing this guy keeps on teasing the freaking fans that includes lovers
and haters for this Mikasa Eren couple alike oh but then I’d freaking family’s
owned by Mikasa I don’t know if that’s worth compared to actually being
friend-zoned combine this with the baby daddy for his story is still being
unconfirmed at this point I’m definitely at the lower end of attack on Titan fans
concerned with possible inking couples at least for the Roman side of things
anyway and oh yes I freaking love this all the attack on Titan guy is getting
totally wasted come on I’m hoping this is more than one still image for the
season four anime I’m really curious to see what will come out of Mikasa’s mouth
when she’s drunk you know it’s always the quiet ones that’s where the stallion
here is that a Zeke reference oh so hmm was that Sasha giving booze to this kid
holy crap what a way to finish this – Eren at the very end
very subtle smile this feels like it was the last final happy moment with the
rest of the group for this guy anyway the next day
what are we free to say I’m gonna crush their hopes and dreams the harsh reality
they’re supposed to support group only cares about the subject of view mirror
on the mainland once again really just easing the Devils on the island as
scapegoats nobodies for hanji Levi or anyone else here so this is probably one
of the biggest reveals and confirmations from the chapter that this was a moment
the last straw for Eren his breaking point
oh so you guys want to eradicate us from the world all right I see you
let the attack on Marley commence so at this point in the chapter confirming me
cuz his thumbs right here you got me constant talking about constantly going
down a different path to getting Part two vibes this also feels like it’s
solely time back to her Ackerman’s side of things on a different we should think
about this what would have happened had Mikasa confess her non-family feelings
towards Eren on that night could you imagine them getting drunk
then rubbing body parts together later that night I’m sure some artists would
draw that time line by the way it weren’t Armin and Mikasa fighting
that Titan on the wall a moment ago it’s now teleported to the rooftop in the mid
over the district these guys are quick anyway officially back to the present
day let the rumbling commence but what the hell was that Titan in the middle it
looks like a freaking Dino skeleton Eren is that you
looks like the dinosaurs from the attack at a season 2 opening weren’t just a
joke the rod 120 meter Titan would be jealous and nearby you can see all the
cost of titans being all free look forward to seeing them in CG in 2021
then for the horrified looking arma near Eren’s on our side right gotta love how
with his dreadful face totally give us confidence and Eren away so yes sir
rumbling just got a whole lot bigger some would say gigantic up until the
very last moment Armin really wasn’t denial he naively
not Eren what free only the closet items in the district but come on you
got to make this more fun how about all of them while Maria wall Sina wall rose
by the power of my Titan wife I come out then talking about that power getting
into Eren using the Titan force let me just tell all of you what the hell is
going on so you got Eren to using the fountain Titan for the first Eldian Skype
call do you notice the Ackermann included in this most likely Levi to
somewhere the distance I do wonder whether they say mi did there’s only
visually just to emphasize Eren easing the founding titan power or did all the
Eldians actually receive this in like a split second Eren’s message by the way
the low-quality scan of this really made it seem like they were on the freaking
moon do you notice Falco kissing the ground in the background the guy is a ok
for the shot showing everyone could this have been pregnant his story over here
it is from the size she could have been hiding her baby bump maybe or maybe not
by the way definitely don’t forget about blogger or Annie I’m really betting that
not only Annie was in the Titan round to hear the message but any filing
also got this as is Titan alarm wake-up call time to get up sleeping beauty then
the very end a couple major things here looks like Eren is Titan face and whole
body I’m assuming has been updated presumably this should have been the
founding Titan something more assembling the original Ymir Titan most likely
does max between founding Titan the Attack Titan and the
Warhammer Titan. It second major thing which might be more important the actual
message it really doesn’t make that much sense at all
Eren now claims that he wants to exterminate the royalties in the
colossal Titan parade literally Eren now becoming this devil figure so let’s
think about this if you actually take Eren at face value
everything not including Paradise Island would be killed off just resetting the
road except for this you have several issues this would be Eren giving a huge
middle finger to the Eldians and part Eldians around the world and to a middle
finger with the other hand to the people that were enemies or morally as well as
anyone that supported Eldia this includes kiyomi’s nation and whatever
group yelena any oh yeah capone are a part of so now let me toss it to you
does anyone really buy this from Eren it really feels as this is either an
obvious life from Eren or whatever Eren is claiming here has this double
meaning for this I do want to confirm from the Japanese tanks either way
attack on Titan is officially at the endgame looks like the attack on Titan
story ending my chapter one 30 isn’t too far-fetched
I’m betting next chapter you’re gonna hear armin screaming out to Eren in
other words that final attack on titan audio clip suppose down below which
attack on titan endgame do you want to see does anyone actually want to see
Eren cleaning the world via the closet items should Eren reconsider
sacrificing himself now that he’s come this far is there anyone out there that
could even stop Eren definitely share your thoughts down below by the way
really quickly coming up this weekend as a reason or it will be a special the
second one this is a million folks one my video is gonna be non spoiler so
definitely tune in for that protagonist of a mysterious attack on titan video
next week for sao fans definitely check out my recent video ranking the best SAO
fights anyway go ahead and post your attack intended endgame thoughts down
below how do you want this story to finally conclude go ahead and watch my
video on how Eren ends attack on titan part two in whatever way the story ends
i do think a good chunk of people are not gonna be happy so go ahead and check
part two out and i’ll see you guys later

