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Pawn Stars: Chum Shocked by Comic Book Appraisal (Season 13) | History

CHUMLEE: How you doing?
XAN: Hey. How are you? What do you have here? I brought you Bob Hope– his original comic from 1950. Hey, Rick. RICK: What? CHUMLEE: Check this out. It’s a Bob Hope comic book. Oh, that’s pretty cool. Do you know who Bob Hope is? “The Price Is Right.” No. That’s Bob Barker. This is Bob Hope. Different old Bob. You know, Bob Hope and
Bing Crosby– like, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. Who? Like Harold and Kumar. OK.
RICK: All right? OK. [LAUGHS] [DING] Bob Hope– he was a
pretty amazing guy. He entertained troops in
World War II, Korea, Vietnam. He was the only honorary
veteran in the United States because he did so much
stuff for the USO, live to be 100 years old. 100? Yep. And when he was in a
movie, it made money. He was so popular, he
had his own comic book. CHUMLEE: Sweet. RICK (VOICEOVER): Bob Hope was
an absolute Hollywood legend. He was in over 70 films. And he hosted The
Academy Awards 19 times. I’m just afraid anyone
under the age of 50 doesn’t really know who he is. So where did you get this? I actually got this
on an online auction. RICK: OK. Well, it looks in
relatively good shape. I assume you want to sell it? Yes. How much do you want for it? XAN: I believe it might
be worth about $500. RICK: I don’t know
how collectible Bob Hope is, to tell you the truth. I just have no idea
what the demand would be for this due to the
fact that it’s not an action hero.
It’s Bob Hope. It’s a little weird.
– Right. Yeah.
– OK? Do you mind if I have
someone look at it? That’d be great. I have a friend in town. Yeah, he grades
comics for a living. He knows what he’s doing. I’ll be right back. I’ll give him a call. And we’ll go from there, OK? Great. XAN (VOICEOVER): I’m glad
and expert’s coming in to look at the comic just to
be sure that it’s all there and to get their
opinion on the grade. [CHA-CHING] PAUL LITCH: Ah, a
Bob Hope Number 1. RICK: I mean, the whole
weird thing is it’s Bob Hope. It’s not like he’s a superhero. PAUL LITCH: Yeah. In the ’50s, superheroes
were going down. They– they weren’t as popular. And so what DC started to
do is license celebrities. They did stories in here
that would relate to some of the movies coming out. So they kind of did some
cross marketing there. RICK: OK. PAUL LITCH (VOICEOVER): The
Bob Hope comic ran from Issue 1 from 1950 all the way to 1968. I mean, 18 years for a continual
run on a comic is pretty great. RICK: So what’s the
grade on this thing? PAUL LITCH: All right. Well, it looks pretty nice. It’s got a few creases,
tear along the spine there. Doesn’t look restored at all. Little bit of tanning, a
chip out at the top right. You know, I think CGC
would give it about a 6.0. RICK: The big question
is, what’s it worth? I would put a certified
6.0 price at around $600. That’s the price. But are they easy to sell? PAUL LITCH: I mean, most people
my age, we– we know Bob Barker more than we know Bob Hope. Told you. RICK: So you’re calling me old? No. You are old. I’m just stating a fact. [LAUGHS] Anyway, I think at
$600, you can’t go wrong. RICK: OK. Thanks, man. I really appreciate it.
– You got it, Rick. Anytime.
– All right. – Good to see you again.
– See you next time. Take care. People love first issues. Issue 1s always are collectible. How fast Rick will sell
it, I really can’t say. I know he gets a lot of foot
traffic through the shop. And I think he should
be able to move it. RICK: So what’s your
best price of this? XAN: Well, if it’s worth $600
and I’m only asking $500, I hope that’s a
great deal for Bob. CHUMLEE: I think Bob
would say the price is gonna have to be right. [LAUGHS] RICK: [LAUGHS] I mean, your problem
here is it’s Bob Hope. I mean, unless you’re
over 50, no one really knows who Bob Hope is anymore. I think it’s gonna
be a tough sell. I’ll give you $300 for it. How about $400? I’ll give you $325. And I won’t go a penny more. I mean, that, literally, is it. Congratulations. Well, thanks, man. I appreciate it. The price is right. [LAUGHS] RICK: [LAUGHS] All right. Let’s go write it up. XAN (VOICEOVER): I
believe it was a win-win for that particular price. I’m gonna give the
money to my wife. And I have no idea what the
hell she’s gonna do with it. [CHA-CHING] RICK: [LAUGHS] CHUMLEE: What are
you laughing at? RICK: This Bob Hope comic. COREY: Bob Hope comic book? RICK: Yeah. You know Bob Hope. He, like, did New
Year’s Eve for, like, years, and years, and years. He’s got the airport named
after him in California. That was “Dick
Clark’s Rocking Eve.” COREY: It’s not Dick Clark
International Airport. RICK: I know. It’s Bob Hope
International Airport. Never mind. I’m just telling you, those
old comedians have nothing on the new wave of comedians. RICK: Why is it that all
you guys ever want to do is argue with me? COREY: You’re always saying
I refuse to learn anything. I learned that Bob Hope and Dick
Clark aren’t the same person. No kidding. Maybe you’ll grow
a brain one day. CHUMLEE: Coming from
the guy reading comics. COREY: Old Bob Hope comics. CHUMLEE: [LAUGHS]

