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Open Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 & more! – The Marvel Minute 2017

I’ve got the scoop on open beta for Marvel Heroes Omega and a lot more all coming up this week on the Marvel minute where I give you 60 seconds of the biggest news in the Marvel Universe each and every Monday. Cool comics hit stacks this week Young heroes step up in SECRET EMPIRE: UPRISING #1. Get ready for time-travel with CABLE #1. And a war wages on two fronts in SECRET EMPIRE #3. Get ready for a summer of heroes. Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim opens Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! this weekend. new attraction that features your favorite universe saving scallywags as they break out from the Collector’s well… collection! Summer of heroes also brings a bevy of activities for the whole family. Get down with Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off! View the Collector’s warehouse. Become a hero with Avengers Training Initiative, and lots more! I’m going to try to get in a dance party with Star-Lord. Because I’m hooked on a feeling. And open beta begins for Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4™. What the heck is open beta, right noobs? That means you can login download the game now, and get playing on PS4™! You can also start earning PlayStation trophies today choose your character, select a costume, pick your superpowers, hone your talents then grab sweet gear, get wrapped up in the epic tale, and even team up with other heroes in co-op mode! Get it now on PS4™! Are you going to get gamey with Marvel Heroes Omega? And who on the Guardians of the Galaxy would you like to have an awesome dance off with? Tell us down below and I’ll see you next time, True Believers. I am Lorraine Cink for Marvel, your universe.

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36 thoughts on “Open Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 & more! – The Marvel Minute 2017

  1. I came into this game with an open mind, but it was still pretty hollow. The fighting feels empty, the levels are even less creative than the levels of the old x-men legends games. This game is basically a very poor man's version of ultimate alliance. Even ultimate alliance 2 for that matter. It's free 2 play after all, and those are never really that great.

    But hey, if you like it, then cool. But you shouldn't expect a whole lot going in.

    I wish they'd make an ultimate alliance 3. The first one was fantastic, and the second one although wasn't as good as the first, was still decent.

  2. Marvel please stop making games that always have a birds eye view camera , please have one that's more like shattered dimensions , it just makes it a lot more fun

  3. I have been playing the original Marvel heros for years, I was playing it when it first was made and I witnessed the transformation of it from Marvel heros to Marvel heros 2017 and now this is a thing and I can't even play it yet because this Playstation exclusive bullshit. F#ck you Marvel.


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