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100 thoughts on “New Eren Titan Form? Final Attack Begins | Attack on Titan Chapter 123 Review

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  2. AOT is simply a satirical reality of Leftard

    Do you see the chain effect of gabi?
    Sasha, jailer, Eren…

    Even if a group of people in mikasa knock down eren, they will be destroyed by the world.

    Bad ending

  3. marley: lets send a small warrior force to capture the founding titan, what could possibly go wrong?
    123 chapters later

  4. Eren reminds me of uchiha madara. The difference being one wants to put entire in genjutsu, the other kill every other race leaving one. both same goals and will do anything to achieve it

  5. imo, eren spent time with the people in the refugee camp to come to terms with what he was about to do. he really does intend to rumble the earth

  6. Eren's goal is probably to become the ultimate threat to the world so that the would can unite and come together to defat him. If this is his plan and it goes right, he'll die and the world will be at peace with itself. It would be a sad but good ending

  7. I noticed that in 9:09 a freaking Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ending song. And god Eren is like Madoka wipe out the whole world and re-writes it like Madoka did when she become a God

  8. hey let's be fair the first king did warn them that he'd use his army of titans to destroy the world if they didn't fuck off now imagine the look on those fuckers faces when an army of colossal titans come over to do nothing but walk all over their dumb asses

  9. I’m betting Eren will come exceptionally close to ending the world, almost killing his friends in the process but then becomes struck by a realization. Realizing that he’s stuck in effectively a time loop because of the information sent back from the attack titan. He’ll use the founding titans power to either erase his own connection to the attack titan or something similar. The last panel is Eren telling himself that he’s free from the timeloop.

  10. I know what's gonna happen because in a panel Eren was asking himself "if there was a creature capable of destroying the world would the people join together and kill that creature" he wants to make people of the world kill him so peace would be think between everyone this is the ending for me 99%

  11. Eren is going to destroy all or a big portion of the world, he has seen the future and probably knows he will kid that kid fron the flashback

  12. there is a back door to Eren death declare.

    all life "outside" parades island will be kill.


    if you want to live came to parades island.

    not only Ymir childbearing.

    all life.

    he will really make the history true.

    the history of mankind at the start of the sire.

    they is no more live outside the "wall".

    the wall is parades island

  13. The gruesome world view the eldians inside the wall had all along,

    that they’re the sole survivors of the world because the rest of humanity went extinct due to titans,

    turns out to have been their salvation all along.

  14. what if Mikasa confessed? what would change? eren wouldn't have recklessly kill the hammer titan resulting in Sasha still being alive?

  15. God, this is like the World Wars, their whole world is about to go fucking mad!
    Bright side is that Zeke failed – what an asshole

  16. I think Eren is done putting faith in foreigners like he did the representative at the meeting which immediately used Paradise as a scapegoat and just said fuck it, everyone that isn’t from the island dies.