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100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Chum Shocked by Comic Book Appraisal (Season 13) | History

  1. I know Chumlee isn't that stupid. Him and Rick were doing a routine like Bob Hope & Bing Crosby, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Harold & Kumar? Lol

  2. Don't forget Ricks taking all the risks. Its got to be framed and all the room it's taking plus it could be sitting 8n the shop for years and when some body does want to buy it they will talk Rick down to about $330. I'll give you $325 it more than a fair price. 😂😂😂

  3. Rick talks like he was born in 1900…and like he the only one who is into history…he ain't even that old

  4. I remember Bob Hope saying people would ask him where he lived and he’d said “Cucamonga” and they’d laugh, but now people know the city as Rancho Cucamonga ca

  5. Gosh, I know Bob Hope and his Pepsodent Hour on radio very well, as well as his "Road To…" movies; so does Seth MacFarlane affectionately, and we're both well under 50.

  6. Hahaha love it when the seller says he is giving the money to his wife. Not that its a great idea, but when i give my wife extra money i hope she pampers herself with things she would otherwise not hv indulge in..

  7. I used to collect comc books and I found it easier to sell comics like these than a lot of superhero ones. Btw, 50% of appraised value (without official grading) is a really good offer – in fact a lot of comic shops only offer 40%

  8. I can't tell if that guy has "gallery" (hwarangdo, 화랑도) or "anger" (hwa, 화), "love" (rang, 랑 [from sarang, 사랑]), and "degree" (do, 도) tattooed in Korean on his arm.

  9. The revolting blob trying to sell a comic book to a guy who has to call a buddy of his and that's the best I can do and I'm taking all the risk here

  10. Vince McMan of the WWE is the next Bob Hope of the USO . Thank you Vince for all you have done to entertain our troops overseas.

  11. Very bad acting. Well maybe Chum has taken so much xanax and weed that he forgot who Bob Hope is, but I would say the vast majority of 30 somethings have heard of and even seen Bob Hope on television. Does he mean much to our generation? No, my impression was he was an old comic that was trying to still hang on and be relevant. And almost everyone would at least know of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, although in my case I know them mainly for their individual work in films and such and not their comedy team work which I had never even seen until I looked it up on youtube. Wouldn't have an interest in owning a Bob Hope comic book, but if there is an older comedian that will be know decades from now he should be one of them. I doubt anyone in the future would be interested in collecting Jay Leno collectibles. Johnny Carson maybe. I think he died a bit earlier, but I actually know George Burn's work a bit better than Hope's, but I don't know, that may just be me. Laurel and Hardy memorabilia might be timeless, I would be surprised if there's anyone from my generation who doesn't know them. So what gets replayed and what doesn't is important.

  12. You're from Vegas and you don't know who Martin & Lewis is? Tsk… Hey! Bob Hope is officially DC property, so can he be digitally added to Suicide Squad 2 or The Batman? I see dollar signs, people!

  13. I'm 28 and I 💙 Dean martin and Bob hope and all kinds of others. Benny's hill was no stand up comic but his show was the best ever.

  14. Honorary veteran wow I have a stamp of Bob Hope by the United States Postal Service now I have something new to say when I show people my stamp wow and thank you Pawn Stars for bringing that history to light

  15. I get why "young folk" aren't likely sure of who Bob Hope was, but he will always be an American icon in so many ways. Also, I'm sure this Pawn Shop entertains clients older than "50 y/o." Lame excuse.

  16. I'm sorry but did I miss the "Shock" factor? I watched thinking it was gonna go for thousands cuz of the title. Hmmmm. I want the last 5 minutes of my life back.

  17. True Chum, because older comic's could make you laugh your rear off with just comedy, they did not have to use foul language to make someone laugh/

  18. Does Rick know any value of anything? Why does he need to grab someone out back that’s supposedly an expert on everything?

  19. Seller: i got prince charles pubes for 850k
    Rick: i gotta frame it and all lets say 20 dollars
    Seller: what about 40 dollars
    Rick: 30 not a dime more

    2 days later
    Sells it 10m

  20. “Bob Hope, the greatest man in Hollywood. When he appeared in a movie, it made money. He could turn water into wine and dirt into gold. He was an entertaining sweetheart, everybody loved him, he was the best actor to ever walk the Earth.”

    “Ok, I want $500 for the comic book.”

    “Ok, well, it’s just Bob Hope and the comic is actually a bit weird.”

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