Overpowered DC Comics Heroes!

Hello and welcome to Comic Drake where I talk
about comic books and my name is Drake. There’s a reason why DC’s flagship fighting
game is called Injustice: Gods Among Us and that’s because one of the main points about
DC Comics’ version of storytelling is that they are about characters who are pretty much
gods in terms of power living amongst men and yes, while there are some characters with
varying degrees of powers in terms of strength and stuff like that, by and large, most of
DC’s characters are extremely overpowered, but today, I want to take a look at some of
my favorites and share with you guys why exactly these guys are so OP. This isn’t a “Who would win in a fight”
and it’s not a definitive rank, it’s just… These guys are strong. I’m going to present them to you. Okay, let’s do it! Okay look, let’s talk about the obvious
elephant in the room before we go any further. Superman is one of the strongest characters
in not just all of DC Comics, but also all of comics books and pretty much all of fiction. He has your now standard superhero cocktail
of flight, super strength, and invulnerability, but he’s also got heat vision, super breath,
x-ray vision, super hearing, super speed that rivals that of speedsters, and the powerful
Super Flare. On top of that, Superman’s only real weaknesses
and vulnerabilities are Kryptonite, magic, sometimes chi, and being out of the sun for
too long. He has absolutely no limits in terms of raw
physical power and continues to be literally as strong as the writers want him to be. Everybody knows this, but we just needed to
get Supes out of the way now. Angry fanboys, subside your rage. We have more. Zatanna is one of those characters that a
lot of people know of, but not a lot about. On the surface, she really doesn’t seem
like much, but in fact, Zatanna is one of the most powerful magic users in the DC universe. Her backwards magic lets her do pretty much
anything from magic bolts to flight to memory wipes to healing and that’s just the tip
of the iceberg! Zatanna is one of the go-to people in the
superhero community when it comes to dealing with problems of the magical and/or occult
variety and has stood toe to toe with some powerful foes. This is one performer you DON’T want to
mess with. You guys might know him as Captain Marvel
under Fawcett Comics before they were bought out by DC, but during the height of his popularity,
Shazam was actually more popular that freaking Superman! Which is pretty interesting considering that
the characters have a lot in common right down to how they look, but one thing that
really sets Shazam apart from Superman is that his alter ego is this little kid named
Billy Batson and when he yells the magic word, Shazam, he transforms into the powerful Captain
Marvel or Shazam depending on which name you like to go by. Which let’s be honest, is probably the most
awesome alter ego ever! Shazam has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength
of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the
speed of Mercury. Yes, he has the power of literal gods, demi-gods,
and ancient heros. That alone should tell you how strong the
dude is. Depending on the writer, he’s as strong
as and sometimes even STRONGER THAN Superman. How he doesn’t have more books and how he’s
not more popular is beyond me! The Flash goes fast. For years, that’s all that people really
thought about him. See the thing is that he is a speedster which
is someone who can tap into the interdimensional energy called the Speed Force which might
as well be goddamn magic! The Speed Force lets people do pretty much
anything including super speed, time travel, creating and controlling electricity, accelerated
healing, disrupting molecules, dimensional travel, create tornadoes, phase through walls,
and even let people THINK AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Even ignoring Flash’s overpowered Infinite
Mass Punch which is exactly what it sounds like, the sheer amount of stuff that The Flash
can do a seemingly basic power is ludicrous, making him a deceptively powerful opponent
and one of my favorite comic book characters ever! The Martian Manhunter might as well be named
Martian Superman. Super strength, flight, durability, shape
shifting, phasing, telepathy, telekinesis, AND a freaking healing factor. Yeah, there is a reason why Superman has stated
that he’s afraid to fight this guy and mentions that Martian Manhunter is the most powerful
being on the entire planet! Now I’ll admit that being weak against fire
is pretty crippling for the Manhunter, but he has found several ways around this in the
past. Hands down my favorite way to take him on
though is to exploit his addiction to Chocos which are basically DC’S version of Oreos. Withdrawal from these made Martian Manhunter
literally Hulk out, destroying anything in his path, but severely lowering his mental
capacity at the same time. It’s brilliant and wonderful, next character. Wonder Woman is a character that DC keeps
wanting to use as a part of the Trinity, but never actually gives her solid promotion or
love which is a real shame because she is one of the strongest women in their universe. As the daughter of Zeus, she has super strength,
flight, durability, a healing factor, and is an amazing fighter who is experienced in
