79 thoughts on “Pretty – Marinette loses her memory AU [Miraculous Ladybug Comic]

  1. 1:47 – 1:59

    Somebody call a doctor!

    …cause we just got a BURN VICTIM [airhorn noises]

    but seriously Adrien is a good boyfriend… not just because we have similar names.

  2. *In my Heart of Iron*
    Defender: Sir, the patchwork is done! Our defenses are back up after that last attack.
    *Another Marinette loses her memory comic by Spatziline*
    Commander: DAMMIT, NOT AGAIN!!

  3. I cant believe this, this is so sad for both part, this cant be worst, right?

    Posdata: sigo hablando español =)
    Y por eso gracias por los subtitulos

  4. THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE TOGETHER FOREVER Lmao hahaha Lila you have no one not ever adrien bec ADRIEN WILL BE WITH MARINETTE SOON Hopefully in seaon 4 or 5 but yeah- XD

  5. So cute, you should make a serie with this ;b cuz if you do… i will be your fan #1 in that like mlb(and i want to know how this will end)

  6. trying not cry im gonna be a great actor. I just think of your sad comic and than i can cry for the rest of my life

  7. OH, GOD, WHY?! IT WAS SO SWEET AND PRETTY AND WHOLESOME AND THEN *BAM*, RIGHT IN THE FEELS! T—-T I LOVE this so much, and yet, it tore my heart out, so thanks for that! PERFECTION, as always! <3

  8. OMG I love it but we know the end all along and it's to saaaaaaaad !
    You are so talented, just continue in that way it's perfect !!!!!

  9. ¡Un momento!
    ¿Ella al final perdió la memoria y el se encargó de seguir diciéndole que es bonita?
    Lindo y sad se han unido, pero como soy algo insensible, gana el lindo.

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