  17. I think eren is planning on wiping out Marley and just warning the other eldians to pack up all allies and hide

  18. Yeet🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🦚🦖🦕🐎🕷🦌🕷🐐🦖🐐🐌🦌🐌🦌🦖🦖🦎🐖🐊🐊

  19. I'll assume that Eren actually means it, but only in a fit of rage.

    He'll surely calm down at some point somewhere

  20. i think it will be like code geass where eren turn all the hatred of the world from paradis island to himself, so they combined force to stop eren as he died as a villain and a black sheep for the sake of survival of everyone. cliche hero move hahaha

  21. After Rod is the biggest titan, Eren's like:

    Lemme just step right in

    I've got things to just end

    I'm an innovator baby

    Stomped the world

    Banged little blondie

    before you kissed a girl

    I'm a pimp you're a nerd

    I'm slick you're cheesy

    Devil took the apple – too easy

    I'm the protagonist the artist uses

    And the BOI that Mikasa chooses

    I need to bring up some basic shit

    Why'd you name your character after your dick?

  22. We didn't see king carl's flashback yet
    I hope isayama show us before ending……& Annie wake the fuck up we have a world to burn!! 🔥🔥

  23. OK so I think Annie will wake up and after all this sleeping she'll have become super powerful and be able to 1v1 eren an have a super climactic fight to the death then either both die or eren wins

  24. i mean..even eldians outside of the walls and part eldians are using the devils on the island as scapegoats…so even if it was manipulation….no mercy for them

  25. having long hair makes you badass. having long hair covering your face makes you terrifying (it works even better when it's strands of hair)

  26. Somebody has got to stop Eren. He is clearly going to be a menace to this world. Can you imagine sitting at home minding your own business with your family watching a ball game when all of a sudden these giant creatures come out of nowhere and kill you and everybody else for no reason except to fix their side of the world that we have nothing to do with he's got to be stopped and that's all to it but that means with that being said I just love Attack on Titan and I never want it to end. For that I rather be on Zeke's side

  27. "I have devoured five continents. I have slurped three oceans dry. The vast sky alone remains

    alone out of my long reach, for I am trapped in this body which lacks wings, hands and feet. I

    am the world serpent. I am Jormungand." Eren is Jormungand

  28. Ok why is it that eren looks like a weird version of Frankenstein's Monster, I mean he looks almost exactly like monster from the book.

  29. Actually he looks like the new hellboy a bit…mainly for the facial features but I mean to me he looks like the new Hellboy

  30. Eren wakes up Ymir and frees her from her responsibility, taking it all within himself.

    Eren frees Eldians from their responsibility by becoming the devil and giving them a choice, stay behind me and share the responsibility for this evil, oppose me and defeat me and earn your freedom by having evil die with me!

    Eren’s going to pull a Code Geass on everyone!!!

  31. Crazy prediction theory incoming.
    So Eren sets the Colossal titans out to attack the world. Naturally, every single nation's military responds in mass and even Eren's friends try to stop them. They put up a good fight and even manage to kill a lot of the Wall Titans, but it's still a hopeless battle, especially as Eren's new Titan form finishes forming. But something is wrong. The Founding Titan doesn't look like Eren at all/starts turning into a different shape. Instead of a masculine form with brown hair, the Titan becomes a blonde female. It's Ymir, having returned to life by taking over Eren's body and is now attempting to take revenge on the world for her suffering. She screams, like Zeke was able to, and, while every mindless Titans continues raging, every named Titans and perhaps even every descendent of Ymir becomes incapacitated and unable to fight.
    Then suddenly, as all hope seems lost, the Attack Titan rips itself out of the Founding Titans body.
    As it turns out, this had all been part of Eren's plan, the real goal he had been trying to achive. Which goal is this? The same it has always been. To rid the world of all Titans, with the added bonus of severely crippling the military of the rest of the world. As the Attack Titan, he proves himself to be immune to the Ymir's power and procedes to battle and eventually kill Ymir for good, thus severing the path between her descendents, AKA the Eldians, and the Titan's power. All the feral titans die/return to being human and all the named Titans lose their powers and regain their lifespan.
    Then, once everything is over, he holds a conference where he tells the world "My name is Eren Yeager and I'm the guy that commanded the Colossal Titans to beat the life out of your millitary forces. I can do this anytime I want. I'm also the guy that took away the Marlyeans abilities to make more titans. I spared you all once. I won't do so twice. So you better not kick up any shit for as long as I live."
    Boom. He buys Eldia the necessary 50 years to advance. Eren lives a long life which is spent under constant watch, since the government can't execute their only war deterrent, ironically giving up his freedom for the sake of his friends and nation. But he will at least still have Armin and Mikasa.
    The End.

