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Night In The Manga Cafe

Hey buddy, you wanna see a cat cafe vid…hmm noooo You’re not curious about Japanese cats? Another rainy day in Tokyo I’m going to be in the office most of the day, so I grabbed myself a bento It’s what businessmen usually eat prepared by their wives, purchased from a store or from a convenience store or if you’re in a business district, there are usually people with bento stalls set up Store-bought bento usually has rice, some kind of meat or fish and then something pickled sometimes something fried In traditional Japanese families, usually the mother makes bentos for the whole family And it’s such a big part of their day that it’s quite trendy to make really cute bentos Or I actually read a website of wives seeking revenge on their husbands through bentos They’ve packed like only rice for them and stuff like that So bento culture is a big part of Japanese cuisine to have bentos for lunch if you’re not going out to eat Egg My favorite Time for my first bus ride in Seoul I hope you can use the same card as the metro. From here to here I’m meeting a Polish girl named Alexandra who has been here for a few months for modelling job First dinner, then possibly party The bus transportation system is always more confusing than the metro system It’s always less foreigner-friendly Now I’m an expert in buses in Seoul Ok our accountant just visited the office making sure that we have all our money stuff in order So now I get to work on yesterday’s episode for you guys This is what it looks like when I was in Dropbox You can like export it to Twitter and then I can choose a part Yeah I think it should be interesting, you should come with me yeah yeah I tried to convince Gamma to go to the manga cafe with me but she’s not interested Ok so apparently this one has a girl’s section Right now both my hands are touching the walls All of these are little cubicles for people to stay in Manga cafes are places where you can go to read manga or watch anime or adult moves But recently they have become much more popular in the internet as places where underpaid Japanese people will choose to live if they can’t afford their own apartment Ok so everything I have in this room includes a hanger here, this seat here with a cushion, a desk with a computer, and a shelf up top to put some things and this lamp and headphones Does that mean I’m not allowed to look at these? One Piece Naruto Unlimited softserve Score! Oh, found the ladies’ comics section Free wifi And I grabbed a comic, I don’t know why, I don’t think I’m going to read this but it’s what you’re supposed to do at a manga cafe, right? So it seems you can choose any of their movies in the online library and watch them that includes anime, dramas, and porn Oh, that’s me From what I saw, there were 3-hour, 6-hour, and 9-hour options I think there are longer ones as well I went with 6-hour and the flatbed, which cost 1,555JPY So the price is pretty good in my opinion It’s cheaper than catching a cab home It’s a good option if you’re stuck somewhere and don’t have a way to get home until the first train Good night guys I ended up near Sinsa station Oh wow I just met with Alexandra Hello And we’re having Korean food What is that? This is kimchi jiggae We just bought supplies for a house party and we’re going to see an international house party Everybody except for me is going to be a model So I’m, I dunno Good stuff, you’re a natural What’s this guy? Billboard in Toronto This is a cultural difference between Japan and Korea It’s 20 to 11 and the party hasn’t even started yet In Japan we would be, like in an hour we’d be going home It’s about half past midnight We’re just going to a club So this episode might be a bit late Where are we going? Arena, to party Let’s see about that Basically they didn’t let me into the club because I’m too casually dressed Clubbing right And I guess at this point, my narrative completely fell apart So at least you know it’s a daily vlog You win some, you lose some

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89 thoughts on “Night In The Manga Cafe

  1. poor Kris 🙂 first cat is running away from him and then he can't go to a party… but you have an amazing daily vlog! 😀

  2. Kris, You should expect that You need to dress up a bit if You want to go to the club with the models, 

    and a question, since You are in South Korea lately, what are the peoples reactions to rising tensions between South and North Korea last days

  3. Funny that Kris allowed the Polish girl through before him 😉 And usually doesn't do it with other nationailties 😀

  4. Hi there Kris, at first I was like: a date –> a house party –> and , and… AND…
    But after watching the whole thing what I would say is: Just f*ck it you're my role model anyways ^_^

    Keep up the good work, cheers (-;

    BTW where to put questions for the next Q&A? (I have something that may cheer you up a little, I think)

  5. That's horrible how they left him! I love the Manga Cafe! You do an amazing job at showing us the Japanese culture!

  6. Really? You couldn't go in so they left you there? I'm pretty sure it wasn't the only club there ;-/ … Besides Alexandra, from where were they from?

  7. Hey Kasia, have you felt like more left alone, concentrated on your book, or in someways kind of detached and lonely visiting the this place?
    Just curious because it gave me some kind of creeps…  don't know why…

  8. They should lighten up the manga cafe vibe and make it less sketchy. It's seriously such a great deal yet I don't feel like ever going. :/ This might just be me. 😛

  9. They didn't let you in becouse you have a shorts i think ;/ but you're "friends" behave really badly (sorry for my english :))

  10. Definitely not nice to leave Kris behind. I thought he met those people for the first time, right? That surely doesn't make the best first impression of them. 
    Or… they could at least have warned you about the club requirements – they seemed to have been there before. Oh well. Quite disappointing to see stuff like that happen.

  11. i am quite sad. It looks like you are doing things that you dont like, and dont have money from it. I hope at least rest of your day was nice. ;_;

  12. I'm not surprised they didn't let Kris in. That's one of the reasons why I wouldn't really want to try going to a club. I don't think I have any appropriate clothes. I don't even think I have an appropriate face. 😉

  13. Is music that you guys use in your videos in CC license? I really dig it and using it in my own videos in future would be awesome. Or do I need to message the creator? :p

    Keep doing good work! One of the best vlogs i've ever seen :D.

  14. Those bento look pretty darn good. Kasia, if you fall asleep in the manga cafe, does an attendant notify you that your session is ending? Sorry about the party, Kris…can't win them all, I guess. Another captivating video, thanks guys!

  15. Really?! They went in without Kris? Not cool… They invited him to the party, so should spend the whole time with him, as he was their guest. Some people are just bad mannered.

  16. This is what i hate about shitty clubs and slutty models..And casuals?? Wtf is wrong with these club dudes? Are you supposed to wear a suit and tie and enter. This is really bad, Kyrs come to India and i will take to the best Nightclubs in my city which are far better than these dick clubs and pornhub centres..

  17. Too casualy dressed? That's South Korea for you.. not wonder they look at how you look when deciding whether hire you or not.

  18. Well I guess it must be some fancy ass club. Whenever I go to a club (and I don't do it very often, actually my last time was about a year ago) I wear something comfy to feel good, to dance all night. I have never been like not let in. And I am not a model myself. They have taken you to the fanciest place in Korea and never mentioned you should doll yourself up. Not cool, but I know some models that would leave me behind just like your friends left you. Maybe that's why I stopped clubbing.

  19. I hate anime and manga etc but these cafes fascinate me, especially the concept of people actually living in them. Seriously considering an unorthodox holiday to Japan to experience cafe/Manboo culture for like a month or so, so I can experience being a fake Japanese cafe refugee lol

  20. From what i saw in the Video: Honestly, they dint looked like models at all, just pretty average. And they obviously dont know how to party, as they finally moved their asses to the club so late. Me and my friends would already do some sheet while they laid arount in the apartement. Being them boring selfes and when they finally got theyre ass moved they just let kryshtov out. Loosers. :C

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