16 thoughts on “Puertorock77 Live: Godfall Leaked Footage Impression | Playstation Fans vs Fanboy Expecations

  1. Lets never confuse what Playstation expects out of Sony when it comes to Playstation 5 and what Playstation fanboys want from Playstation 5. We are not the same.

  2. My problem with the Playstation community is that we've made this rumor fact in our mind. We have treated this rumor like its already confirmed fact because Jason Schrier says it, it must be true….. its on the internet?!?!?!

    I find it funny because Jason Schrier is saying its a rumor, so if it turns out that it's not true then he'll say I said it was a rumor, when other media outlets find out that it's not true then they'll say they were just reporting it as a rumor……but dudes on YouTube treating this rumor like its fact…..like Sony already came out and said this is what we are doing……..so all I want to know is who among you……which one of these YouTubers is going to hold the L when/if these rumors turn out to be false?

    You see the basis of all the rumor and speculation is because Sony has not come out and said anything about PS5 to anyone but Wired magazine, and now that they canceled thier E3 plans there is no plans for them to say anything to anyone until they are ready to reveal the next generation console and thier plans for the next generation console to the public. And I hear people saying well why doesn't Sony come out and squash it if its just a rumor…..look at history…..when has any company ever come out and squashed a rumor when it related to an upcoming major announcement?

    I agree we all gotta question whether there is still value in buying a console if Sony ships thier games off to PC, but to me……Sony's gotta first tell me if they are shipping thier games to PC before I treat this rumor like its fact.


  3. Just like paying to play multi-player bullshit, m$ had opened Sony's eyes yet again with their brilliant money making tactics.

  4. You always put out Great True Content. Its refreshing Thanks PR. These youtube streets put alot of misinformation out in Da World.

  5. @Puertorock77 You talked about third party royalties before but if the PS Store was fully compatible on PC and worked like Steam Sony still gets third party royalty fees from the PS PC Store and then Sony still has the PS5 PS Store

    So PS Store full PC compatibility to take on Steam and Epic Store and then you still got the huge PS5 market who are not going to buy a gaming PC rig and PS backwards compadibility with PS handhelds through PS4 is PS5 console exclusive so if your a PC gamer that has PS4 for exclusives and you get them on PC now there is now that huge backwards compadible PS library that is PS5 exclusive and of course the exclusive PS5 UI

  6. Sony's problem is that they NEED better studios, they only have 3 good studios and far too many mediocre AA Doo Doo Devs like Bend, Sucker Punch, Poly Phonies, Pixel Opus, Sony London etc. This is why Jim Ryan is money hatting timed exclusives because even Jim knows most of Sony's first party is doo doo tier

  7. I just want Sony to say it already just say that there AAA games are going to date to date on PC so that I can hang up the gloves on PlayStation because this is unacceptable and I think I know what Sony is up to they're going to announce all of their amazing AAA games exclusively on the PS5 to maximize your sales not only the console what are those exclusives then when they can't sell anymore they put it on PC years later to see if they can maximize the sales again. I've been on SONY'S platform since the very 1st PlayStation and it has been because of 1 reason. EXCLUSIVES! They have brought me the most amazing experiences that you can not get anywhere else. And if it's also going to PC, well guess I'll pirate all their games. I don't give money to snakey backstabbers.

  8. Before the Godfall trailer leaked, we had some people judging how good it looked and if it could be made for current gen hardware… based on a low quality 6 second video. Plenty of armchair developers in this community.

  9. the best thing Puertorock said was when he broke down the true meaning of an exclusive and what that means when you apply it to a console. i tried to tell someone that the other day on a video. Sony doesn't make games for everyone's else device, that's what third party is for. they make games for their own shit to get the best out of that game and device period. they start making games for PC that quality will go away and they will have garbage multi plat graphics.

  10. PlayStation fans are tearing SONY execs a new hole Xbox fanboys can die like the piece of shit they are the moment phil spencer announce xbox play anywhere millions of xbox fans should've boycotted put phil on the streets FUCK PC that platform destroys everything it touches the so called playstation pc launcher is just a scam of destroying playstation because playstation and pc are two different platforms.

  11. "this is a rumor that has been leaked"
    You need to realize rumors aren't fact and arent "leaks"
    Also, PC gamers would be up in arms if a major PC game released of specs that cutout low/mid PC hardware…you clearly still about that console war life and arent informed on PC matters

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