  32. Eren kills himself as a sacrifice to protect his friends. I believe he will be a good guy but also he will probably die here

  33. I dont think its a middle finger from eren to the eldians and part-eldians outside of paradis. I mean the eldians from marley said that the eldians on paradis are the true devils. I guess its karma if you can say that

  34. I wonder if Eren wants to pull out a "Dr Manhattan" on the world: becoming the principal target of the outside world's hate so that the innocent eldians could be spared.

  35. It would be odd for eren to have a double meaning in his final message, considering how he was only talking to eldians. Also, given the general timeline of the AoT world, its possible that another nation could have developed nuclear weapons, that could be dropped by that mysterious airplane we saw quite a while ago. Also, how in the world are the colossal titans going to get across the ocean in a timely manner? I dont know how eren could truly win at this point.

  36. You know..they say AOT season 3 will be the final. But I'm willing to bet that a Movie afterwards will truly end this series. Could be very wrong though.

  37. I hope Mikasa Never marry Eren and it's obvisouly that will Never happen. Eren distanced her and Armin. Cause he know that he was fated to become THE Final MONSTER. And all THE fandom are happy to see Eren and MIKASA when they were together when in reality they are BAD for each other Eren THE one is fated to kill everyone while MIKASA suffer an Ackerbond family problem. Yeah this is what most wants all THE readers that's so disgusting

  38. Honestly, what did King Fritz expect? The rest of the world to simply forget how they killed BILLIONS over CENTURIES and just let them be?
    Only if the bastard could grow a pair of balls and kill the invaders, none of this would've happened.

  39. I would like to add on one more thing to this story on how it will end. I think the story with helos back when eren was underground with reiner braun maybe foreshadowing. In the story with helos, the devil of all earth was killed by helos. Helos was described as clever, brave, heroic, cunning and beautiful. Originally I thought the story was pertaining to levi and zeke, which had a very similar resemblance to the story. Levi is brave, cunning and heroic but not clever or beautiful. Also Levi didn't kill the beast titan so this also does not fit the story with Levi. I believe that this is NOT who the story was pertaining to. I think the person who the story is actually pertaining to is Eren and Armin. I say this because armin fits these characteristics of Helos better than levi does. Armin is clever and cunning because hes been always able to figure things out and over come it and even deceived people like he did with the colossal titan and Eren by sacrificing himself. Armin has a very feminine like face which I would consider beautiful. For Brave and heroic, eren once said "I always knew you were the bravest one out of all of us" when he used himself as a decoy to allow eren a chance to defeat the colossal titan. Now that we know who the devil is (Eren), Eren said "the commander and I arent the ones who will save humanity, Armin is". Eren is the villian now to the whole world, Levi is Out of Commission. So the only one who fits Helos character is Armin at this moment. Commander Erwin gave up everything and became a demon by sacrificing all his men to win, sounds like Eren is doing the same thing. Lets be honest, Armin is really the only one powerful enough to fight against Eren at this point now that he has Ymirs powers. Last but not least, I believe eren plans on being stopped by armin, which is part of the plan. I'll explain, Willy tybur before getting ready for his speech looked really nervous, like he knew something was going to happen. In chapter 123, eren mysteriously disappeared according to miskasa, so I'm predicting at some point he met with willy tybur and conspired with him inorder to unite the whole world through the fear of the wall titans stomping the earth. Another reason for this is, how did eren know where the war hammer titan was located? why did he pick that spot to attack and kill people in the crowd? It just sparks me as suspicious that this is all coincidence. So Eren chose armin to be humanities savior and eren chose to be the enemy of humanity. To sum it up, Willy Tybur wanted to make the story of Helos a reality with the help of Eren so that the world will stop hating Eldians and unite.

  40. Eren has become the Ubermensch. I wouldn't put it past Isayama to have the story end with Armin getting crushed by him and Mikasa being forced to kill Eren. Now THAT'S an ending.

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