Pokemon Comic Dub Compilation – GabaLeth

Use flash! A dark cave… good thing I came prepared I… still can’t see anything Use strength! You can’t enter this cave, now get lost! I said get l- Beware of… chest spike? Nuh uh uhh, can’t hug mee! Chest spike! Man, that was a close ca- Ha ha ha! No back spike! Age disparity. I bet you thought I was just some unassuming tourist! I happen to be a seasoned battler, too! Weren’t you like 20 years old earlier? Just like old times. Wow, when didja get so tall Red? Tch, whatever! Speaking of Mount Silver, There’s a mountain quite like it here in the Alola Region. Whaddya say, let’s visited for old times’ sake? Jeez, how can stand this cold? I need your body heat! For the last time! That is not my name! Trying to run away from a trainer battle Well crap I have no potions left, I’m down to my last Pokémon, It’s fire against water… Guess there’s no other option except to run- huh? Wait! You can’t run away from a trainer battle! Right in the Pokéballs! I hate caves! there’s just too many wild Pokémon… Let’s battle little girl! Stay down, creep! Wow… What was her problem? I-I just wanted a Pokémon battle… Hey, let’s battle little boy! Battling Red on top of Mount Silver Wait… how are you not cold, standing on top of this mountain all day? I suddenly wish I had chosen Cyndaquil… Hey! WTH! Red and Blue’s… honeymoon?! Red! Check out this wonky looking Pokémon I found! Luvdisc, the Heart-Shaped Pokémon. It is said that a couple finding this will be blessed with eternal love. Hey, you. Stay away. He’s taken. Blue we’re not- dammit, I can’t talk!! Naming your rival. Let’s begin with your name. What is it? Right… So your name is God. This is my grandson. He’s been your rival since you both were babies! Erm, what was his name now? That’s right. I remember now. His name is Dumbass! Change my name! Hey Dumbass, don’t treat God that way! Oh? Did you come here to see Cynthia in a bathing suit? Here’s my problem. I have a white swimsuit and a black swimsuit. Which one would look better on me? Well, I definitely think that the black one would look awesome on you Hmm, alright. I’ll try it on sometime soon. Yeaaa… that’s the shot. Milotic use hydro pump! Wait, I just bought this camera! Human Pokémon items Curse you, Red! Try this human repel out, May! I think it’s working… Why does it smell like stale pee? Wait… Human Mega Evolution. Fascinating. Now, what was my grandson’s name again? Lit by Litten. Oh, hey there ‘lil fella! Aww, it’s warming up to me! Rotom Dex – and the commentzzz are pouring in!!! Miss Lusamine! I want to show my mom all the cool people and places I’m seeing! So may I take your picture with my Rotom Dex? Of course child! Okay, one moment, please Get a haircut, lady – Lusamine? More like LusaMINE – If she’s 40, I’m 40 😉 – Daaaang, 10/10 – It’s called Poké Finder, wise guy Ehh… I’ll be going now… Wait, you’re already over 40!? Can’t swim If only I had HM03 Surf. Then I could cross this river. Hah, noob! You can’t swim! Wha-?!? Bro, it was just a joke! Wild Pokemon Trainers. You’re in my line of sight! Now we must battle! You win… here, take my money. My Pokemon, my money, my life dreams… Hi, would you like to ba- I’m broke! W-White hair? Hah! Phony! Says the chump who dyed his hair! Hey, quit staring at my wife! White hair… That’s it fellas about time I- I mean someone else, taught you a lesson, yeah! Tall Grass – Overworld vs. Battle scenes Hit ’em with an ember, Fletchinder! What are you doing in there, neighbor? Thanks for watching! And stay perky.

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