hand to hand combat and a variety of weapons. Plus let’s not forget that her Lasso of
Truth and Bracelets of Submission add significantly powerful defense and versatility to her arsenal. She has literally usurped the title of God
of War from Ares and Batman himself has noted that Wonder Woman doesn’t have any sort
of real weakness and my god, that’s terrifying. She is an incredibly powerful character that
deserves more attention than just “female superhero that’s great at being merchandised”. Doctor Fate was a character that used to be
way more popular, but has now been relegated to guest appearances and as someone to go
to when magic stuff goes down. Like Zatanna, Doctor Fate can do anything
because magic. His powerset is incredibly vague in the best
way possible and I hate to keep comparing people to Superman, but when it comes to magic,
Doctor Fate is the freaking Superman of magic. YOU CAN NOT BEAT THIS GUY and listen, I know
we’re talking about the mainstream DC universe, but can we quickly talk about Injustice 2. I mean listen to this line. “You’ve returned from The Void.” “The helm found a way” Okay so let’s have a quick nery rant for
a second. The Void is heavily tied into The Source and
they can kind of be interpreted as the paper that comic books are written on. So that means that Doctor Fate literally went
outside of FICTION and somehow made his way back which means that the OP “because comics”
nature of the medium transcends fictional realities and concepts, making this probably
Doctor Fate’s most impressive feat to date in any of the versions of him in the multiverse
or even Hypertime. How does that even?! I don’t even?! Okay. Okay, stop right there. Before you go into the comment section and
complain about how lame Aquaman is, let me counter you real quick. Pretty much the only people who don’t like
Aquaman are people that don’t read Aquaman. He has become a cultural punching bag because
“He’s that guy that talks to fish” which he technically doesn’t even do. This dude has super strength, durability,
flight, he is an incredibly deadly aquatic combatant, he can control water and the weather,
he’s skilled at hand to hand combat and fighting with his trident which by the way
fires lightning bolts, and yes, the can telepathically command and control ALL aquatic life. Some versions of this character include a
hook hand, harpoon hand, and even a bad ass shapeshifting magic water hand, but let’s
also not forget that he is a savage warrior who controls a vast army and is not opposed
to murder. It doesn’t matter if it’s by a shark or
even at the end of his trident because Aquaman can and will kill you if you are a threat
to him or his nation and he is a LOT stronger than many would have you believe. The Green Lanterns are DC’s space cops and
they wield the Green Lantern Power Rings, a device which is frequently called the most
powerful weapon in the universe. Using this ring, a Lantern can create energy
constructs of ANYTHING they want. The only limit is their imagination, willpower,
and sometimes the color yellow. It’s really always up in the air and up
for debate. Regardless, the ring itself has a plethora
of other powers and uses which is mostly relegated by its onboard A.I., but they have shown nearly
infinite strength. I would go into more detail, but since I’m
talking about every single Lantern, it’s difficult to list off all of their individual
strengths and feats. Just know that there is a reason there’s
always a Lantern on the Justice League. Like, pretty much every iteration of it of
which there’s a bunch. “What I said was, God exists and he is American.” Now a lot of people know that The Watchmen
is separate from the main DC universe, but after the revelations of the DC Rebirth event,
we now know that they are very real and have a stronger impact on the DC MULTIVERSE as
a whole than we know. At the time of this recording, there’s not
much information that has been given, but we know that at the very least, we know that
Dr. Manhattan is out there. Now, as the earlier quote implies, Dr. Manhattan
is essentially a god and is able to do anything. He’s nearly omnipotent, has telekinesis,
he’s invulnerable to pretty much anything, can reshape matter into anything he desires,
can create force fields, alter his size, and pretty much do whatever he wants, because
comics. Look, just watch this clip from the movie
and that’ll tell you everything you need to know. I’m excited to see how the Watchmen’s
inclusion in the DC multiverse is handled, but potentially, Dr. Manhattan might be up
there in strength with The Presence, who is literally the GOD of the DC multiverse. Yeah, this blue dude might be stronger than
God. Holy crap, that’s awesome! Listen, there are a LOT more overpowered characters
in DC Comics and this really scratches the surface, but I wanted to get a good mix of
characters that you already know or at least ones that you don’t know a lot about, but
if you want me to make more videos like this then I can definitely do so. Maybe I can go into overpowered DC villians,
overpowered Marvel heroes, overpowered Marvel villains, or even indie characters and stuff
like that. This has been a fun video and I really think
that it’ll open the door to some new formats here on the channel so hey, thanks for dropping
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